Hair Removal in East Los Angeles

Up to 82% Off Laser Hair Removal

Mid-City West

$390 $79

Licensed practitioners work to permanently disable follicles with intense pulsed light from StarLux laser

Up to 93% Off Laser Hair Removal at Aviva Spa

West Los Angeles

$900 $99

Techs use a laser to zap follicles, eliminating unwanted hair from the body and leaving skin smooth to the touch

Up to 59% Off Brazilian Waxing at CharLi Beauty Bar


$45 $22

A waxing expert uses gentle warm wax to remove unwanted hair from nether regions

50% Off Eyebrow Grooming

Mid-City West

$30 $15

Customized pumpkin peel includes skin analysis, cleansing, extractions, exfoliation, mask, and moisturizer

The Thread Bar – Up to 67% Off Facial Threading


$9 $3


Threading specialists advise clients on their optimal brow shape and how to remove unwanted hair; sessions include tips on filling brows

Up to 54% Off Brazilian Wax with Massage

Rancho Park

$72.50 $39

During Brazilian, technicians use blue wax from Paris to remove hair from the bathing-suit region and follow up with a soothing massage

Up to 56% Off Brazilian Waxes

Los Angeles

$45 $21

Licensed and certified aesthetician removes hair from clients' nether regions with Brazilian waxes

Up to 78% Off Laser Hair Removal

Bel Air

$350 $99

Technicians using a new laser machine aim to gently eradicate unwanted hair from more than 25 areas across the body

Up to 35% Off Eyebrow Threading or Brazilian Wax

Sherman Oaks

$25 $18

Threading shapes brows; Brazilian wax removes hair from nether regions

40% Off Brazilian Wax

Studio City

$65 $39

Aestheticians use wax to remove hair from the full bikini region

Up to 51% Off Organic Brazilian Waxing at Honey Waxing & Skincare

Multiple Locations

$65 $33


Organic and hypoallergenic honey wax

Up to 59% Off Brazilian Waxes

Sherman Oaks

$60 $25

Nunei Harrington gently waxes bikini areas with handmade beeswax

Up to 84% Off Laser Hair Removal

West Los Angeles

$1,500 $245


Registered nurses use a Cynosure machine with three wavelengths to stifle hair growth at the follicle, nixing the need for waxing or shaving

Up to 92% Off Laser Hair-Removal

Multiple Locations

$400 $99.99

Laser light zaps follicle, shutting down their hair-growing to leave skin silky smooth over the course of several treatments

Up to 91% Off Laser Hair Removal

Los Angeles

$210 $65

Techs target laser beams at the hair follicle to permanently reduce hair growth

50% Off Brazilian Wax at Lay Bare Waxing Salon

Multiple Locations

$30 $15


All-natural, cold waxes are made from honey, sugar, and lemon, giving them exfoliating and moisturizing properties

Up to 55% Off Brazilian Waxes at Brow Studio

Los Angeles

$55 $25

Staff clears away unwanted hair from nether areas with efficient Brazilian waxes

Up to 55% Off Bikini Waxes at Aida Grey Brentwood


$85 $39

Full bikini waxes are expertly delivered by May, the salon’s heralded aesthetician

50% Off Threading

Multiple Locations

$44 $22

A stylist uses an ancient method of hair removal, where a cotton strand is wrapped around hair before gently ousting it from the skin

Up to 60% Off Brazilian Waxing

Studio City

$45 $20

Technicians remove hair from nether parts and render the skin smooth and groomed

Up to 79% Off Laser Hair Removal

West Los Angeles

$210 $65


Lumenis LightSheer Diode laser permanently banishes undesired fuzz in 3–6 treatments

Up to 84% Off Laser Hair Removal

Los Angeles

$600 $99

Intense pulsed light from StarLux system targets pigments inside hair follicles to reduce the follicle’s growth

Up to 52% Off Brazilian Waxes at Agua De Vida Spa

Agua De Vida

$70 $35


Estheticians use SatinSmooth hard wax to remove all hair from nether regions

Up to 51% Off Brazilian Waxes


$50 $25

Clients relax in a cozy spa room while an aesthetician quickly eliminates unwanted bikini hair

Up to 54% Off Brazilian Waxes


$65 $32


Aestheticians eliminate unwanted hair with sanitary waxing techniques that involve no double-dipping

Up to 86% Off Laser Hair Removal

Downtown El Monte

$250 $99

LightSheer Duet laser removes unwanted hair

Up to 56% Off Electrolysis


$100 $49

Licensed and insured electrologist shuts hair growth down at the follicle level

Up to 87% Off Laser Hair Removal


$360 $99


Candela GentleLase laser with built-in cooling system keeps guests comfortable as the laser attacks follicles at the root

Up to 63% Off Laser Hair Removal

LA Beauty Skin Center

$311 $115

Laser technology reduces hair growth on all skin types

Up to 76% Off Laser Hair Removal at La Bella Laser & Slimming


$240 $79


Laser hair removal in a spa led by doctor with 30+ years of cosmetic laser and injectable experience

50% Off Threading at Eyebrows by Nisha


$20 $10

Using a method hundreds of years old, skilled aestheticians perform brow threadings that shape eyebrows and remove unwanted hair

Up to 47% Off Brazilian and Underarm Waxes at West End Salon

West Hollywood

$35 $19

Wax technician gives bikini zones and underarms a full clearing

Up to 52% Off Brazilian Waxes

West Hollywood

$75 $37

An aesthetician uses hard wax to remove hair from the nether regions as painlessly as possible

Up to 47% Off Brazilian Waxes in Santa Monica

Multiple Locations

$65 $35.99


Aesthetician uses wax made from pure honey to eradicate hair from below the belt without irritating skin

Up to 53% Off Bikini and Underarm Waxing


$50 $25

Licensed staff focus on both sanitation and creating a relaxing environment

Up to 60% Off Waxing Services

Sierra Madre

$55 $25

Waxing technicians frees bodies from unwanted fuzz along the brows, lips, and bikini area

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More than 25 years ago, Kundan Sabarwal opened the doors of a modest 400-square-foot skincare spa in New Delhi, working diligently to gently and efficiently eradicate her clients' unwanted body hair through a blend of ancient techniques and modern indulgences. With a bit of hard-earned success, Ziba Beauty hopped the pond, eventually expanding to 17 locations in two U.S. states. Each studio embraces American style while retaining its overseas roots, amplifying faces and bodies with traditional Indian cosmetic adornment and hair removal. By rolling small loops of cotton thread over brows and other facial areas, threading specialists can remove pesky fuzz without harming the skin or skipping over fine hairs. For more sizeable zones, Sumita Wax, which was developed in India exclusively for Ziba Beauty, quickly sends errant hairs packing on the face and body. Artistic hands ink bodies with the ornate semipermanent designs of traditional mehndi, or cloak clients in sparkle with intricate art in a choice of 32 glitter mehndi colors and shimmering crystals, readying skin for special events better than a full-body tuxedo tattoo.

2134 Montebello Town Ctr

The team of medical providers at Rejuvenating Skin Care tends to weary bodies through a hybrid of medical and spa services, instilling beautification amid burnt-orange and tan walls set aglow by warm candlelight. For laser hair removal, trained nurse practitioners brandish their high-tech follicle zappers, which inhibit hair growth while soothing skin with cooling spray between each pulse. Juvéderm dermal fillers and microdermabrasion treatments vanquish signs of aging, and Latisse works with magic beans to help sprout longer, fuller lashes.

709 W Beverly Blvd, Ste 202

Platinum Image Services llc. Is a beauty and fashion spa & concierge company based in Los Angeles California. We specialize in providing high end, customized beauty services from Tanning to Eyelash Extensions, Makeup, Minx Nails, and Wardrobe Styling.

7361 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles,

Finding Los Angeles’ Broadway Skin Studio may be the most difficult part of the company’s treatments; the space is located directly across from Venice High School, in what looks more like a postmodern single-family home than an office that provides complicated skin procedures to willing locals. Past the front yard water fountain and the living room-like foyer, you’ll find a slew of skincare specialists, each ready to wipe away years of facial skin damage. The studio offers a wide range of services, from the standard BOTOX administration to laser-based treatments like IPL Photo Facials and Matrix wrinkle reduction. Removing hair, abolishing wrinkles or shredding any signs of sun damage is Broadway Skin Studio’s specialty, and their often dramatic results speak for themselves. Or you can ask one of the repeat customers who swear by the studio and its ability to make them look and feel years younger.

13105 Venice Boulevard
Los Angeles,

Offering treatments that span 5,000 years of health care, the multitalented team at Dr. Midas Medical Group can alleviate ailments with everything from acupuncture, which originated in China five millennia ago, to modern laser technology. Their range of services also treats a wide variety of issues. The board-certified physicians and nurses can just as readily smooth wrinkles with Botox and other dermal fillers, as wield physique-contouring cold lasers, which liquefy fat in hard-to-tone areas. Meanwhile, acupuncturists insert their hair-thin needles into bodies at key points, addressing maladies such as infertility, unwanted weight, and blocked energy pathways. To complement the clinic’s noninvasive services, the staff also performs plastic-surgery treatments, which range from liposuction to face-lifts to setting broken Barbie arms.

5001 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles,

The Los Feliz MedSpa is a dual operation of sorts, offering up a variety of cosmetic and relaxation services. “Spa” is the operative word for this neighborhood mainstay, which delivers all you’d expect from a high-end Los Angeles spa. Its menu includes an innovative mix of facials, chemical peels and medical microdermabrasion. But the MedSpa is perhaps best known for its in-house cosmetic procedures, particularly its injectables. Botox and other fillers are delivered with a light hand here, leaving patrons with a not-so-overdone look. The same can be said for its popular laser procedures, which include wrinkle-eliminating Thermage and other skin-tightening services. Laser hair removal is another go-to treatment, and all services are offered by qualified professionals inside the sunny, colorful Hillhurst Avenue space.

2107 Hillhurst Ave
Los Angeles,