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    4-Week Diet Meal Plan from Diet Chef

    Take the guesswork out of dieting with this portion-controlled, 1,200-calorie-a-day plan that offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack

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    $269 $149.99

    Atmos Dart Dry Herb, Wax, and Oil Vaporizer Kit | Groupon Exclusive

    Comprehensive vaping kit includes two cartridges—one for dry herbs and waxy oils, and one for E-Liquid—plus 0% nicotine tobacco-flavored oil

    25,000+ sold

    $106.80 $24.99

    Garcinia-Cambogia and Green-Coffee-Bean Extracts

    Green-coffee-bean and garcinia-cambogia extracts use hydroxycitric and chlorogenic acids to promote weight loss

    10+ sold

    $95.99 $17.99

    MuscleTech Test HD and Epiq Hardening Bundle

    Test HD boosts free and total testosterone levels in as few as 7 days; Epiq Hardening helps build lean, hard muscle mass with ursolic acid

    50+ sold

    $149.98 $29.99

    Vegan Pure Nutritional Shake Mix

    Though under 150 calories per serving, these vanilla and chocolate shake mixes deliver protein, vitamins, minerals, omega-3s, and probiotics

    260+ sold

    $34.99 $19.99

    2-Pack of 1lb House Delights Chia Seeds

    Nutritious chia seeds contain healthy fatty acids and antioxidants, and can be mixed with all sorts of foods for a vegan health boost

    30+ sold

    $19.99 $13.99

    3-Month Wine of the Month Club

    Two bottles of red or white, or one of each, delivered monthly; recent wines include an Argentinean Malbec and Austrian Veltliner

    30+ sold

    $128.85 $99.99

    3-Month Beer of the Month Subscription

    Sample stouts, IPAs, hefeweizens, and other craft beers from microbreweries across the country with this monthly subscription

    130+ sold

    $119.85 $99.99

    30-Day Supply of Hydroxycut Sprinkles Weight-Loss Supplement

    Sprinkle tasteless supplement on meals to help with weight-loss; discreet packets easily fit in purses or pockets

    3 sold

    $24.99 $9.99

    Buy 1 Get 1 Free: Hydroxycut Pro Clinical + Free Supplement

    Regular or caffeine-free formulas of Hydroycut Pro Clinical can be combined with diet and exercise plans to promote weight loss

    20+ sold

    $89.97 $19.99

    Atmos Rx Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit with Oil Bundle

    Vaporizer releases the essential, active ingredients of natural dry herbs without odor or smoke, and also includes an oil adapter and oils

    1,000+ sold

    $236.85 $59.99

    Authentic Handmade Egyptian Hookah

    Single-hose hookah that has been made in Egypt is color coordinated and comes with an array of accessories

    100+ sold

    $199.99 $69.99

    2lb. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey-Protein Tub

    Mix packed with whey-protein isolate and muscle-protecting branched-chain amino acids helps athletes properly recover following workouts

    5,000+ sold

    $51.49 $29.99

    Fortify Probiotic Supplements (30 Servings)

    Probiotic supplements aid digestive processes and work to boost immunity with 30 billion live cultures

    7 sold

    $24.99 $16.99

    Nature's Way Raw-Coconut Supplement (2-Pack)

    Whether taken straight from the bottle or mixed into smoothies, this pure, gluten-free coconut gives a boost of fiber and natural energy

    10+ sold

    $27.98 $19.99

    Crazy Cups Sumatran Tiger Organic and Fair Trade Coffee

    Organic, fair-trade Crazy Cups Sumatran Tiger coffee has a bold and complex flavor with subtle notes of dark chocolate and pepper

    20+ sold

    $33 $24.99

    Java Factory Coffee Single-Serve Pod 40ct. Sampler Pack

    Individual-serving coffee pods in a wide variety of flavors and strengths

    190+ sold

    $21.79 $18.99

    60-Count Bottles of Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean Supplement

    Weight loss supplements supply bodies with 1000mg of garcinia cambogia or 400mg of green coffee bean extract

    100,000+ sold

    $149.97 $14.99

    150-Count High Gloss Lacquer Broadway Humidor

    Luxurious high gloss humidor houses up to 150 cigars within three sections lined with Spanish cedar

    7 sold

    $159.90 $99.99

    Juice Cleanses

    Blended juices made fresh daily help rid bodies of toxins and give folks a fresh start

    840+ sold

    $50 $33

    Enzymatic Pure Care Colon Cleanse

    Gentle enough to take daily, this colon-cleansing formula is designed to absorb toxins, promote regularity, and aid in digestion

    3 sold

    $14.95 $9.99

    Original DaVinci Vaporizer Bundle for Dry Herb/Oil with Car Charger

    Vape your favorite dry herbs and oils with this durable handheld vaporizer with digital temperature controls; includes oil and a charger

    10+ sold

    $199.99 $99.99

    6 Bottles of Mad Housewife Wine

    Sweet white, pink, and red wines suit any occasion, from informal backyard gatherings to candlelit dinners

    3 sold

    $103 $54.99

    Buy 1 Get 1 Free: Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Weight Loss Supplement

    Ingredients like green coffee extract and caffeine may help encourage weight loss by stimulating metabolisms; formula can also boost focus

    1,000+ sold

    $119.98 $34.99

    Black Leather Cigar Case

    Black leather cigar cases with room for two or six cigars; six-cigar humidor includes slide-out bed and humidifier

    1 sold

    $41.18 $29.99

    Nature's Way Liquid Coconut Premium Oil

    Pure, expeller-pressed coconut oil gives a healthy alternative to sautéing and baking with vegetable oils

    0 sold

    $29.99 $19.99

    Enzymatic Therapy 2-Week Simple Cleanse Fiber Dietary Supplement

    Two-week program uses gentle plant-based laxatives and fiber to clear out toxins and refortify the body’s digestive system

    0 sold

    $20.95 $11.99

    Buy 1 get 1 Free: MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein Powder (22 Servings)

    Sustained-release powder delivers 26g of milk-derived proteins to help fuel muscle-building efforts

    1,000+ sold

    $89.98 $34.99

    Bit of Everything Single-Serving Coffee Cup Sampler (40ct.)

    Single-serving coffee sampler includes mixed brands of coffee, flavored coffee, cocoa, tea, cappuccino, and more

    180+ sold

    $25.28 $20.99

    Regalo Valley Ranch 6-Bottle Wine Gift Box

    Californian chardonnay, zinfandel, and cabernet sauvignon delight noses and palates with complex aromas, fruity tastes, and oaky bases

    9 sold

    $121.49 $89.99

    Surf Sweets Sour Berry Bears

    The traditional fun kids’ snack, made from organic ingredients and missing the most common allergens

    1 sold

    $28.14 $19.99

    South Beach Diet Apple Cinnamon Meal Bars (30ct.)

    Tasty meal bars made with real apple supply plenty of protein and fiber that helps dieters feel full and satisfied

    0 sold

    $37.74 $21.99

    MHP Maximum Whey Protein Complex (23 Servings)

    Whey protein complex helps encourage muscle growth and boost recovery after workouts

    0 sold

    $49.99 $27.99

    Valentine's Seasonal Cigar Samplers from Mike's Cigars

    10-packs of high-quality, rare cigars made to evoke Cuban craftsmanship and flavor

    1,000+ sold

    $90 $19.99

    2-Pack of Blender Bottle Shaker Bottles

    These shaker bottles are great for taking to the gym or office, and their included BlenderBall evenly whisks mix protein-shake ingredients

    10,000+ sold

    $19.48 $13.99

    Regalo Valley Ranch Artist Series Wine Gift Basket

    Packed with tasty snacks, such as mint chocolates and smoked almonds, and two California wines, this basket makes a great holiday gift

    3 sold

    $102.99 $74.99

    Regalo Valley Ranch California Delicious Gourmet Wine and Treats

    Three bottles of fresh, fruity California wines are packaged with a sampling of sweet and savory treats

    8 sold

    $92.99 $69.99

    Chocolate Lover's Valentine's Single-Serving Coffee Variety Pack

    Enjoy diverse collection of coffees, hot cocoa, and more infused with tasty chocolate; flavors include Tootsie Roll and Junior Mints

    190+ sold


    Buy 2 Get 1 Free: Garcinia Cambogia with 60% HCA

    Garcinia cambogia is a dietary supplement designed to decrease cravings, help control appetite, boost metabolism, and aid in fat loss

    10,000+ sold

    $119.85 $15.99

    Buy 1 Get 1 Free: Hydroxycut Hardcore Weight-Loss Supplements

    Hydroxycut Hardcore weight loss supplements with green coffee are made to provide an energy boost as well as rapid weight loss

    10,000+ sold

    $59.98 $19.99

    Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout Supplements (30 Servings)

    Pre-workout powder helps energize bodies and fuel muscle pumps with creatine nitrate

    970+ sold

    $39.99 $29.99

    Buy 2 Get 1 Free: pureGenix Garcinia Cambogia+ with 60% HCA

    Premeal supplement packed with garcinia cambogia and green coffee supports dieters in achieving weight-loss goals

    1,000+ sold

    $59.99 $7.99

    FitMiss Burn or Tone Supplements

    FitMiss supplements designed to help women shed weight rapidly while supplying antioxidants and appetite suppressants

    1,000+ sold

    $35.72 $19.99

    BSN N.O.-Xplode Advanced Strength Creatine Pre-Workout Igniter

    Creatine powder can boost muscle strength and mental focus so athletes can workout out harder and longer to achieve better, faster results

    1,000+ sold

    $72.99 $29.99

    Buy 2 Get 1 Free: Boli Naturals Deer Antler Velvet Extract

    All-natural deer antler velvet extract supplements made to promote strength, help the immune system, and improve recovery

    1,000+ sold

    $46.99 $9.99

    90-Count MuscleTech Test HD Hardcore Testosterone Booster

    Rapid-release caplets pack boron citrate, fenugreek extract, and other ingredients observed to bolster testosterone levels

    1,000+ sold

    $79.99 $19.99

    2-Pack of Nutrigold Organic Coconut Oil

    Certified organic coconut oil is cold-pressed, extra-virgin, and can be used to cook, fry, or bake

    5,000+ sold

    $35.96 $14.99

    Buy 1 Get 1 Free: Hydroxycut Max Supplements for Women

    Hydroxycut Max for Women works to help dieters reduce BMI via key weight loss ingredients

    1,000+ sold

    $119.98 $19.99

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