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    Alex Toys Ultimate Nail Glam Salon

    Nail salon kit transforms sleepovers into creative spa parties for kids with nail polish, nail appliques, and colorful stickers and gems

    1 sold

    $32.99 $19.99

    Cassini 720mm Astro-Terrestrial Refractor Telescope

    This 720mm x 80mm telescope lets stargazers track celestial objects with slow-motion altazimuth adjustments and an adjustable metal tripod

    0 sold

    $339.99 $139.99

    Gun and Target Recordable Alarm Clock

    Infrared gun with 18 ft. range lets you shoot your alarm-clock target each morning, focusing your attention so that you wake up in time

    1,000+ sold

    $59.99 $19.99

    Mercedes Ride-On Push Car

    Designed with details from real Mercedes cars, these push-cars for kids aged 1 to 4 are fun for little ones and car-enthusiast parents alike

    450+ sold

    $99.99 $49.99

    Zillionz Savings Goal ATM Bank

    This ATM-shaped money bank for kids has a slot for coins, motorized bill feeder, and backlit display that shows the account balance

    130+ sold

    $33.49 $24.99

    Custom Bobbleheads from BigBobble

    Crafted from photographic images, familiar faces jiggle over a range of poses designed to suit graduates, athletes, and professionals

    110+ sold

    $109.99 $48.99

    NavyStar Toddler Bilingual Smartphone or Tablet Toys

    Designed for toddlers 18 months and older, these cute tech-inspired toys teach basic numbers, colors, and shapes in English and Spanish

    820+ sold

    $22.99 $9.99

    5-Pack of LED Helicopter Shooters

    Shoot these colorful LED helicopters into the night sky with rubber bands attached to plastic handles; blades open up at maximum height

    300+ sold

    $49.95 $8.99

    Tie-Not Water-Balloon Filling Set 2-Pack

    This garden hose attachment fills water balloons before tying them effortlessly with a simple, foolproof mechanism

    140+ sold

    $16 $9.99

    2.5-Channel Gyro Neptune RC Helicopter

    Internal gyroscopes and powerful coaxial rotors stabilize these helicopters as they race through homes by the light of an LED headlight

    270+ sold

    $39.95 $17.99

    Alex Toys Tabletop Drawing Paper Dispenser

    Wooden tabletop paper dispenser comes with one 100ft. roll of paper for kids to draw and color on

    170+ sold

    $23.95 $14.99

    Galt Toys Jungle Pals Skittles Bowling Game

    Recommended for ages 12 months and older, this bowling game helps tots build hand-eye coordination as they knock over soft, plush pins

    70+ sold

    $29.95 $19.99

    GUND Sesame Street Peek-A-Boo Elmo

    Fluffy red Elmo doll plays peekaboo with your child, oscillating between 13 different phrases

    340+ sold

    $44.99 $27.99

    52-Piece Fun Foam Blocks Set

    Building blocks in simple geometric shapes, made from colorful foam solid enough to stack but light enough to float on top of water

    1,000+ sold

    $29.99 $12.99

    LED Light-Up Balloons 10-Pack

    LED balloons, perfect for evening parties, glow in five vibrant colors

    210+ sold

    $17.98 $7.99

    Smart Labs Butterfly and Garden Wallscapes Sets

    These sets teach kids about design principles and nature as they craft 3-D butterflies and flowers using stickers and precut petals or wings

    50+ sold

    $19.99 $9.99

    Gund Grumpy Cat Plush Toy Bundle

    Hang out with Internet star Grumpy Cat's soft and cuddly likeness, a mini beanbag, and a lanyard that reads "I Had Fun Once, It Was Awful"

    230+ sold

    $41.98 $24.99

    Captain America Stealthfire Shield

    As kids wear this Captain America shield on their arms, they can block attacks and shoot darts from its hidden missile launcher

    740+ sold

    $32.99 $15.99

    Alex Toys Super Knot-A-Quilt Kit

    Kids can create a soft fleece quilt by knotting instead of stitching, customize using letters, shapes, and fringe

    180+ sold

    $50 $24.99

    Bean Bag Toss Game for Kids

    Kids' beanbag game with a barnyard-animal-themed target board and two sets of bean bags

    90+ sold

    $49.99 $17.99

    K'NEX Motorized Disney Space Mountain Model

    Hyper-detailed, motorized replicas of iconic Disney rides allow kids to re-create the magical experience of being at the parks

    20+ sold

    $199.99 $99.99

    Mini Tabletop Games

    Smaller air hockey, pool, and foosball tables work just like the full-sized versions, down to details such as a puck return and cue chalk

    260+ sold

    $59.99 $17.99

    Lil' Rider Cruisin' Coupe Battery-Operated Classic Car with Remote

    Kids drive or parents remote-control this stylish coupe, which includes an MP3-player hookup, working headlights, and a rechargeable battery

    40+ sold

    $199.99 $129.99

    96-Piece Foam Alphabet-and-Number Puzzle Floor Mat for Kids

    Colorful puzzle with 96 foam pieces helps teach kids numbers and the letters and forms a spacious playing surface when completed

    250+ sold

    $69.99 $34.99

    500-Piece Dice-Style Poker Set

    Sturdy aluminum case conceals 500 11.5-gram poker chips with dice and stripe details, as well as other poker essentials

    130+ sold

    $90 $37.99

    Bathroom Sports Games

    Games add an unexpected layer of fun to bathroom visits with miniature basketball, fishing, or golf putting

    40+ sold

    $23 $13.99

    2-Pack of Waterproof Playing Cards

    PVC playing cards are completely waterproof, making them ideal for outdoor use, but are still thin and flexible for easy shuffling

    200+ sold

    $39.04 $10.99

    Big Boy's Work Shop 54-Piece Tool Bench Set

    On this children's tool bench, boys and girls can pretend to saw, bolt, hammer, and file blocks of faux-wood with kid-friendly tools

    170+ sold

    $69.99 $34.99

    Animal Plush Puzzle Mat

    Large puzzle pieces form a plush, animal-shaped mat on which kids can play and read; helps kids exercise critical skills

    80+ sold

    $31.49 $19.99

    Kids' Pop-Up Hamper and Storage Unit

    Hampers modeled after animals and insects pop up in seconds and fold into a flat shape for easy storage

    310+ sold

    $19.99 $9.99

    DuneCraft Kids' Science Kits

    As they dissect synthetic owl pellets, make gooey alien slime, or grow colorful Jelly Stones, kids learn about polymers, anatomy, and more

    300+ sold

    $16.99 $8.99

    Edushape Kids' Toy Musical Instruments

    Musical instruments designed for little hands teach babies and toddlers about sound and rhythm with colorful clackers and percussive beads

    10+ sold

    $39.99 $17.99

    The Spins Roulette Drinking Game

    Casino-style drinking game for up to six players includes roulette wheel, two metal balls, and six numbered shot glasses

    110+ sold

    $59.99 $11.99

    Maze Exclusive Fly 'n' Drive Dual RC Car-Helicopter

    With one click, the racecar turns into a remote-controlled helicopter with a steadying gyroscope that can zoom or soar indoors and out

    60+ sold

    $199.99 $49.99

    Dollie & Me 18" Dolls

    Dolls with themed outfits and tons of personality make great gifts for little kids who love music, sleepovers, and playing pretend

    40+ sold

    $49.99 $29.99

    Gund Boo Bundle

    Plush Boos replicate the internet-celebrity's permagrin and adorable way with fashion in 5" and 8" dolls

    50+ sold

    $34 $24.99

    Galt Toys Wiggly Worm

    Wiggly Worm helps newborns develop their sense of touch with tactile flourishes including a crinkle hat and squeaky head

    20+ sold

    $25.99 $16.99

    1:12 Scale Hobby-Style RC Truck, Buggy, or Truggy

    Detailed RC vehicles with durable bodies and off-road features such as large tires, a full suspension system, and front and rear bumpers

    30+ sold

    $69.95 $34.99

    Fisher-Price Build N Play Sandbox

    Plastic sandbox holds up to 200lb. of sand and comes with a shovel, sand-castle maker, and other accessories; easy to break down for travel

    6 sold

    $62.96 $49.99

    Power Advantage Checking Station

    Disassemble and repair a toy GT racer, then send it zooming down the tracks; battery-operated elevator takes it back to the checking station

    20+ sold

    $64.01 $29.99

    Paint Your Own Bobble Head Pets Kit

    One plaster dog and one plaster cat bobble head can be painted to your child's liking with the included paints and brush

    30+ sold

    $9.99 $7.99

    LEGO LED Torch and Night Light

    Lego LED torch lamps with 30-minute auto shut-off timers illuminate desks or act as night lights

    50+ sold

    $52.99 $29.99

    Eye Grow Grass Heads

    Head-shaped planters sprout blades of grass for up to two months; can add whimsy to an office desk or child's playroom table

    80+ sold

    $12.99 $5.99

    Alex Toys Learn to Crawl Tunnel

    Babies learn basic mobility skills while crawling over a padded mat through a fun, cheerfully colored tunnel with an open-netted ceiling

    2 sold

    $55 $29.99

    Panther Drone 2.4GHz 4.5-CH RC Quad Helicopter

    RC quadcopter controlled by 2.4GHz transmitter performs spectacular aerial loops in its simple 360° stunt mode

    5 sold

    $199.95 $99.99

    Jenga Giant Block-Stacking Game

    Jenga Giant tower reaches up to 3 feet high, providing family-friendly, nail-biting fun to cookouts and pool parties

    10+ sold

    $129.99 $108.99

    Doodle Deco Peace and Love Wall Art

    Heart-shaped wall art for kids can be decorated with markers, glitter glue, and 50 shiny gemstones

    9 sold

    $14.99 $11.99

    Fisher-Price Lunch N Munch Table with Umbrella

    Colorful picnic table built to seat preschool-aged children; umbrella included to provide ample shade

    4 sold

    $119.99 $79.99

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