Charity & Grassroots in Annapolis

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  • U.S. Naval Academy Basketball
    In one of the nation's most storied rivalries spanning more than a century, the Navy Midshipmen and the Army Black Knights have met on courts, fields, mats, and tracks and in pools more than 1,700 times. Though the fierce rivalry will always take priority among students, fan bases, media, and aliens debating whether to invade America by land or by sea, the Midshipmen have excelled against other competition, as well. The Naval Academy boasts NCAA Division II championships in women’s indoor track and women’s swimming, as well as 40 NCAA Division I individual championships, including 10 fencing champions, nine men’s gymnastics champions, and eight men’s swimming champions.
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    675 Decatur Rd.
    Annapolis, MD US
  • Junior League of Annapolis
    Benefitting the civic-minded nonprofit, Junior League of Annapolis, the Pig & Pearls event treats revelers to an autumnal afternoon at the mouth of the South River and Chesapeake Bay for all-you-can-eat oysters, barbecue, and libations. As the bay's waves lap against the beach sands, chefs line up tasty trays of raw and roasted oysters, barbecue, and desserts that keep unruly sweet teeth under control more effectively than fitting them with rock-candy braces. Wash down fare with a soft drink or the cold suds of a Miller Lite or Yuengling as The Baltimore Bluegrass Band plucks the banjo and strikes the fiddle in traditional bluegrass favorites.
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    4150 Honeysuckle Drive
    Edgewater, MD US
  • Healenarts Wellness Studio
    Acupuncture Needles: Hair-Thin Instruments of Healing Although many fear hospital needles, those used in acupuncture are much less scary. Check out Groupon’s examination of acupuncture needles to ease any lingering aichmophobia. Acupuncture generally doesn’t draw blood—a testament to the skill of professional acupuncturists but also to the special needles they use. Unlike the needles commonly feared by hospital-goers, acupuncture needles are thin enough to slip through the skin without breaking any blood vessels. Although most are roughly the thickness of a hair or a pixie’s wand, they come in several varieties for different treatment types: thinner needles provide less stimulation and are often used for children or the elderly; shorter needles treat the head and face; and longer needles (up to 5 inches long) target the thighs and other fleshy areas to reach points along the body’s theoretical energy pathways, known as meridians. Filiform needles are the most common, comprising a stainless-steel wire sharpened at one end and wrapped at the other to form a handle. With a quick, skilled hand—or the aid of an insertion tube—practitioners insert the tip just beneath the skin’s surface, and although a small prickle may be felt, once the needles are in, the patient shouldn’t feel them at all. Today, most acupuncturists use disposable needles due to their safety and simplicity, but some may use reusable steel or even gold needles, sterilizing them between use in the same way doctors or guitarists do their instruments. The practice of acupuncture stretches back more than 5,000 years, well before stainless steel was a household commodity. Archaeologists have dug up traces of the implements early healers used to get energy, or chi, flowing properly through the body: sharpened stones were a popular choice, as were delicate needles of bone.
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    12911 Woodmore Road
    Bowie, MD US
  • Jones Falls Community
    The inspiring trainers at each MetaBody location lead troops of workouteers in results-oriented workouts several times weekly. Sweat sessions utilize a variety of exercises and disciplines to produce full-body results in a supportive environment, ideal for beginners and hard-core core-hardeners alike. During any class, motivational instructors will use the instinctual distrust of routine to their advantage. Begin a day of litigating with a refreshing early-morning boot-camp session, or wind down by burning evidence and pounds with a late-evening yoga class. Muscles are kept guessing with new and challenging moves during each session, so participants never fall into a boring, ineffective routine, such as regular teeth brushing. In addition to the fitness classes, students receive a success guide to help prepare for imminent pound loss, a nutrition guide, and a $100 gift certificate for individual coaching. Because the pass sets a 5 or 10-class cap at any given location, roving fitness mavens can further shake up their workout regimens by vetting a series of classes or instructors that work best for them.
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    5900 York Rd
    Baltimore, MD US
  • Global Pathways Project
    The Global Pathways Project is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization that aims to educate Americans about the benefits of an adventure overseas. Swap stories with other worldly residents, host an Epcot Center buffet in your mouth, or dance away your workweek worries. Complimentary parking is available to guests in the Landmark Parking lot adjacent to the museum, on Thames Street.
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    1417 Thames Street
    Baltimore, MD US
  • Notre Dame Mission Volunteers-Americorps
    NDMV tutors provide students with assistance on their schoolwork and develop an academic plan for each of them, following up regularly on their report cards and other signposts of academic progress. Volunteers also help facilitate involvement in extracurricular activities by providing transportation to sporting events and encouraging enrollment in school clubs. Furthermore, NDMV strives to engage parents and friends in students' academic life, encouraging them to take an active interest in the young people's progress. Through the program's efforts, students who received assistance from NDMV reported improved attitudes toward school and schoolwork, and 62% of students who received aid for one year showed an improvement in school attendance when compared to the previous year.
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    403 Markland Ave
    Baltimore, MD US