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The fourth-generation Simonian Farms has been harvesting the fertile San Joaquin Valley since 1901, providing a year-round cornucopia of more than 150 varieties of ripe produce and premium dried fruit and nuts. Because most produce has the lifespan of a typical NBC sitcom, Simonian's top selections change frequently with the seasons, with the current lineup boasting cherries ($4.99–$5.99), strawberries ($4.99–$19.99), tomatoes ($0.99–$5.99), peaches ($1.25–$5.99), apricots ($1.25–$6.99), Italian peppers, and more. For a healthy, energizing snack during long PowerPoint presentations on how to make more-compelling PowerPoint presentations, scoop up nostalgia-quenching savories such as chocolate malt balls (14 oz. for $4.99), hickory-smoked almonds ($6.50), and dried pears (14 oz. for $4.99), then chase it with a satchel of salt-water taffy (16 oz. for $5.99).

2629 S Clovis Ave