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    Skinny Lyfe Tea 14- or 28-Day Teatox

    Morning detox tea provides a boost of energy & helps suppress the appetite, while the evening detox tea helps clean out the digestive tract

    5,000+ sold

    $55.95 $33.99

    Wines That Rock 12-Bottle Gift Case

    Four varieties of rich red wines, each inspired by a famous rock album, such as the Rolling Stones’ Forty Licks berry-and-spice merlot

    10+ sold

    $237 $159.99

    3-Month Wine of the Month Club

    Two bottles of red or white, or one of each, delivered monthly; recent wines include an Argentinean Malbec and Austrian Veltliner

    160+ sold

    $128.85 $99.99

    Hot Cocoa Single-Serve 40ct. Sampler from Two Rivers Coffee

    Warm up with hot cocoa in a range of delicious flavors, from milk chocolate to peanut butter cup, brewed instantly in a single-serve machine

    180+ sold

    $29.80 $23.99

    Skinny Lyfe Coffee & Tea Detox Kit

    Coffee and tea detox regimen begins and ends the day with a flush of the body’s toxins

    40+ sold

    $34.50 $23.99

    Hammer Bottle Opener and Screwdriver Wine Opener Mini Bar Tools...

    Made to look like a screwdriver and hammer, this stainless steel tool set opens up beer and wine bottles

    2 sold

    $39.99 $16.98

    Zipz Single-Serve Wine (24-Pack Sampler)

    Portable, single-serve California wines in 100% recyclable plastic vessels; resealable screw top doubles as a coaster

    160+ sold

    $104 $62.99

    Workaholics Single-Serve Coffee 36-Pack

    Single-serve coffee pods in creative flavors inspired by the Comedy Central show beget brews such as Fully Torqued and Let’s Get Weird

    $35.36 $18.99

    Crazy Cups Single-Serve Coffee 30-Cup Sampler Pack

    Non-flavored coffees for your single-serve brewer, from light donut shop roasts to dark roasts such as Java Factory’s Da Bomb extra bold

    4 sold

    $30 $23.99

    Cap Mundo Nespresso-Compatible Capsules Coffee Sampler Pack (60ct.)

    Six artisan espresso blends from around the world are packed into single-serve capsules that work with any Nespresso machine

    30+ sold

    $38 $29.99

    6-Pack of Chia and Flax Seeds

    Flax and chia seeds are packed with protein, fiber, and antioxidants; add them to your favorite recipes for a nutritious boost

    1,000+ sold

    $53.94 $14.99

    3-Pack of Sriracha2Go Bottles

    Three petite bottles designed to carry the popular chili sauce sriracha clip to a keychain to add spicy flavor on the go

    10,000+ sold

    $21 $10.99

    Johnston County Hams Sliced Country Ham (4-Pack)

    Process perfected by curemasters over two generations produces delicious country ham with a smoky aroma and mellow, lightly salted flavor

    $36.95 $31.95

    Crazy Cups Flavored Coffee Single-Serve Pod Sampler (35ct.)

    Flavored coffee sampler with 35 single-serve coffee pods comes with flavors including vanilla and caramel

    640+ sold

    $35 $24.99

    4-Pack of PB Crave Variety Artisan Peanut Butter

    Four pack of artisan peanut butter crafted in small batches with wild honey, chocolate chips, and special flavors

    310+ sold

    $27.96 $19.99

    Crazy Cups Flavor Lovers Single-Serve Pod Sampler (24ct.)

    Eclectic sampler of single-use coffee capsules with flavors such as salted caramel, frosted oatmeal cookie, and banana foster flambe

    580+ sold

    $18 $14.99

    Two-Pack of Vino-2-Go Portable Wineglasses or Travel Cups

    Two styles of travel cup each have a multiple-wall design that keeps wine cool and safe during trips and outdoor adventures

    810+ sold

    $29.90 $6.98

    4-Pack of Bertolli Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

    Bertolli’s extra-virgin olive oil imparts a rich, robust flavor to food, whether you’re using it to sauté meat or veggies or dress salad

    $38.20 $24.99

    Brooklyn Bean Roastery Hot Chocolate Single-Serve Pods (40ct.)

    Sample six different hot-cocoa flavors in this 40-count variety pack of single-serve pods; great for chilly fall and winter nights

    460+ sold

    $25.08 $20.99

    Crazy Cups Coffee, Tea and Cocoa Single-Serve Pod Sampler (35ct.)

    Discover favorite flavors and whip up cups of joe from brands such as Guy Fieri and Marley with a sampler pack of delicious hot beverages

    30+ sold

    $35 $25.99

    Brooklyn Bean Roastery Coffee Single-Serve Pod 40ct. Variety...

    Brew a single cup of rich coffee at a time in a compatible one-serving machine; flavorful pours from expertly roasted beans

    760+ sold

    $25.36 $21.99

    6-Pack of Organic Chia Seeds

    Add healthful, organic chia seeds to smoothies, snacks, and salads for a boost of essential nutrients, including fiber and Omega-3s

    50+ sold

    $40.14 $19.99

    Southern Culture Shortstacks Pancake and Waffle Mix (4-Pack)

    Give pancakes and waffles a dash of sweet flavor without adding syrup thanks to these non-GMO-certified mixes

    $31.96 $22.99

    3-Pack of Lord Nut Levington Flavored Peanuts

    Spicy flavored peanuts make a great snack and go well with a beer, some buddies, and a game of cards

    100+ sold

    $16.47 $12.99

    Java Factory Single-Serve Coffee Pod Sampler 40ct.

    Individual-serving coffee pods in a wide variety of flavors and strengths

    450+ sold

    $35.83 $20.99

    1- or 3-Pack of Ultimate Coconut Oil Dietary Supplements

    Easy-to-swallow soft-gel capsules provide up to 4,000mg of pure coconut oil per day

    360+ sold


    Crazy Cups Extra Bold Single-Serve Coffee Pod Sampler (35ct.)

    Single-serve cups of strong, bold coffee in 21 varieties give morning routines a jump-start

    70+ sold

    $35 $24.99

    Crazy Cups Coffee, Cocoa, Cappuccino & Tea Sampler 30ct.

    30-count Crazy Cups sampler features assorted coffees, teas, cappuccinos, and cocoas from brands including Guy Fieri and Caza Trail

    90+ sold

    $29.15 $23.99

    Vigilant Eats Organic Superfood Cereal (6-Pack)

    Grab-and-go packages of cereal are filled with oats and other nutritious goodies for a quick, healthy start to the day

    6 sold

    $23.94 $18.99

    3-Pack of Bacon Salt

    Flavor salads, chicken, eggs, and more with this set of three seasoning containers, with varying takes on the irresistible bacon salt

    80+ sold

    $12.99 $10.99

    50-Pack of 16oz. Hot Cups with Lids and Cup Sleeves

    50-pack of 16oz. paper cups comes with cup sleeves and lids; ideal for tailgates, parties, and morning meetings

    30+ sold

    $19.99 $17.99

    Assorted Tea 40ct Single-Serve Pod Sampler Pack

    A pack of single-serve drink pods includes classic green and black teas, several iced-tea varieties, and flavored herbals, oolongs, and chai

    80+ sold

    $29.28 $21.99

    Prospect Tea Single-Serve Sampler (40ct.)

    40-count Prospect Tea variety pack compatible with select Keurig brewers includes flavors such as Golden Dragon, Chamomile Chill, Lemon Taxi

    40+ sold

    $23.53 $18.99

    Crazy Cups Single-Serve Flavored Coffee Pod Gift Samplers

    Mouthwatering flavors such as Spiced Gingerbread and Black Cherry Crumble come in this sampler pack of cups for single-serve brewers

    40+ sold

    $32.90 $24.99

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    3-Pack of Living Intentions Gone Nuts

    Specialty nut mixes add crunch and a burst of flavor to salads and desserts

    3 sold

    $20.97 $15.99

    Figi's 2lb. Pail of Pistachios

    Stunning red pail opens to present 2lb. of sea-salted pistachios, a great Christmas gift for friends and loved ones

    230+ sold

    $44.99 $29.99

    4 Gourmet Nut Spice Rubs

    All-natural rubs spice up steaks, fish, and poultry with unique flavor combinations such as espresso and Italian sea salt

    4 sold

    $22.12 $14.99

    Cork Cage Cowboy Boot

    Cowboy-boot-shaped cork holder is a creative way to store all of your corks; it also makes for a fun gift and can hold a bottle of wine

    70+ sold

    $29.95 $25.99

    Crazy Cups Tea Single-Serve Pod Sampler 35ct.

    35-count variety pack tea sampler has over 20 different flavors of tea including earl gray, chai, and green tea with coconut

    130+ sold

    $35 $24.99

    Demitri's Ultimate At-Home Bloody Mary Kit

    Demitri’s award-winning mixes are made with top-quality ingredients to stock a perfectly balanced bloody mary bar with all the fix-ins

    30+ sold

    $32.80 $24.99

    Barilla Pasta (8-Pack)

    8-packs of four delicious pasta varieties serve as the foundation for countless savory homemade meals


    6-Pack Blue Crab Trading Crab Cakes

    Delectable crab cakes made from a time-honored Maryland recipe mix tender pieces of lump crab with piquant Bay country seasoning

    10+ sold

    $77.94 $29.99

    High-Heeled Boot Cork Cage

    Boot-shaped wire case holds wine corks or a bottle of wine and features a corset-style ribbon lacing in back

    10+ sold

    $26.95 $23.99

    Barrel Cork Cage

    This metal-cage cork collector is made to showcase wine corks within a barrel-shaped vessel decorated with chic vine and leaf designs

    10+ sold

    $26.95 $23.99

    3-Pack of Living Intentions SuperFood Cereal

    SuperFood cereals are raw, vegan, and nut- and gluten-free and provide you with a flavorful, all-natural burst of energy to start your day

    60+ sold

    $26.97 $18

    3-Pack of 12 Oz. Bags of Kahlua's Flavored Ground Coffee

    Robust Arabica coffee blended to taste like popular Kahlua flavors with notes of spicy rum, smooth caramel, vanilla and other wintry flavors

    60+ sold

    $22.88 $21.99

    Barilla Pasta Sauce Variety Pack (4-Pack). Multiple Flavors Available.

    All-natural slow-cooked tomato sauce is a universal crowd pleaser and makes for a quick weeknight dinner


    6 Months of Weekly Online Meal Planning from eMeals

    Half a year’s worth of weekly shopping lists showcase flavorful, healthful recipes customized by store, diet, and price

    110+ sold

    $48 $29

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