Fish Pedicure in Erlanger

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Warm yellow lights linger over the salon floor like pads of butter, casting their glow on mint-green and dark-red walls. Amid these snazzy accents, skilled stylists craft equally snazzy styles and bold highlights with Raw Hair by LG. Thirteen-year veteran Lakeisha Gibson leads the team, which includes stylists as well as a cosmetologist and a master nail technician. They can render all-over color applications or refresh tresses via the soothing hydration of a deep-conditioning treatment. They also perform salon relaxers and massage therapy.

The salon floor itself is a sandy marble pattern, and elegant green plants pop against the earth tones of the rest of the salon. There are even homey flourishes such as a rustic trunk, which is either a treasure chest or brimming with pairs of scissors.

5684 Springboro Pike

Strandz & Threadz caters to aesthetes with a cache of beauty supplies, trendy clothing, eclectic jewelry, and covetable gifts. Professional-grade shampoos ($9.95+), conditioners ($12.95+), and styling products ($9.95+) from brands such as Sebastian and Redken keep majestic manes from wandering off between salon visits, and necklace sets ($3+) and rings ($3+) glamorize the body parts on which luscious locks refuse to grow. Shy shoulders can feel at ease when hiding behind a praiseworthy purse ($19+), and timid torsos can take cover under trendy tops ($14.95). Coddle an olfactory apparatus with a selection of votive candles ($1.90), or bedeck a room with eye-pleasing bamboo plants ($7.95+).

322 Vincennes St
New Albany,

Blondies Salon's experienced cosmetologists revamp visages by mowing down rogue hairs with their waxing services. Guests can sit back and let professional hands shape and slim unsightly eyebrows (a $7 value) and evict wandering whiskers from the chin and lip (a $10 value). Patrons can also have a follicle artist lop off dead ends and uneven layers, styling locks to and around their hair-heart's content. Afterwards, mono-toned manes receive a splash of highlights that brighten up the hair like a prison searchlight locked on an escaping tin-man.

202 E Broadway St