Hair & Styling in Stratmoor Hills

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Once you have your Groupon, you can get an appointment with one of Viva's staff of master hair shamans, who know how to snip and charm the most distraught bristles, frizzies, and Medusa head-snakes. Each professional stylist routinely soaks in the trends and styles to ensure the utmost tender care to needy noodle nests, and he or she will happily work with your particular whims or offer whims of their own free of charge. After a thorough shampoo, your stylist will keenly sense your innermost hair-yearnings, then direct careful scissors in tune with your thoughts and dreams, letting creative forces flow wildly onto your scalp for a haircut that revolutionizes the way you look in the mirror—inside and out ($40 value). Soon after, the scalp will receive a deep conditioning treatment using high-end Eufora products to hydrate and preserve new 'do ($20 value). Afterward, in the streets, you might find that your magnificent mane busts the binds of its bowler hat and leaps into sunshine, dappling dark alleyways.

3645 Star Ranch Rd
Colorado Springs,