Charity & Grassroots in Clearlake

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  • Mike Stone Real Estate
    30% Commission rebate up to $5,000!!! 25 Years of Real Estate Expertise. Call 707-837-5559 for details.
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    6165 Lockwood Drive
    Windsor, CA US
  • NAPA Chamber of Commerce
    Drawing from a select cadre of Napa and Sonoma wineries tucked away from the well-trodden trails, Wine Treasure Trails challenges fermentation detectives to explore attractive landscapes and uncover little-known wine spots through a series of clever clues. Embark on a one-day quest to track down mysterious tasting sites dotted throughout the rolling hills of vineyard country. After unlocking the mystery of each locale, sleuths sip delectable vino from each vineyard's limited-run stock, allowing for leisurely discussion about vintage quality, for friendly banter with expert winemakers, and for time to uncover the mystery of whether or not Ulysses S. Grant's beard was made of live bees. Wine Treasure Trails recommends bringing a designated driver and will happily point winery perusers in the direction of a driving service.
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    1556 1st St
    Napa, CA US
  • City of Woodland Parks & Recreation
    With more than 160 acres across 18 parks, the City of Woodland Community Services Department aims to better the lives of area residents through a variety of activities, facilities, and special events. Athletic adults can join up with organized sports leagues in softball, baseball, or volleyball, while kids can enjoy basketball, boxing, and even jiujitsu and fencing. A huge variety of programs for seniors are also offered, such as art classes, health and wellness sessions, and high-stakes bingo.
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    2001 East Street
    Woodland, CA US
  • Active 20-30
    The growl of lions and tigers will be replaced by the growls of guitars as the Sactopalooza Spring Party lights up the Sacramento Zoo with music from tribute bands and DJ Rigatony. No Duh blasts a high-energy pop set based on the music of No Doubt with a number of visuals, costumes, and props from the band’s music videos. Nominated for Best Tribute Band at the 2010 San Diego Music Awards, the Red Not Chili Peppers fill the air with classic funk-rock melodies and the four-chord password that grants entry to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. In addition to the concerts, attendees can partake in hands-on activities such as mechanical bull riding and gladiator jousting with foam poles. The Sactopalooza Spring Party is the largest annual fundraising event for the Active 20-30 Club of Sacramento. This group of 20- to 30-year-old volunteers works year-round to improve the lives of local children with special needs. In addition to raising funds for children, the group organizes hands-on events to interact with children at an annual picnic, winter clothing drives, and a holiday party at the UC Davis cancer center. Proceeds from the party helps support these events and the organization’s work with children throughout the region.
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    3901 Land Park Drive
    Sacramento, CA US
  • Capses
    Yellow and blue signage near the parking lots of shopping malls, offices, and entertainment centers indicates the presence of ProntoWash Eco AutoSpa, a car wash and detailing powerhouse that boasts more than 350 operations worldwide. Its business model revolves around accessibility—ProntoWash sets up shop where cars already are, saving drivers time and preserving all the gas and corn dogs that engines would have otherwise consumed during a trip to a traditional car wash. Helming special yellow Washing Karts, the company's technicians use biodegradable detergent and about a pint of low-pressure water to render each car clean. They also care for cars by vacuuming carpets, restoring headlights, stuffing multivitamins inside ailing glove compartments, and making arrangements to hit the road with their mobile car-wash service.
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    1722 J St
    Sacramento, CA US
  • Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services
    Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services has been dedicated to bettering the lives of underserved individuals and families since 1976. With the help of 45 staff members and more than 5,800 volunteers, the agency distributes emergency food, clothing, and other services to more than 45,000 locals each month. In addition to the fresh produce and grocery items donated from local stores, organic farmers, and individuals, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services also provides individuals and families from low-income backgrounds with gently used clothing?from coats to interview attire?donated by the community. The organization also helps youths, adults, and seniors empower themselves through no-cost educational programs, including GED preparation, computer-basics classes, and resume-building courses.
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    3333 3rd Ave
    Sacramento, CA US