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    16"x20" Custom Canvas from Picture It On Canvas

    Canvases printed with customer-uploaded photos are stretched across 1.5" thick bars to produce gallery-style wrapped borders

    180+ sold

    $110 $27.99

    Personalized Apple for Teacher Mug

    Present your children's new teachers with these personalized mugs, to which you can add their name, neatly tucked into an apple design

    600+ sold

    $16.99 $8

    20-Page Custom Leather Cover Photo Book from Printerpix

    Customized leather photo books filled with choice of themes, templates, unlimited text and photos printed in a professionally bound book

    1,000+ sold

    $35.99 $8.99

    Personalized Photo Mugs

    A personal photograph decorates these ceramic coffee mugs, hoping to make users smile and recall fond memories

    140+ sold

    $19.99 $7.99

    1, 3, or 5 Packs of 100 Custom Business Cards from Zazzle

    Create 100 custom business cards from more than 150 precreated templates, ranging from sleek, simple designs to bold color graphics

    280+ sold

    $22.95 $13.99

    Framed Wood Print

    Add a rustic, vintage quality to your favorite photos with this framed wood print, available in 11"x14", 16"x20", and 20"x24" sizes

    70+ sold

    $85 $24.99

    Custom Photo Prints on Metal from PrinterPix

    Upload a photo directly from Facebook or Instagram to print on a polished aluminum sheet for a modern living-room or bedroom showpiece

    250+ sold

    $69.95 $7

    Customized Collage Blanket from

    Soft and durable fleece blanket customized with your photos and a variety of design effects of your choosing

    230+ sold

    $109.99 $39.99

    16"x20" Custom Photo-Collage Canvas

    A 16"x20" gallery-wrapped canvas combines up to 40 photos to form collages in shapes such as a heart or the outline of a bride and groom

    170+ sold

    $89.99 $19.99

    Custom Photo Books

    Create your own keepsakes with custom layouts, background colors, text, and fonts; matte, satin, and Super Gloss photo printing options

    690+ sold

    $45.99 $10

    Classic Custom Hardcover Photo Books

    Professionally constructed hardcover books filled with personal photos on archival-quality pages; fully customizable covers and spines

    460+ sold

    $34.99 $12

    Custom-Etched Bottle of Wine from Miramonte Winery

    Perfect to celebrate a wedding or other special moment, these wine bottles are etched by hand and filled with your choice of several wines

    140+ sold

    $60 $39.99

    Custom Photo Printed on Metal

    Your favorite photos are transferred onto metal for a finished product that's vibrant and colorful; sizes ranging from 8"x10" to 20"x30"

    80+ sold

    $69 $13.99

    Custom Photo Book from Mailpix

    Filled with family photos or snapshots from special events, photobooks make for a thoughtful gift or special coffee-table book

    200+ sold

    $16 $5.99 Custom Photo-Collage Poster

    Program intergreates up to 500 photos to form collage shapes such as a tree or the outline of a bride and groom

    110+ sold

    $24.99 $12

    16"x20" Custom Collage Framed Print from

    Framed 16"x20" photo collage of 80–160 pictures arranged in your choice of more than 100 different shapes

    20+ sold

    $109.99 $49

    Customized iPhone 4/4s or 5 Cases from Picture It On Canvas

    Customize a cell phone case with your own image or a personalized monogram, or choose from Picture It On Canvas's original designs

    360+ sold

    $39.90 $9.99

    Personalized Photo Book from Printerpix

    Create your own photo book with glossy pictures of the family, a recent vacation, or senior portraits

    260+ sold

    $24.99 $7.99

    Printerpix Custom Posters

    Experts transform images on your computer into full-color posters printed on heavy paper

    90+ sold

    $18.99 $5.99

    Personalized Valentino Leather-Covered Photo Book from Printerpix

    Personalize a professional-quality leather-bound photo book with glossy pictures of the family, a recent vacation, or senior portraits

    70+ sold

    $105.99 $17.99

    Custom Photo-Canvas Panel from

    Thin canvas panels display single images or collages with photo enhancements and a range of styles for shaping, background, and border

    100+ sold

    $14.99 $6.99

    2 Personalized Reusable Grocery Bags

    Upload pictures and customize style, layout, and text with MailPix’s online designing tool to personalize grocery bags

    20+ sold

    $30 $14.99

    Custom Photo Printed on Metal from Picture it on Canvas

    Your favorite photos are transfered onto metal for a finished product that's vibrantlt colorful; sizes ranging from 8"x8" to 20"x20"

    270+ sold

    $69 $11.99

    Custom Photo Products from

    Upload photos from your computer, Facebook, and Instagram and have them printed on fleece blankets, canvases, and more

    30+ sold

    $100 $29.99

    Personalized Photo Canvas from PrinterPix

    Custom photo canvases individually hand stretched for perfect fit; fade-resistant ink and wooden frame stapled with high-pressure pins

    30+ sold

    $88.95 $25.99

    Custom Photo Pillowcase

    Customize your own pillowcases with photos of loved ones, with an easy interface to edit the chosen image or further personalize with text

    60+ sold

    $20 $15.99

    4"x6" Photo Prints from MailPix

    Upload digital images from your computer, and MailPix will print them on real silver-halide paper with colors that won't fade over time

    20+ sold

    $40 $34.99

    Personalized Love Coupon Book from Datevitation

    Choose from dozens of covers and activity coupons that can be edited by customers to include custom messages and personal photos

    100+ sold

    $25 $9.99

    Custom Photos on Acrylic Glass

    Transform favorite photos into eye-catching floating-glass images that you can customize with an array of layouts and filters

    40+ sold

    $196 $39.99

    Picture It On Canvas Custom Phone Wallet Cases

    Faux-leather wallet cases personalized with a photo keep essentials such as cash and credit cards with phones

    10+ sold

    $41.95 $16.99

    Custom Stone Slate Photo Prints

    Stylish stone slates feature personal photos of family and friends

    170+ sold

    $34.99 $8

    Custom 2"x2" Magnet Sets from Picture It On Canvas

    Users upload a single photo of their choice to be printed on 2" square magnets; perfect for save the dates and baby announcements

    110+ sold

    $15.80 $9.99

    Custom Photo Coaster Sets

    Custom wooden coasters can display family photos, vacation snapshots, or images from a library, and protect tables from burns and spills

    90+ sold

    $19.98 $9.99

    Personalized Trivet from Paper Concierge

    Commemorate a special occasion with a trivet, a practical gift that both adds a personal touch to a table and protects it from heat damage

    9 sold

    $44.95 $22

    Custom Smartphone Photo Case

    These custom cases personalize phones by wrapping a photo all the way around the case for a sleek, edge-to-edge look

    10+ sold

    $49.95 $20.99

    Printerpix Customized Phone Cases

    Choose a favorite photo to adorn a protective case

    110+ sold

    $29.95 $9.99

    6"x8" or 12"x12" Custom Photo on Slate from Picture It On Canvas

    Chiseled-edge slate pieces feature a print of your submitted photo, with details captured by high-resolution scanners

    10+ sold

    $34.99 $14.99

    4-Packs of Personalized Coasters

    Personalize coasters by choosing a colorful pattern and adding your name or initials, or designing from scratch with a photo or piece of art

    40+ sold

    $39.96 $16

    2 or 5 Photo Restoration or Retouches from Photo Fixes

    A team of over 400 experts removes creases, tears, and blemishes from digital images to make them look good as new or professionally shot

    30+ sold

    $40 $14

    Custom Water Bottles from Printerpix

    Lightweight water bottles emblazoned with custom images immortalize classic family photos or vacation images

    50+ sold

    $23.95 $8.99

    Mailpix Custom Photo Canvas Lites

    These thin, real canvas prints have no border around images; included stand displays favorite photos without taking up much space

    30+ sold

    $18 $5.99

    Framed Custom Burlap Print

    The rustic feel of burlap adds texture and interest to beloved photos; each print is mounted and finished in a pale wood frame

    4 sold

    $75 $24.99

    Custom Monogrammed Tote Bag

    Heavyweight canvas tote bag printed with the monogram of your choice in colorful, elegant, or fashionable styles is endlessly versatile

    30+ sold

    $25 $11.99

    16" x 20" Customized Window Cling from Picture It On Canvas

    Customized window clings let photographers stick cherished snapshots onto their windows and walls with low-tac repositionable adhesive

    30+ sold

    $30 $14.99

    68"x71" Custom Shower Curtain from MailPix

    Upload family portraits and vacation snapshots and design a personalized collage that MailPix will print on a standard-size shower curtain

    10+ sold

    $125 $49.99

    Customized Photo Tote Bags

    Personalize this black-and-white tote with a favorite photo for a one-of-a-kind bag that can take you from the farmers’ market to the pool

    9 sold

    $36.95 $19.99

    Custom 11"x14" Adhesive Collage or Single-Image Print from Mailpix

    Use Mailpix's online editing tool to create a stunning photo collage, which is printed on an adhesive-backed fabric that sticks to walls

    10+ sold

    $20 $9.99

    Custom Photo Serving Trays

    Family portraits and vacation snapshots can be printed onto these hardwood serving trays that arrive with an espresso or natural wood finish

    3 sold

    $49.99 $34.99

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