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2 Di 4 Gourmet Karmel Korn?s popcorn is so tasty, it?s addictive. In fact, the business maintains a Karmel Korn Addicts page on its website with testimonials from customers would can?t get enough Kashoo, P-Nut, and Bacorn KarmelKorn. 2 Di 4 Gourmet Karmel Korn achieves this devotion by ensuring that each bite is rich and buttery, using quality ingredients such as Iowa-grown popcorn popped in coconut oil, peanuts, cashews, pecans, and real bacon or jalape?os. Because of the hands-on production, the team can evenly coat each piece in sweet??but not too sweet??caramel and package each morsel with care.
506 E Western Ave Ste 101