Teeth Cleaning in Dunedin

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After an initial consultation and screening for potential complications from severe tooth decay, Dr. Carver Little and Dr. James R. Pitts dress teeth with a specially formulated whitening gel and expose them to a focused beam of light. While under the light, the gel’s hydrogen peroxide breaks down to penetrate enamel and dentin, eradicate colored substances, and bolster dental strength as effectively as toothpaste made from liquefied oranges. Every 15 minutes, technicians wipe dental canvasses clean and lacquer on a fresh coat of solution. Once the four applications are completed, patients can beam a grin up to eight shades more luminous than before. Some teeth-whitenees may experience short-term sensitivity from the procedure, so customers may want to temporarily refrain from eating extremely hot or cold things or biting of the spikes out of railroad tracks.
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