Bakeries in Adelphi

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  • Crown Bakery
    Grab a seat and dig in! Crown Bakery in Washington offers tasty eats everyone will enjoy. Come prepared to feast at Crown Bakery — with no low-fat options, any diets will need to be put aside for the moment. Parents, bring your kids along to Crown Bakery, where you'll find a family-friendly menu and ambience. Relaxed attire is perfectly fine at Crown Bakery, known for its laid-back ambience. Throwing a big party? Count on Crown Bakery to provide top-notch catering with the same great dishes you love. null Prices at Crown Bakery are a bargain (usually less than $15 for a meal), so you'll have plenty of cash left over to treat a friend (or two). Crown Bakery has three square meals a day on the menu, so swing by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
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    5329 Georgia Ave NW
    Washington, DC US
  • Capital City Cheesecake
    The bakers at the sister-owned cheesecakery use fresh ingredients to create creamy, handmade confections. This Groupon is good for 12 two-inch microcakes, and you can mix and match among the original flavor, chocolate, strawberry, and cookies 'n' cream to assemble a delicious dozen. The bite-sized baked goods are perfectly portioned to prevent guilt-induced post-cheesecake regret, and as such make a fitting gift for calorie-counting suckers for sweet or someone who underwent a surgical procedure that replaced his or her human mouth with the mouth of a striped bass.
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    7071 Carroll Ave
    Takoma Park, MD US
  • Dolci Gelati Gelato
    Gianluigi Dellaccio was a star water polo player in Italy until the mid-90s, but it was actually his second career as a dessert chef that put him in touch with a number of global luminaries. After studying pastry-making in culinary school, he put in time at famous dessert shops in Germany, Naples, and Washington, D.C., where he had the chance to make pastries for Bono, President Clinton, and the Pope. Bolstered by the sweet taste of success, Dellaccio went on to found his very own gelato company, Dolci Gelati, where he incorporates the tenets of pastry-making into chillier desserts. These days, Chef Dellaccio spends most of his time developing new flavors in what he calls his gelato laboratory. He rises each morning to take dairy deliveries from local farms, as well as shipments of hand-picked fruits and specialty chocolate, imported from a small, sustainable farm in Ecuador. He begins by tempering the chocolate himself to create flavors rich and dark or sweet and creamy. Then, he mixes his premium, custom-prepared ingredients into the base of what will become the gelato. He still uses a long-treasured family recipe to turn his exotic ingredients into the final product, though, developing a treat that, like a digital cummerbund, strikes a balance between tradition and innovation.
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    7000 Carroll Avenue
    Takoma Park, MD US
  • Mr. Smoothie Syracuse
    On a hot summer day, the interior of Mr. Smoothie & Frozen Yogurt Bar looks a bit like paradise. Staff members man blenders whirring together non-fat yogurt and a choice of two fresh fruits into their signature smoothies, allowing customers to cool off with treats that are refreshing, healthy, and able to put out a very small fire. Everything made at Mr. Smoothie is customizable, and guests can opt to pare down the sweetness by only drinking freshly squeezed juice or creating fruity freezes from the same juices blended with chunks of real fruit. Eleven flavors of coffees are used to make frappes, with skinnier versions available for those desiring less calories and more protein. In fact, staff members can add a range of supplements and boosts to any smoothie or drink, adding ingredients that build muscle or nutrients that aim to improve hangovers.
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    10260 Baltimore Avenue
    College Park, MD US
  • The Bagelry
    The word bagel serves as an umbrella term, describing a whole host of flavored doughs, just so long as they have a hole in the middle. The bakers at The Bagelry take full advantage of that potential for variety, pairing more than 25 flavors of bagel with 11 styles of cream cheese. They also top their circular creations with breakfast goodies such as eggs, bacon, and shredded Sunday crossword puzzles. For lunch, they turn to a wider variety of grains to make sandwiches such as the meat-free Yenta with cucumbers and muenster cheese and the Zadey with corned beef and pastrami in thousand island dressing.
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    36 Vital Way
    Silver Spring, MD US
  • Cakelove
    CakeLove's baking staff, led by owner and Food Network's Sugar Rush host Warren Brown, specializes in cupcakes and cakes, baking batches from scratch daily with fresh, natural butter, sugar, eggs, and more. Each location's rotating selection of vanilla, chocolate, red-velvet, banana, carrot, and pumpkin cake bases is smothered with a variety of flavored buttercreams. Chocoholics can silence grumbling sweet tooths with creative concoctions like Cynthia's sin (chocolate cake dipped in chocolate ganache, topped with peanut butter buttercream, drizzled with chocolate and caramel, and sprinkled with candied peanuts), while those longing for a tropical getaway can abduct their tongue to a farflung locale with the lime on the coconut (shredded coconut and lime zest on a vanilla cupcake with lime buttercream). Cupcakes are $3.25 each,
 $19.50 for a half dozen,
 and $39 for a baker's dozen. Other sweet forms of gourmet baked goods ($2–$5), as well as the bakery's six-inch to 12-inch layer cakes ($25–$130), can sugary-up birthdays or candy-coat a van full of Shriner cars.
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    935 Ellsworth Dr
    Silver Spring, MD US