J. J.

Get this Groupon! Dr. Obucina is the best.

Nick C.

Yes the Groupon covers an Exam, x-ray, and teeth cleaning.

-Groupon Staff

Jean m.

Does tooth cleaning mean bleaching, or digging all the plax out?

Nick C.

Teeth cleaning is an in depth plaque removal/cleaning that is included in most 6 month dental checkups.

-Groupon staff

can you purchase one as a gift if the recipient is also a new client?

Nick C.

@Sheila – Yes that’s just fine, just let them know when they book the appointment

Hey Nick,

It didn’t allow me to change the quantity to buy two! Hurry, let me know what to do, we’re halfway to the Tipping Point!

Hey Nick,

Called a few times, Just left you a VM with specific details authorizing purchase of the second Groupon. (Yes I have signed my friend up Danny Johnson, but he hasn’t received the authentication/verification email yet).

Can you email me offline or TXT me with a confirmation of the second purchase? You have all contact info. Thanx.

Groupon Rocks!

This is my first groupon, and I’m pretty excited about it… but I haven’t gotten the confirmation email yet. Does that normally take a bit? I added the groupon email address to my contacts and have nothing in Spam, currently. Just checking!

Rachel G.

clean teeth!


I’m sorry, but $220 for a cleaning and x-rays…regularly? My dentist charges $40 for cleaning and maybe another $40 for x-rays (that you really only need once a year). Don’t think this is much of a deal.

I ordered one for myself and need to order one for my mother too. Can I use the same credit card for her order or should I use her credit card instead?

So I bought this Groupon last time, (She’s great!) and I want to buy it again so I can go in for a 6 mo check up (Dr Obucina and I discussed how she was going to do this deal again)… would I still be considered a new patient? I’m pretty sure she specifically said I could come in again if she did the Groupon deal the next time, but just wanted to make sure!


@Brett: I think that’s obvious. I don’t have dental insurance; however, I do work in the industry….$40 may not be the standard for a cleaning, but you would be surprised on how many Dr’s do charge in the area of $40-50.

Abraham J.

@Victoria: What dentist are you going too? That price is real cheap, can you give me a hook up??

Lorraine G.

Can I purchase this groupon for my 16 year old niece or is this for adults only?


I just called my old dentist to see how much they charge: Cleaning=$75, xrays-$55, exam-$45 total = $175. Id say this is a deal for those w/o insurance. Tho I’m slightly worried about a Doctor who has just acquired ~500 new patients. She’s gonna be busy!

Dr. O is the absolute best dentist in Chicago!!! Go to her!!! She’s awesome and I’ve been going to her now for over a year. I used to fly to my parents in KY for a visit to the dentist but now I only go to her.

Jennifer L.

there is an error when I try to buy this Groupon…it shows $49 × 1 = $0; does that mean the Groupon is sold out?

Ya… Ok! this sounds like a good deal if you dont mind making your appointment 3 months in advance and then parking downtown. O! if you are even 15mins late, you will get have to wait another 2 months or so. The woman is extremely busy it seems and I got a call on my 1st appointment to make sure I was goin to be there but not the second time. When I lost my card and called to confirm (mind you I did have to wait 2 months) she said I missed it by 30mins! It makes me wonder how long it will take for her to fix any problems you have and who pays $220 for a cleaning!?!?!? She might be a good dentist but I dont recommend this for anyone who needs cleaning or xrays (thats also what I got for my 50 last time) right away. I finally gave up after 5 months of waiting because they wanted me to wait another 2… :-( good luck!

Same. Error message. Otherwise I want one!

Gwendolynn G.

I moved here 4 years ago from Wisconsin, and I’ve been to a few dentists and didn’t have a very good experience, so I started going back to my old dentist in Wisconsin. The same amount of services there is $120 – so yes, I think this is a great deal.

Heidi J.

i HEART Dr. Obucina. She is the sweetest Doctor. She’s funny, a lovely person, and a fantastic dentist. She’s tried her hardest to fit me in whenever possible and has made several beautiful crowns and bridges for me. MANY MANY THANKS DOCTOR :)

Jennifer R.

Tried to buy, but got the $49 × 1 = $0 error message. Sold out?

Jennifer – it’s now fixed. We’ll still keep a spot open for you if you don’t happen to see this message. Sorry ’bout that.

Ken (from Groupon)

So, I think I had the same problem as Jennifer did. I put in all the necessary information for this groupon, and got the confirmation screen. But it’s not showing up in my groupons nor did I receive and email. What’s the dealio?

I bought this Groupon yesterday and still have not received any confirmation email and now I just signed on my Groupon account to see my purchase and it shows nothing under My Groupons….what happened and what do I do now?

Jennifer L.

Hi Ken, just saw the message – I’d still like the deal! Let me know how I can contact you/whoever/what I need to do now that the deal’s closed.

Cindy T.

I rather have the"repair deal" than “cleaning”, cos most of the insurance covers that.
But for the people who has the cavities, to fix the problems cost tons of the $$$

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