Kids Activities in Collierville

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At Funquest, families, couples, leagues, and revelers enjoying a night on the town entertain themselves with hours of bowling on 32 lanes. After hurling bowling balls at rows of awaiting pins, guests regale each other with their bowling exploits over beers at the 11th Frame Bar and Grill, or over burgers and pizza at the snack bar.

440 US Highway 72 W

Autumn Chase Farm's beautiful, brand-new galloping grounds and stable reside just a short 30-to-40-minute drive from Memphis, Collierville, and Germantown. Nestled in this serene setting, a group of friendly trainers teach lifetime equestrian skills to aspiring mounties of mostly all ages in a safe, welcoming atmosphere. In their half-hour lesson on English riding ($45 for group, $55 for private), they'll teach budding pony passengers the basics of creature-bound commuting and communication. After establishing a rapport with one of their reliable, crime-solving horses, you'll learn how to develop posture and balance, as well as the key signals and aids to control the steed and quell excessive neigh-saying. Each instructor exudes patience and care for each student, helping to build knowledgeable, confident, and exceedingly handsome riders. Call ahead to make a reservation.

217 N Lenderman Rd

A thick wall of trees surrounds the outdoor riding area of Shady Creek Farm, the green foliage dark against the vibrant blue of the sky. Students of all ages bounce into view as they captain their gentle steeds around the ring, guided by instructors who look on and call out encouragement. Indoor riding facilities shelter riders during colder months.

11081 Shady Ln