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Ron Haynes and his daughter, Jessie, have built a business from smiling faces. They don't snap yearbook photos or transform dentist gloves into balloon animals. Instead, they helm teeth-whitening shops that brighten smiles in 20 minutes, and since 2005, they have brightened over 50,000 smiles in 6 locations across 5 states.

Armed with Beaming White, an FDA-approved teeth-whitening system that pairs a peroxide-based gel with a UV-free LED light, their team of technicians helps clients brighten their choppers with an applicator pen. Cheek retractors expose the teeth so the gel and light reach every inch of enamel. Once the light unites with the gel, coffee, tea, and grass stains begin to vanish. Teeth continue to lighten after the treatment, achieving a color that's 3-5 shades whiter over the course of 24 hours. With proper care, results can last up to 12 months, or roughly the time it takes to adapt the phonebook into a comedic opera.

3333 Buford Dr.

Dr. Ann Ullah sees her role as a dentist as a servant of the community. Instead of staying in her office all day, she frequently sojourns into her city to volunteer in local charity events or to teach youngsters about oral hygiene at local schools. She applies that same emphasis on compassion and education at her practice, Cumming's Family Dentist, building personal relationships with patients and exceeding the required amount of continuing education courses. She treats patients with preventative care—such as checkups and fluoride treatments—disease screenings, root canals, and cosmetic procedures—including teeth-whitening treatments and vampire-teeth removal.

765 Lanier 400 Parkway

Drs. Fred Leydecker and Matthew Katz are both experts in general dental treatments, but since they work together at Infinite Smiles, they get to combine their specialties too. Having trained with oral surgeons, Dr. Matthew Katz excels at extractions. He can even remove impacted wisdom teeth or molars the patient signed a 5-year lease with. Dr. Fred Leydecker is the master of the office's other concerns: cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, as well as dental implants that look just like natural teeth. Both doctors stay current on dental developments by attending regular continuing education courses.

4520 Nelson Brogdon Boulevard Northeast
Sugar Hill,