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    Slimming Boot-Cut Yoga Pants

    Slimming boot-cut pants are made from a comfortable fabric spandex blend that makes them ideal for everything from yoga to lounging

    30+ sold

    $39.99 $14.99

    Smart Bicycling Computer with GPS Navigation and ANT+ Technology

    Computer attaches to bicycle handlebars, where it wirelessly keeps track of your fitness, exercise, and training performance

    2 sold

    $348.99 $119.99

    X-Fit Fitness Band

    X-Fit Bluetooth fitness band reports steps taken, calories burned, and sleep patterns to iOS and Android apps

    1,000+ sold

    $59.99 $39.99

    Marika Tek Beta Long Leggings

    Hit the trail, pavement, or yoga mat in style in these moisture-wicking leggings that feature a wide waistband and comfortable gusset

    990+ sold

    $52 $18.99

    Skechers GOwalk Activity Trackers

    Silicone wristband, which connects to a compatible iOS or Android device, tracks fitness & sleep stats, displaying them in interactive app

    1,000+ sold

    $119.99 $49.99

    Remedy Calf Compression Sleeves

    Sleeves compress calf muscles with even, graduated pressure to aid post-workout muscle recovery or reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis

    5,000+ sold

    $59.99 $14.99

    Set of 2 Push-Up Bars

    Raised push-up bars extend of range of motion to develop deep chest, shoulder, arm, and core strength; nonslip floor savers and soft grips

    170+ sold

    $30 $9.99

    Merkury Innovations Motion Armband for iPhone or Galaxy S

    Sports armbands with screen protection and adjustable velcro protect smartphones such as the iPhone 5S or Galaxy S 4 during workouts or runs

    1,000+ sold

    $29.99 $2.99

    Aduro U-Band Sport Armbands for Smartphones

    Reflective sport armband gives runners added visibility and remains comfortable during workouts thanks to breathable neoprene

    820+ sold

    $29.99 $6.99

    Core Fitness Wheel

    Core muscles get stronger and more defined with help from this portable exercise tool, which has easy-glide wheels and padded handles

    40+ sold

    $19 $12.99

    Core Twist Abdominal-Trimming Foot-Reflexology Disc

    Core-powered twisting motion burns calories and tones abs; board lined with magnets and massage beads relieves foot tension

    220+ sold

    $20 $12.99

    Bluetooth Sports Health Bracelet

    Bluetooth sports bracelet works with Apple and Android smartphones, recording calories burned, distance traveled, and sleep data

    20+ sold

    $39.99 $29.99

    Proform Hybrid Cycle/Elliptical Trainer

    Home trainer combines an elliptical with an exercise bike, giving users access to a range of low-impact cardio workouts on a single machine

    $799 $349.99

    RBX Performance Resistance Band

    Resilient non-latex resistance band with ergonomic handles made to help tone muscles and build strength on the go

    200+ sold

    $29.99 $7.99

    2 RBX Wrist/Ankle 1Lb. Weights

    These one-pound weights wrap around wrists or ankles to enhance your aerobic exercises

    90+ sold

    $19.99 $9.99

    Rhino Roller Fitness Tool

    Roller's patented design allows fluid to penetrate spinal discs, thereby restoring flexibility and relieving pain; ideal for spinal rehab

    10+ sold

    $79.99 $49.99

    ProForm Booty Firm Resistance Machine with 4 Exercise DVDs

    Booty Firm resistance machine tones and lifts glutes in conjunction with four fat-burning cardio dance DVDs

    220+ sold

    $149.99 $59.99

    RBX Digital Heart Rate Monitor Watch and Chest Strap

    Digital heart rate monitor watch shows calories burned and current heart rate; works as stopwatch and chronograph

    20+ sold

    $39.99 $29.99

    Massaging Hoop Exerciser with Magnets

    Hula hoop lined with massaging balls helps users complete fast, fun workouts in living rooms; massaging effect may help increase circulation

    50+ sold

    $44 $19.99

    MoJo Tempo Calf Compression Sleeves

    Latex-free blend of nylon and spandex applies graduated ankle-to-calf compression to assist athletic performance and recovery

    260+ sold

    $40 $14.99

    RBX Digital Heart-Rate Monitor Watch

    A convenient fitness companion, this watch keeps track of your heart rate during workouts and tallies how many calories you've burned

    160+ sold

    $29.99 $16.99

    Black Mountain Products Resistance Bands Set

    Resistance bands kit has 7 pairs of varied-strength bands for an effective strength-training workout wherever you go

    130+ sold

    $60.98 $39.99

    Spira Duck Dynasty Pink/White Camo Women's Running Shoes

    Official women's Duck Dynasty running shoes by Spira boast colorful pink and white duck camo design

    40+ sold

    $120 $49.99

    RBX Performance Core-Fitness Ball with Hand Pump

    Fitness ball supports you through yoga, Pilates, and general fitness programs, helping you develop core strength and overall flexibility

    60+ sold

    $29.99 $14.99

    Body Care Foam Yoga Roller

    Extra-firm foam roller can be used to help exercisers and yogis safely stretch backs, hips, legs, and more or as a physical-therapy tool

    80+ sold

    $24 $13.99

    Nordic Track Rock N Step Side-to-Side Stepper

    While standing on this machine's anti-slip foot pads, perform a normal stepping motion to exercise your lower body; console counts steps

    280+ sold

    $129.99 $49.99

    6-Piece Dumbbell Set with Stand

    Three sets of dumbbells help boost muscle tone and strength during arm, leg, and core exercises; neoprene coating enables a better grip

    20+ sold

    $49.99 $44.99

    Zorrel Men's Dri-Balance T-Shirts

    Casual, classic short sleeve tee looks great anytime and exudes comfort with moisture transport technology that keeps wearers cool and dry

    100+ sold

    $19.95 $9.99

    Rampage Cropped Skinny Sweatpants

    This deal is brought to you by ideel, Groupon's fashion-forward sister site that features top designers & trends daily at up to 70% off

    390+ sold

    $32 $12.99

    ProForm Comfort Stride Elliptical

    Low-impact, full-body workout enhanced with Jillian Michaels audio coaching and built-in speaker system, fan, and heart-rate sensors

    30+ sold

    $799.99 $349.99

    Phiten Titanium Arm Compression Sleeve

    Compression sleeves made with Aqua-Titanium technology reduce swelling during intense workouts and wick away sweat and moisture

    180+ sold

    $19 $9.99

    Danskin 8-Piece Pilates Kit

    An instructional DVD and workout chart guide users through muscle-toning workouts at home using exercise balls and resistance bands

    110+ sold

    $29 $24.99

    Weider Ultimate Body Works Exercise Machine

    Home gym boosts the strength and endurance of every muscle with an adjustable incline bench, cable-and-pulley system, and resistance bands

    120+ sold

    $250 $139.99

    Phiten's Titanium Compression Calf Sleeve

    Sleeves infused with Aqua-Titanium technology wick away sweat and stretch to fit calves during athletic endeavors

    140+ sold

    $36 $18.99

    Weider 18" Foam Roll and Exercise Chart

    A 6"x18" foam roll guides exercisers into deeper stretches and yoga poses and can be used to self-administer a myofascial-release massage

    280+ sold

    $30 $14.99

    Artisan Water Bottle

    Eco-friendly aluminum water bottles with a wide drinking mouth; printed with an independent artist’s design

    130+ sold

    $19 $5.99

    Artisan Water Bottles

    Eco-friendly aluminum water bottles with a wide drinking mouth; printed with an independent artist's design

    290+ sold

    $18 $4.98

    GPS Speedometer Navigator Device

    GPS speedometer records and displays a wealth of data about speed, distance, location, direction, altitude, and route details

    6 sold

    $228.99 $59.99

    Ab Transform Belt

    Electronic muscle-stimulation belt can be worn at any time to deliver a core workout that helps tone abs and obliques

    80+ sold

    $199.95 $59.99

    BioVibe Vibration Bench

    Vibration plate stimulates muscle contraction up to 50 times per second to help enhance exercises

    50+ sold

    $169 $94.99

    Reebok Kettlebell Set with DVD

    A toning kettlebell with weight plates allows users to adjust it between 5 and 20 pounds; the set also includes a DVD and exercise chart

    70+ sold

    $120 $69.99

    Mondetta Performance Gear Pants, Tanks, and Capris

    Tanks, pants, and capris wick away moisture during workouts; mesh panels and a four-way stretch keep bodies supported and comfortable

    70+ sold

    $55 $17.93

    Black Mountain Products Antiburst Exercise Ball and Resistance...

    Stability ball and resistance band help you knock out sets of tricep extensions, stability crunches, and resistance squats at home

    120+ sold

    $42.59 $24.99

    Sports Pro Plus Gyro Wrist Exerciser

    Gyro wrist exerciser works to relieve RSI by exercising finger and arm muscle groups; 35,000 rpm and up to 35 lbs. of torque

    30+ sold

    $33 $18.99

    Black Mountain Products Resistance-Band Set

    Resistance-band set with resistance ranging from 2–4lbs. up to 50lbs. with door anchors and other accessories for a robust workout

    10+ sold

    $124.37 $74.99

    Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair

    Inflatable ball creates an unstable platform on which cores work to keep torsos balanced, burning calories in the process

    20+ sold

    $79.95 $64.99

    Elite Arms and Abs Resistance Device

    Resistance tube with bands and padded foot/knee strap helps dial up the intensity of ab and forearm exercise regimens

    30+ sold

    $59.99 $34.99

    Black Mountain Products Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

    Downward dogs and sit-ups have never been more comfortable than on this big, cushioned, and chemical-free yoga mat; comes with carrying bag

    150+ sold

    $54.97 $24.99

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