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Brian Weese, seasoned personal trainer behind Paramount Performance, sports a list of training and health certifications that is as impressive as the lists of professional athletes he has guided. His clients range from Olympic medalists to NHL and NFL players, many of whom he has worked with for 10+ years. At Paramount, Weese also engages trainees of various fitness levels in accessible techniques that help them attain their fitness goals faster. Everyone from aspiring collegiate athletes to routine-happy gym rats can train under these time-tested methods to develop the training foundation, skills, and endurance to have successful athletic careers in a variety of sports.

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Teamwork, discipline, integrity?playing sports imparts benefits that go beyond the physical. It's these traits that EXLR8 Sports seeks to instill in its young members through various programs and leagues. In its co-ed flag football league, players in 1st through 12th grades line up on gameday to execute plays and schemes designed during practices or while napping on a copy of Don Shula's biography. Kids can also hone their skills during one-on-one training or football camps that emphasize camaraderie and fun during various passing, throwing, and defensive drills.

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Do you run your gym according to a particular exercise philosophy?

All youth training is guided by the tenants of the IYCA, or the International Youth Conditioning Association. It's considered to be the pinnacle of youth training in the industry.

What sort of expertise do you have?

I have over 15 years of training experience, a bachelor of science in fitness management, and was awarded the 2010 World Fitness Elite Trainer of the Year. I was also featured in "USA Today" and co-authored the international best-selling book "Total Body Breakthrough."

Do your instructors have any noteworthy qualifications or certificates?

Our Athletic Revolution program head coach Erin Walker is a certified youth-conditioning specialist who earned the 2011 Outstanding Coach award from Athletic Revolution.

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As a kid, making new friends was as easy as joining the local Little League team, or going out on the playground during recess. But with their full-time jobs, committed relationships, and crippling fear of the monkey bars, adults don’t have it that easy. That’s where Texas Sports & Social Club steps in, organizing recreational co-ed sports leagues for people aged 21 and older.

Season after season, Texas SSC gives grown-ups the chance to stay active both physically and socially. It fashions leagues for flag football, softball, and kickball, and partners with community parks to host games. Participants can get in on the action by joining existing teams as free agents, or even by recruiting their friends and dearest sock puppets to forge their own squad.

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