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Black Series 10-Piece Sling Shot Set

Sling shot launcher proves easy to use, with slotted balls that lock into place and a contoured handle for a better grip

30+ sold

$17.99 $12.99

Discovery Kids 3-in-1 Tabletop Easel

Tabletop easel for kids with a built-in paper roll, chalkboard surface, and magnetized whiteboard surface

10+ sold

$41.99 $24.99

Discovery Kids Exploration Laptop Version 2.0

Kid-friendly laptop with 60 built-in educational games covering subjects such as math, music, and vocab

730+ sold

$60 $21.99

Gun and Target Recordable Alarm Clock

Infrared gun with 18 ft. range lets you shoot your alarm-clock target each morning, focusing your attention so that you wake up in time

5,000+ sold

$59.99 $19.99

Lil Rider Rocking 3-Wheeled Chopper Motorcycle

This children's three-wheeled motorcycle attracts attention with chrome-colored accents, a bright red body, and a top speed of 1.5 mph

30+ sold

$259.99 $129.99

Dollie & Me 18" Dolls

Dolls with themed outfits and tons of personality make great gifts for little kids who love music, sleepovers, and playing pretend

80+ sold

$49.99 $29.99

Alex Toys Ready, Set, Write & Wipe: ABC & 123 Writing Activity...

Colorful writing activity book helps teach youngsters numbers and letters, with erasable pages and a wipe-away marker for continual practice

90+ sold

$14.50 $10.99

5-Pack of LED Helicopter Shooters

Shoot these colorful LED helicopters into the night sky with rubber bands attached to plastic handles; blades open up at maximum height

1,000+ sold

$49.95 $8.99

52-Piece Fun Foam Blocks Set

Building blocks in simple geometric shapes, made from colorful foam solid enough to stack but light enough to float on top of water

1,000+ sold

$29.99 $12.99

Electronic Bounce and Score Baseball Game

Portable baseball game for up to three players includes an automatic scoreboard, features bright lights and stadium-like noises

100+ sold

$59.99 $24.99

Angry Birds Air Swimmer Turbo

Angry Birds character soars through the air at the bidding of a remote control; batteries and helium not included

250+ sold

$49.99 $11.99

My Adventure Custom Storybook

Details such as children's names and hometowns personalize storybooks about characters like Spider-Man and Dora the Explorer

300+ sold

$19.99 $9

GUND Sesame Street Peek-A-Boo Elmo

Fluffy red Elmo doll plays peekaboo with your child, oscillating between 13 different phrases

420+ sold

$44.99 $27.99

Alex Toys My Art Spinner

Kids splatter and spray five colors of paint onto spinning papers to create fun swirling designs they can sprinkle with glitter

40+ sold

$33 $19.99

Shot Glass Drinking Games

Drinking-game renditions of chess, roulette, and Chutes & Ladders, complete with shot glass playing pieces

210+ sold

$29.99 $12.99

Children's Fairy Tale Deluxe Princess Tent

Castle-shaped tent with two compartments, both of which fold flat and stow inside a carrying case

140+ sold

$44.99 $24.99

Smart Labs Butterfly and Garden Wallscapes Sets

These sets teach kids about design principles and nature as they craft 3-D butterflies and flowers using stickers and precut petals or wings

70+ sold

$19.99 $9.99

Custom Bobbleheads from BigBobble

Crafted from photographic images, familiar faces jiggle over a range of poses designed to suit graduates, athletes, and professionals

190+ sold

$109.99 $48.99

LED Party Gloves

Gloves with fingertip LEDs that can be changed to six different colors and six different patterns such as flash and fade

410+ sold

$13.98 $9.99

Alex Toys Friends 4 Ever Bracelet Kit

Kids twist and tie brightly colored strings into detailed friendship bracelets to help seal relationships and build interest in crafts

80+ sold

$29.99 $14.99

Kids' Pop-Up Hamper and Storage Unit

Hampers modeled after animals and insects pop up in seconds and fold into a flat shape for easy storage

530+ sold

$19.99 $9.99

LED Light-Up Balloons 10-Pack

LED balloons, perfect for evening parties, glow in five vibrant colors

330+ sold

$17.98 $7.99

K'NEX Motorized Disney Space Mountain Model

Hyper-detailed, motorized replicas of iconic Disney rides allow kids to re-create the magical experience of being at the parks

30+ sold

$199.99 $99.99

Lil' Troops Officially Licensed US Army Action Figures

Army men with no weapons, just attitude are equipped with posable arms and heads that encourage kids to play and support the troops

70+ sold

$9.99 $7.99

Jackpot Money Ball Maze Game

Guide coins through more than 10ft. of twisting and turning track to unlock the jackpot chamber of fallen coins

30+ sold

$24.99 $17.99

Stainless Steel Beer Pong Kit

Stainless steel cups require greater accuracy than their plastic counterparts and can be used repeatedly to cut down on waste

140+ sold

$79.99 $39.99

Tech Too Kids' Toy Appy Alphabet or Notebook

Toys mimic the look and feel of real electronic devices to engage little learners

90+ sold

$39.99 $19.99

Alex Toys Busy Beads Mermaid Adventure Maze

Colorful sea-themed wooden activity maze helps tots develop hand-eye coordination; American Baby 2013 Toys of the Year award winner

20+ sold

$86.95 $49.99

Power Advantage Checking Station

Disassemble and repair a toy GT racer, then send it zooming down the tracks; battery-operated elevator takes it back to the checking station

40+ sold

$64.01 $29.99

Lil Rider Convertible 4-Stage 2-in-1 Stroller-Tricycle

Adjustable stroller-tricycle with a seatbelt and safety bar keeps little kids safe, and as they grow they can power pedals and help steer

30+ sold

$199.99 $99.99

Astro Smurf or Smurfette LED Book Light

Fun, Smurf-themed book light illuminates pages with LED lighting and can be set in a variety of positions with its flexible gooseneck design

40+ sold

$20.99 $7.99

Spy Smurf Secret Journal or Smurfette Secret Diary

Invisible ink disappears onto Smurf-blue pages, but kids can illumine their journal entries or spy notes with the pen's black-light LED

10+ sold

$13.99 $7.99

Grow'n Up Hercales Seesaw

Seesaw with soft-grip handles and 360º lateral rotation encourages kids to get outside and be active

80+ sold

$99.99 $56.99

Alex Toys Learn to Crawl Tunnel

Babies learn basic mobility skills while crawling over a padded mat through a fun, cheerfully colored tunnel with an open-netted ceiling

20+ sold

$55 $29.99

Raskullz Miniz Monkey or Owl Kids' Bike Helmet

Eye-catching color illustrations adorn bike helmets with multiple safety certifications; cooling vents make for a sweat-free noggin

5 sold

$24.99 $18.99

Amazing 13' Coloring Roll with Crayons

Kids can unfurl 13 feet of coloring paper in sections to color cute farm or sea scenes; great for entertaining at parties or in airports

20+ sold

$18.89 $9.99

Odyssey Alien Remote-Control Flyer

UFO-inspired remote-control flyer has a patented self-uprighting design, protective impact shield, and LED lights for nighttime missions

10+ sold

$59.99 $39.98

LEGO LED Torch and Night Light

Lego LED torch lamps with 30-minute auto shut-off timers illuminate desks or act as night lights

70+ sold

$52.99 $29.99

Royal Loom Bands Kit

Latex-free loom bands for creating necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories

80+ sold

$14.99 $9.99

Fisher Price Glendragon Castle Playset

Kids dream up stories and games inside and outside of this play castle, which includes knight and horse figurines, as well as accessories

160+ sold

$34.99 $16.98

13" Tummy Stuffer Toy and $5 in Groupon Bucks

Plush animal friend organizers look like toys and remain soft to the touch as they expand to store numerous toys in their bellies

50+ sold

$24.99 $17.98

Angry Birds Telepods Bundles

Assorted Star Wars-themed Angry Birds figurines with telepods for transporting the figures into mobile device game play

140+ sold

$28.98 $6.99

Banzai Kickin' Back Inflatable Kiddie Pools

Kids splash and play beneath a fountain of water jetting from an animal pal's mouth

100+ sold

$19.99 $9.99

Dollie and Me Fashions for 18" Dolls

Outfits fit for a dance recital, slumber party, or other occasion, sized to fit an 18" doll such as American Girl or Favorite Friends

200+ sold

$20 $9.99

Donkey Kong Wall Stickers

Pixelated stickers based on the classic Donkey Kong arcade game turn your home into a nostalgic 8-bit landscape

50+ sold

$75 $15.93

Fisher Price Superman and Exoskeleton Suit

Toy suit holds Superman figure, fires with arm cannon, grips with arm claw, and rolls along on wheels that trigger lights and sound effects

490+ sold

$34.99 $7.98

G.I. Joe Retaliation Snake Eyes Ninja Gear Set

Identity-concealing masks let young ninjas operate in stealth and secrecy with a light-up sword and two throwing stars

90+ sold

$29.99 $9.99

Intex Hippo and Coco Fun Play Pool

Two wading pools and a slide all contained in one inflatable package allow kids a safe place to swim in warm weather

840+ sold

$39.99 $9.99

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