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Mega Coffee Single-Serving Cup Sampler (40 Count)

Variety pack has something for everyone from bold blends to decafs to complex flavors

40+ sold

$25.15 $19.99

Cake Boss Single-Serve Coffee Pod 60-Count Variety Pack

Single-serve coffee pods, compatible with most machines, enhanced with Cake Boss bakery-inspired flavors such as chocolate cake

280+ sold

$48 $31.99

Sold Out

KIND Nuts & Spices Bars (24-Pack)

Whole, natural ingredients and 5g of sugar or less make these bars a smart and energizing snack choice

100+ sold

$39.98 $29.99

Jelly Belly Star Wars Ultra Gift Box (2-Pack)

Darth Vader cuts a sinister figure on these Jelly Belly gift boxes, which feature top-selling flavors like Juicy Pear and Buttered Popcorn

50+ sold

$19.98 $17.99

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Coffee Single-Serve Pod 40ct. Variety...

Brew a single cup of rich coffee at a time in a compatible one-serving machine; flavorful pours from expertly roasted beans

430+ sold

$25.36 $21.99

PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter (6-Pack)

Unique powdered peanut butter formula cuts out most of the fat and oil associated with traditional peanut butter spreads

10,000+ sold

$50.97 $39.99

Twinings Tea K-Cups (2-Pack)

Quickly brew up cups of tea with K-Cups, which work with single-serve brewers

1,000+ sold

$22.99 $19.99

KIND Mini Bars Variety Pack (36-Pack)

Great for work or school lunches, midday snacks, or when traveling, these all-natural bars are a healthy alternative to high-calorie snacks


Bit of Everything Single-Serving Coffee Cup Sampler (40ct.)

Single-serving coffee sampler includes mixed brands of coffee, flavored coffee, cocoa, tea, cappuccino, and more

350+ sold

$25.28 $21.49

Hand-Cooked, Lightly Salted Peanuts Gift Tin

Small-batch roasting followed by a sprinkling of sea salt makes these peanuts a simple, delicious snack choice

10+ sold

$22.99 $19.99

20-Pack of Jack Link's Turkey Jerky Lunch Packs

Jerky treats made from white meat turkey breast and packaged inside snack-sized bags; perfect for school or on the go

430+ sold

$22.50 $18.99

Kind Bar Plus (24 Bars)

Snack bars made with all-natural fruits, nuts, and whole grains are a satisfying snack with no gluten or cholesterol

170+ sold

$39.98 $35.99

Crazy Cups Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa Pod 30-Piece Holiday Sampler

Single-serve pods brew up coffees, teas, cocoas, and apple ciders; arrives in an elegant box perfect for gifting

180+ sold

$45 $23.99

2-Pack of Gingerbread-Men Decorating Kits with 6 Giant Cookies

Kids will delight in dabbing icing, jellies, and candies on these gigantic, prebaked gingerbread-man cookies, each of which stands 10” tall

180+ sold

$25.98 $9.99

Hint Unsweetened All-Natural Fruit Essence Water (24-Pack)

H20 is infused with all-natural fruit flavors that encourage kids and adults alike to drink more water

1,000+ sold

$39.98 $20

SmartForLife Healthy Protein Snacks Holiday Gift Tin

Shiny holiday tin filled with granola squares, cookies, and protein bars made with wholesome ingredients

30+ sold

$49.99 $25.99

Crazy Cups Holiday Coffee Sampler for Single Serve Brewers, 30...

A collection of 30 single-serve coffee pods in a variety of flavors from Guy Fieri, Cake Boss, and others makes a great holiday gift

80+ sold

$45 $23.99

Crazy Cups Holiday Sampler Pack of Single-Serve Coffee Pods

An array of coffees from Java Factory, Guy Fieri, and other roasters, all tucked into single-serve coffee pods; non-flavored coffees only

160+ sold

$45 $23.99

Jack Link's Sriracha Beef Jerky (4-Pack)

Traditional beef jerky gets an extra kick with this limited-edition hot chili pepper and garlic flavor

190+ sold

$22.50 $18.99

Krave Jerky Variety Pack; 5-Pack of 3.25oz. Bags

Made with natural ingredients and cooking techniques such as double marinating, this low-fat jerky offers a healthy, tasty snack alternative

330+ sold

$35 $24.99

CLIF Energy Bars (24-Pack)

These tasty, chewy bars with organic oats make healthy midday or on-the-go snacks

400+ sold

$49.98 $27.99

Maruchan Instant Lunch; 12-Pack

Just add hot water, then let stand for three minutes, creating a quick and delicious lunch; multiple flavors available


Two-Pack of Sleigh Kits

Everything you need to create festive gingerbread sleighs; each kit comes as a two-pack.

100+ sold

$25.98 $9.99

Assorted Tea 40ct Single-Serve Pod Sampler Pack

A pack of single-serve drink pods includes classic green and black teas, several iced-tea varieties, and flavored herbals, oolongs, and chai

50+ sold

$29.28 $20.99

Kettle Brand Potato Chips (72-Pack)

The satisfying crunch of kettle chips mixed with the goodness of natural ingredients; sea salt, Backyard BBQ, or sea salt & vinegar


24 oz. Mamma Chia Organic Chia Seeds

2-pack of 12 oz. bags of organic chia seeds full of Omega-3s and antioxidants; certified organic and non-GMO

180+ sold

$23.98 $19.99

CLIF Builder's Bars (24-Pack)

The 20 grams of protein and low-glycemic carbs in these bars are designed to help boost energy and build muscle before and after workouts

60+ sold

$45.98 $31.99

8-Pack of Oberto All Natural Hickory Beef Jerky

Protein-packed jerky fills you up when you’re on the go or between meals, and natural hickory flavor makes the jerky extra tasty

90+ sold

$47.92 $29.99

All-Natural Stur Water Enhancers Variety Pack 100 Total Servings

Water enhancer in many flavors derived from stevia leaf extract sweetens drinks without adding sugar or calories; 100% vitamin-C per serving

60+ sold


Slim Jim Beef Jerky (8-Pack)

Sweet and savory beef jerky flavors are a high-protein, low fat snack option that satisfies



KIND Fruit & Nut Bars (24-Pack)

Whole, natural ingredients make these bars a smart and energizing snack choice


3-Pack of 12 Oz. Bags of Kahlua's Flavored Ground Coffee

Robust Arabica coffee blended to taste like popular Kahlua flavors with notes of spicy rum, smooth caramel, vanilla and other wintry flavors

20+ sold

$22.88 $21.99

16-Pack of goVida Freeze-Dried Fruit Snack Bags

Freeze-dried exotic fruit mixes provide satisfying, low-calorie snacking; 16-pack of bags

50+ sold

$39.84 $24.99

40-Pack of PopCorners Popped-Corn Chips

All-natural, gluten-free snacks in a variety of sweet and savory flavors, made from air-popped corn that may be enjoyed alone or with dips

70+ sold

$31.60 $24.99

48-Count Twinings English Breakfast Tea K-Cups

A style of tea designed to be taken at a hearty English breakfast, this blend of Kenyan and Assam black teas makes a robust, flavorful cuppa

80+ sold

$29.98 $17.99

Trident Gum (3-Pack or 12 Ct. Packages)

Sugar-free gum in a wide range of minty and fruity flavors keeps breath fresh and can help prevent cavities


Sour Punch Candy Straws (12-Pack)

Candy straws dusted with sweet and sour sugar pack a blast of sour flavor on a sweet, chewy foundation


Organic Coffee Co. Single-Serve Coffee Pods (4-Pack)

Shade-grown, organic Arabica coffee beans are blended into these single-serving pods, which are compatible with Keurig brewers

710+ sold

$80.97 $50

Nestlé Fat-Free Hot Cocoa Mix (4-Pack)

Warm up with a rich, chocolaty cup of hot cocoa that clocks in at just 20 calories and 0g of fat per serving


2-Pack of Holiday Gingerbread Houses

Set of two holiday gingerbread building kits with gingerbread houses, premade icing, and candy

100+ sold

$25.98 $9.99

4-Pack of Jack Links Beef Jerky (3.25oz.)

Beef jerky in original or teriyaki flavors boasts high protein content and 97% fat free meat

250+ sold

$22.50 $18.99

4-Pack Chef's Cut Real Jerky

Jerky made with carefully chosen ingredients has a base of premium steak or all-white-meat chicken or turkey for high protein and low fat

80+ sold

$27.96 $19.99

Pringles Large Grab & Go Canisters (12-Pack)

Distinctive stackable Pringles potato chips come in several salty, savory flavors that are perfect for lunch boxes or on-the-go snacking


PB Thins Peanut-Butter Crackers (12-Pack)

At just 100 calories per serving, these crackers made with all-natural peanut butter make a health-conscious snack


V8 Juice (24-Pack)

Original provides two full servings of vegetables in a savory 100% vegetable blend; Splash refreshes with antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E


Sold Out

KIND Healthy Grains Clusters (6-Pack)

Great on their own or mixed into yogurt, these crunchy, gluten-free oat clusters are a healthy snack alternative to greasy or sugary options

20+ sold

$41.94 $32.49

Kellogg's Rice Krispie Treats (40-Pack)

Made from Kellogg’s popular Rice Krispie cereal with melted marshmallows for sweetness, Rice Krispie Treat bars are a great on-the-go snack



Barnum's Animals Crackers (24-Pack)

Kids and adults alike can munch on snack crackers shaped like tigers, bears, and elephants, all packaged in the iconic Barnum’s Animals box


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