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A cheerful blue awning greets guests as they make their way to the sprawling Dry Clean Super Center, their arms laden with baskets and bags of laundry waiting to be unsullied. Once inside, specialists will take their suits, casual apparel, and comforters, then professionally rid them of stubborn stains and dirt ghosts through professional laundry and dry-cleaning techniques.

429 East State Highway 152

Shine On Cleaning Services was born when a group of single mothers decided to band together under their shared love of residential tidiness and turn it into a thriving business. Owner Jenna Sewell brings more than 10 years of experience in the cleaning business to helm the hardworking crew, who scrub and sanitize every nook and cranny of their clients' homes, dusting furniture, vacuuming floors, and brushing the teeth of each bathroom comb. Aside from basic cleanings, the Shine On squad can also be prevailed upon to clean carpets, tile, and grout, and can even clear dirty cars upon request.

1100 48th Ave NE

A local, family-owned staple for more than 45 years, Scott Cleaners employs friendly garment guardians that continuously commit themselves to professional, affordable services and tidy textiles. The cleaners are capable of de-peanutbuttering nearly any garment, whether it be a shirt ($4.75), blouse ($4.75), pair of slacks ($4), or fatigue pants ($4.30) and fatigue shirt ($2.79) needed for a paintball-themed wedding. In addition to clothing, the sanitary soldiers can defend the royalty of linens by supplying a thorough, kingdom-worthy primping to comforters and bedspreads of the queen-size ($23.57), king-size ($26.36), and duke of double-bed ($21.42) varieties. The knowledgeable staff at any location can provide same-day service.

1005 N Main St. # 1

Shine Bright Window Cleaning's duo wields nonhazardous cleaning products to safeguard families as they spruce homes' interiors and exteriors. Windows reclaim their sheen as the pair scrubs panes to a shiny finish, allowing glass to admit enough natural light to filter airborne allergens or power houseplants as they photosynthesize plutonium. In preparation for winter precipitation, Shine Bright's team can also clear clogging debris built up in gutters and downspouts. Each service takes anywhere from 45 minutes to four hours, depending on each home's degree of dinginess and its ability to sit still for an extended period of time.

901 North Norman Avenue

Signature service: Carpet cleaning

Established: 2014

Reservations/Appointments: Required

Staff Size: 2?10 people

Average Duration of Services: 1?2 hours

Pro Tip: Most thorough carpet-cleaning service in OKC.


Since 1912, Swiss Cleaners has provided friendly, detailed service to sullied-sweater-clad Oklahomans yearning to breathe free of fabric-borne dust- and yuck-mites. Drop off your dirty duds at the time-honored storefront of your choice and let Swiss Cleaners' professionals clean up your traveling closet. While prices vary based on garment material and specific care requirements, customers can usually expect to have shirts laundered for around $1.95 and pants for around $5.10, with lather-free dry cleaning costing around $5.10 for shirts and pants and $10.55 for dresses, suits, and sleepy-eyed marsupials.

5940 NW 122nd St
Oklahoma City,