Salons in Garden City

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Sunlight filters in through Graffiti Hair Studio’s ceiling-high windows, reflecting off polished black shampoo basins that stand out in a space otherwise dominated by light and earthy tones. As stylists escort clients toward the studio’s row of plush salon chairs, their heels click against the hardwood floors, lending a rhythmic counterbalance to the lively chatter that so often fills the room. Once they set to work, the stylists spark up new conversations as they spread smoothing elixirs such as Alterna’s bamboo shampoo across scalps or prep strands for cuts and coloring treatments with Paul Mitchell’s keratin-infused serums. Just a few yards away but entirely removed from the bustle on the salon floor, the spa’s aestheticians hide evidence of aging or membership in underground mud-wrestling leagues with PCA skincare products and exfoliating microdermabrasion treatments.

405 N Milwaukee St