Megha M.

The fine print says for new clients only. Can you use this Groupon if you previously purchased and used the charm city yoga groupon from last year?

Roberta T.

My question is similar – I dropped in for a few classes in 2008….does that mean I’m not a “new client”?

Jan B.

similar question, I have dropped in over the last year/so….am I a new client? Thanks!

Liana C.

Ha! I was going to ask the exact same thing. I dropped in a few times before I purchased their previous Groupon, then used that for a few more classes. Am I not considered a new member?

Thank you!

Daron M.

Hey Groupies!

Thank you for your interest!

We have classified “new clients” as clients that have never taken classes at this yoga studio previously.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for clearing that up Daron! I have another question though… if we go to a class in Fells- will we be able to try out the Midtown location as well? or we will we be locked into one location?

Janice R.

2 questions-
I noticed a sign in the Severna Park/Millersville area that you would be opening a new studio there soon. Would this location also be included n the offer?
If I purchase one for myself and one for my daughter, would we be allowed to attend classes together or does that violate some rule?

Jessica M.

My question is regarding “Drop-In,” as stated in the Groupon. Does this mean it is only for the Community session that do not have “Sign Up” options next to them on your websites, or are ALL classes available with this voucher?

Christina K. – If you go to a class in the Fells location you will be able to try out the Midtown location as well, You are free to go to any location, you are not locked into a specific location.

Hi Janice,

This Groupon is only valid for the 4 locations that are already open. You may purchase a Groupon for you and your daughter and attend classes together.

Hi Jessica,

All classes are available with this voucher.

Hi Michelle,

Yes that includes Federal Hill

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