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Up to 97% Off EBCT Heart and Lung Scans

Virtual Imaging, Inc.

Perimeter Center

$699 $23

Advanced CT scanner obtains diagnostic images that can show internal warning signs and help patients thwart major disease and illness

Up to 50% Off Laser Nail-Fungus Removal

Look Young Atlanta


$250 $125


Noninvasive laser clears up the infection that leads to fungal growth on the nails, paving the way for healthy nails to grow back over time

Up to 70% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Treatment

Atlanta Laser Nail Specialist


$300 $99

Physicians use an Aerolase laser to painlessly penetrate the toenail and kill fungus; results can be seen within three months

Up to 67% Off Cold-Laser Therapy and Thermal Massages

Faithful Hands Chiropractic with Z'Chiro Meds Spa


$285 $99

Electric stimulation and cold-laser technology helps treat neck injuries, carpal tunnel, and muscle and joint pain

80% Off Hormone and Metabolic Assessment

Mind Body Spirit Wellness


$350 $69

Assessment identifies hormonal imbalances and gauges patients' metabolisms

81% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Treatment

Primera Podiatry, Laser & Foot Spa


$799 $149

Laser energy works to kill nail infections; this treatment helps stop reinfection by zapping all 10 toes to prevent cross-contamination

45% Off Consultant - Counselor / Therapist

A Place For Me Counseling

Little Five Points

$150 $83

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Southern Crescent is a multidiscipline health care office. Staffed with a Medical Doctor, Chiropractors, and Therapists. We specialize in the treatment of Disc Heniations with decompression traction. We are also an accident injury center able to handle all your injuries from motor vehicle accidents.

696 Mount Zion Rd

Therapists at Feet Press Spa draw on thousands of years of ancient Chinese healing methods to perform the spa's [massage services( They specialize in a style of Chinese massage that incorporates accupressure and foot reflexology, a modality that boosts the body's natural healing abilities through the stimulation of pressure points on the feet.

2345 Cheshire Bridge Rd

Since treating his first bioidentical hormone patient 12 years ago, Dr. Gregory Zengo has been helping hormones fall back into balance using bioidentical-hormone therapy. When stress invades a person's emotions, the body may alter a number of hormones, including adrenal, thyroid, and sexual hormones, causing an imbalance that can lead to depression, insomnia, and other unwanted states. Through precise salivary testing and therapy, Dr. Zengo restores balance to these hormones and stimulates natural energy and mental wellness.

His hands-on dedication to health and beauty has also been the guiding force for his physicians’ training program, through which he has been sharing his aesthetic skills since 2006. Dr. Zengo has trained more than 600 physicians since the program's inception, giving others the benefit of his skills at spider-vein injections, natural hormone balancing, and remembering the GPS coordinates of the fountain of youth.

303 Perimeter Center North

As a girl in Fresno, California, Alicia Simpson grew up enjoying fresh produce from the surrounding farms, learning early in life the delicious rewards of healthy eating. Those experiences eventually led her to pursue a master's degree in nutrition, focusing her energy on lactation and infant eating habits. Pea Pod Nutrition and Lactation Support is the fruit of her efforts, with a staff that is dedicated to helping new and expectant mothers master the intricacies of breastfeeding to give their babies a nutritional head start toward a healthy life. Classes and consultations help women learn what to eat to make their milk as nutritious as possible, and how to avoid common breastfeeding pitfalls. Once kids have gotten older, seminars on eating habits help parents avert the scourge of the picky eater by raising children happy to consume broccoli, and then humbly bragging to their friends' parents that they like consuming broccoli.

1164 North Highland Avenue Northeast

Reiki is a system for healing and self-improvement that was developed in the early 1900s in Japan. Reiki healing sessions restore positive well-being by promoting relaxation, stress relief, pain relief and balance for body, mind and spirit.

Dragonfly Reiki also faciliates life transformation coaching sessions.

1522 Dekalb Ave NE

Water. It's perhaps the world's most powerful liquid. Without it, there would be no life. Drink too little of it, and a person starts to understand why a dry sponge looks so sad. Luckily, Hydro-Clinic's special IV fluid treatments address all manner of dehydration concerns, ranging from jet lag to fatigue to hangovers. Patients simply enter a spa-like environment and meet with a medically-certified professional, who administers a 30-minute Hydro-Life treatment. 1,000 mL quickly enter the blood stream, restoring hydration and key nutrients as clients watch TV or don complementary cold eye masks. And the treatments are customizable. Other IV options address upset stomachs, general wellness, and other concerns.

The whole shebang comes from the mind of Dr. Robert Kaufmann, who has practiced internal medicine for more than 24 years. The doctor has turned some well-hydrated heads. Hydro-Clinic has garnered ample press coverage, including a feature in Thrillist, which named their IV fluid treatments one of Atlanta's "8 Best Hangover Cures."

3872 Roswell Road, Suite A-3