Charity & Grassroots in Broomfield

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  • Forward Steps Foundation
    Forward Steps support teens transitioning out of foster care with housing, support services, and life-skills classes in financial literacy, resumé building, and nutrition. The organization also focuses on community, providing its young clients with a place to live in a communal environment and connecting them with successful program alumni who share experiences similar to their own. While Forward Steps' clients are working toward self-sufficiency, it supplements their limited incomes with a monthly stipend and assistance in applying for financial aid and scholarships.
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    370 Interlocken Blvd
    Broomfield, CO US
  • Levelstar
    CrossFit Julia’s husband-and-wife team takes a personal approach to fitness. Rather than set their clients loose in a jungle of workout machinery, they structure their daily CrossFit workouts around functional strength and cardio exercises in a supportive group setting. The classes themselves constantly vary; one day’s deadlifts and pushups are another day’s sprints and burpees. Success is determined not by any uniform standard, but by each student’s ability to meet or exceed his or her own fitness expectations. Just as CrossFit differs from normal workouts, CrossFit Julia’s facility differs from a normal gym. Ropes hang from the ceiling, and the rows of cardio machines found in typical gyms have been replaced with heavy tires lifted from cars illegally parked outside.
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    685 S Arthur Ave
    Louisville, CO US
  • Meals On Wheels
    By 7 a.m. each day, the kitchen staff at Coal Creek Meals on Wheels is already hard at work preparing the day's meals. Along with the typical daily meal based on protein, vegetables, and starch, plus bread, fruit, and a freshly baked dessert, the crew also makes several dozen specialized meals each day to accommodate special dietary needs and restrictions. Volunteers chip in around 9 a.m. to bag and package the food, and when the volunteer drivers arrive at 11 a.m., the food is ready for delivery. But the volunteer drivers do more than just deliver hot meals to the organization's homebound elderly, disabled, or ill clients?they also serve as friendly visitors, providing wellness check-ins in addition to hot, nutritious meals. Coal Creek Meals on Wheels has seen a 16% increase in clients since 2010, and its volunteers delivered more than 16,000 meals in 2012.
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    1255 Centaur Village Dr
    Lafayette, CO US
  • Dairy Center for The Arts
    The Boedecker Theater is a new 60 seat state of the art cinema located at the Dairy Center for the Arts at 2590 Walnut in Boulder. Programming includes independent films, documentaries, live broadcasts of opera and ballet, and more. Talk backs facilitated by knowledgeable hosts are offered for many of the films.
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    2590 Walnut St
    Boulder, CO US
  • Make A Hero
    Though Kurt Miller spent two decades running his father’s namesake company, Warren Miller Entertainment, he was eventually drawn to another mission. Over the years, his father’s films had featured a variety of segments about athletes and volunteers involved in adaptive sports for players with disabilities. Inspired by their tales, Kurt founded Make A Hero to share these stories and help athletes with disabilities achieve their goals. Make A Hero funds adaptive sports groups and raises awareness for programs involving athletes with disabilities. Through the efforts of Make A Hero, Kurt produced The Movement, a documentary about skier Rick Finkelstein, who relearned the sport after becoming paralyzed in an accident. The film has been featured in more than 15 festivals and qualified for an Oscar nomination.
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    4840 Pearl East Circle
    Boulder, CO US
  • Trek To Learn
    Trek to Learn hosts a trip to Costa Rica—which contains nearly 4% of the world’s species—during which students engage with locals, participate in a service-learning project replanting rainforests, and learn about indigenous wildlife in the area. Before students can make the trek to Costa Rica, they engage in a year of intense preparation that includes monthly meetings, research and presentations, and cultural studies with a local guide. After returning home, students share their learning experiences through public presentations that aim to build the youths’ leadership skills as well as increase global awareness. Trek to Learn needs help funding the costs of accommodation and transportation to and from a service-learning site in Costa Rica for two students.
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    1220 Berea Drive
    Boulder, CO US