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3-Month Wine of the Month Club

Two bottles of red or white, or one of each, delivered monthly; recent wines include an Argentinean Malbec and Austrian Veltliner

680+ sold

$128.85 $99.99

Teatulia Organic Teas Medley 2-Pack

Each compostable canister contains seven teabags, each with an organic tea or herbal infusion in a corn-silk teabag that can be brewed twice

240+ sold

$17.64 $10

4-Pack of PB Crave Variety Artisan Peanut Butter

Four pack of artisan peanut butter crafted in small batches with wild honey, chocolate chips, and special flavors

260+ sold

$27.96 $19.99

Omaha Steaks – Up to 70% Off New Year's Pack

Omaha Steaks

Cooked indoors or out, the premium meat and seafood products from Omaha Steaks make serving up a fresh, flavorful dinner fast and easy

1,000+ sold

$131 $49.99

Crazy Cups Premium Collection Single-Serve Sampler

Discover favorite flavors and whip up cups of joe from brands such as Guy Fieri and Marley with a sampler pack of delicious hot beverages

160+ sold

$35 $23.99

Cali Vines and Gourmet Selections Gift Basket

Gift basket stuffed with three California wines as well as biscotti, milk and caramel squares, sourdough crackers, and more

60+ sold

$87.99 $69.99

Nutiva 32oz. Black Chia Seeds

Nutiva 32oz. Black Chia Seeds

370+ sold

$28.99 $13.99

Bacon Lovers Feast Bundle

3lb. of bacon delivered to your door, in flavors ranging from savory cracked four pepper to sweet applewood smoked maple sugar

80+ sold

$42 $34.99

4 Bottles of Spanish Rioja Red Wine

Aromas of black fruit and nuts precede ripe fruit flavors, perfect for pairing with spicy foods and rich dishes such as beef bourguignon

3 sold

$122 $58.99

California Delicious Series Holiday Wine Gift Basket

Holiday wine basket chock full of California chardonnay, zinfandel, and cabernet sauvignon to pair with sweet and savory snacks

60+ sold

$114.99 $89.99

Garlic Gold Oil Gift Box

Handmade, certified organic, garlic-infused extra-virgin olive oil can complement meat marinades or serve as a dip for bread

1 sold

$35.95 $24.99

California Regalo Valley Ranch Wine and Gourmet Food Gift Basket

A green, bow-spangled basket arrives filled with gourmet cheeses, candies, and crackers, plus two Regalo Valley Ranch wines

10+ sold

$97.99 $74.99

$25 for $50 Worth of Cameron Hughes Wine

Cameron Hughes makes, imports, and distributes a wide selection of exemplary red, white, and holiday wines at a low cost for his customers

830+ sold

$50 $25

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Coffee Single-Serve Pod 40ct. Variety...

Brew a single cup of rich coffee at a time in a compatible one-serving machine; flavorful pours from expertly roasted beans

450+ sold

$25.36 $21.99

Amazing Grass Shaker Cup and Supplement Mixes

Spill-proof shaker cup makes it easy to sip on the go; supplement packets are a convenient way to get your necessary vitamins and minerals

180+ sold

$9.99 $8.99

Mega Coffee Single-Serving Cup Sampler (40 Count)

Variety pack has something for everyone from bold blends to decafs to complex flavors

110+ sold

$25.15 $19.99

Tootsie Roll Industries Hot Cocoa Single-Serve Pod 40ct. Variety...

Rich, creamy hot chocolate made with real cocoa and milk; flavors include Tootsie Roll, Junior Mint, Sugar Babies, and Charleston Chews

760+ sold

$29.80 $21.99

Crazy Cups Chocolate and Flavor Lovers Variety Pack

Medium-roast coffee and mocha single-serve cups in mouthwatering flavors are a great way to start off mornings and relax with a hot beverage

290+ sold

$36 $22.99

Exclusive Groupon Wines: 6-Bottle Sample Pack

A selection of cabernet, chardonnay, merlot, and pinot noir wines with Groupon the Cat as their mascot, all sourced from California

1,000+ sold

$95 $49.99

6-Pack of Organic Chia Seeds

Add healthful, organic chia seeds to smoothies, snacks, and salads for a boost of essential nutrients, including fiber and Omega-3s

30+ sold

$40.14 $19.99

Figi's 2lb. Pail of Pistachios

Stunning red pail opens to present 2lb. of sea-salted pistachios, a great Christmas gift for friends and loved ones

100+ sold

$44.99 $29.99

Chosen Foods Avocado OIl (2-Pack)

Heart-healthy cooking oil with a higher smoke point than olive oil makes it ideal for use in a variety of recipes

40+ sold

$25.95 $19.99

California Delicious White Wine Gift Bundle

Two white wines perfect for pairing with lighter meals reveal their well-balanced, fruit-forward palates when served quite chilled

40+ sold

$56.49 $39.99

Figi's Nut Carousel

Holiday guests can try several varieties of nuts from this tin, including butter toffee peanuts, salted cashews, and California pistachios

110+ sold

$34.99 $21.99

6-Pack Blue Crab Trading Crab Cakes

Delectable crab cakes made from a time-honored Maryland recipe mix tender pieces of lump crab with piquant Bay country seasoning

100+ sold

$77.94 $29.99

Figi's 1lb. Nut Mix

Slow roasted and then tossed in salt, these jumbo cashews and mammoth pecan halves are a crisp, fresh snack for guests to nibble on

10+ sold

$27.99 $19.99

3-Pack of 12 Oz. Bags of Kahlua's Flavored Ground Coffee

Robust Arabica coffee blended to taste like popular Kahlua flavors with notes of spicy rum, smooth caramel, vanilla and other wintry flavors

20+ sold

$22.88 $21.99

Memberships for Healthy and Nutritious Foods from Bestowed

Every month, a box will arrive at your door filled with healthy foods, coupons, and nutrition tips and tricks of the trade

20+ sold

$20 $14.99

Figi's 24-Ounce Bag of Pistachios

A decorative cotton bag arrives stuffed with 24 ounces of California-grown pistachios, which have been roasted and lightly salted

80+ sold

$29.99 $24.99

Runa Clean Energy Tea Variety Gift Basket

Fair-trade, organic teas made with native Amazonian plant guayusa, which delivers sustained, focused energy without a crash

80+ sold

$34.99 $24.99

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Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice (12-Pack)

Whip up a tasty dinner side dish in as little as 90 seconds with these instant rice packets, which are free of trans and saturated fats


Chicken of the Sea Tuna or Tuna Salad Cups (8-Pack)

Ready-to-eat wild-caught tuna is perfect for a protein-rich meal on the go; plastic cups have easy peel-off foil lids


4-Pack of Nature's Guru Tea or Coconut Water Powder

Four-packs of sweetened or unsweetened instant teas in flavors such as vanilla or lemongrass; coconut water powder hydrates exercisers

50+ sold

$23.22 $10

Pyure Organic Stevia Sweetener

Organic, no-calorie stevia is sweeter than sugar and offers a gluten-free way to sweeten coffee, tea, smoothies, cookies, and more

10+ sold

$23.98 $19.99

Exclusive Groupon Wines: 6-Bottle Red Sampler Pack

A rich, oak-aged merlot, a jammy cab sav, and a pinot noir with cranberry and plum flavors, all with Groupon the Cat as their mascot

80+ sold

$95 $49.99

California Delicious Regalo Valley Ranch Ravishing Reds Wine...

Gift set for the red wine lover includes three 750mL California reds: a bright pinot noir, robust cabernet sauvignon & approachable merlot

50+ sold

$78.99 $59.99

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Variety K-cups (3-Pack)

Brew a single cup of rich coffee at a time in a compatible one-serving machine; flavorful pours from expertly roasted beans

260+ sold

$77.55 $54.99

3-Pack of Living Intentions Gone Nuts

Specialty nut mixes add crunch and a burst of flavor to salads and desserts

10+ sold

$20.97 $14.99

Uncle Ben's Long Grain & Wild Rice (12-Pack)

Hearty wild rice blended with herbs and seasonings makes a quick, easy, and delicious 5-minute side or light meal


KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce (3-Pack)

Rich barbecue sauce adds a sweet and smoky flavor to grilled chicken, ribs, skewers, and other meals


Mr. Root Beer Refill Pack

Refill pack comes with the essential ingredients needed to make 2 gallons of homemade root beer; Mr. Root Beer kit required

40+ sold

$12.95 $9.99

Barilla Pasta (8-Pack)

8-packs of four delicious pasta varieties serve as the foundation for countless savory homemade meals


3-Pack of Living Intentions SuperFood Cereal

SuperFood cereals are raw, vegan, and nut- and gluten-free and provide you with a flavorful, all-natural burst of energy to start your day

9 sold

$26.97 $21.99

2-Pack of Dean Jacobs Bread Dipping Sets

Pour olive oil from the porcelain cruet into a dipping saucer, add one of four seasoning blends, and dip fresh bread for a gourmet appetizer

40+ sold

$30 $24.99

Barilla Microwaveable Italian Entrées (12-Pack)

Italian-style entrees burst with the flavors of vine-ripened tomatoes and spices, and they’re ready after just one minute in the microwave


Zinfully Delicious Regalo Valley Ranch Artist Series Gift Basket

A 2011 zinfandel pairs nicely with monterey jack cheese and crackers, which can be served on a handsome slate cutting board

20+ sold

$66.99 $49.99

Exclusive Groupon Wines: 6 Bottles of Jazzy Cat Pinot Noir

This Californian Pinot Noir’s medium body and juicy cranberry and plum flavors let it pair well with pastas and white meats

80+ sold

$95 $49.99

Barilla Pasta Sauce Variety Pack (4-Pack). Multiple Flavors Available.

All-natural slow-cooked tomato sauce is a universal crowd pleaser and makes for a quick weeknight dinner


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