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Peachwave Yogurt’s frozen yogurt brims with live, active cultures, creating a calcium- and protein-rich dessert that laid the groundwork for more than 70 locations nationwide. Fourteen self-serve dispensers fill cups or open mouths with a rotating selection of 100% kosher flavors, such as low-fat red velvet, sugar-free white chocolate, nonfat pomegranate, or nondairy Dole pineapple. Container after container of jewel-toned fresh fruits, nuts, and other edible adornments line the topping bar, which boasts more than 50 yogurt accompaniments in total, including seasonal flavors like eggnog, pumpkin pie, mint chocolate, and gingerbread.

336 E Army Trail Rd
Glendale Heights,

Cuisine Type: Soft-serve ice cream, Orange Julius
Established: 2009
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Number of Tables: 1–5
Parking: Parking lot
Most popular offering: Blizzard treat
Kid-friendly: Yes
Alcohol: None
Outdoor Seating: Yes
Pro Tip: We list about 20 Blizzard flavors on the menu, but we can make over 70. Ask for the full list!

Q&A with Jon, Owner

What is one fun, unusual fact about your business?
We can create customized ice cream cakes for any occasion. Our cake decorator, Terry, is very talented and can translate your vision into a beautiful cake design.

Are there any dishes on the menu you consider to be a hidden gem—not necessarily the most popular, but surprisingly delicious?
The S'More Galore is a Royal Treat that's been around for a while, but no longer appears on the regular menu. It's made in a parfait cup and topped with our dark, rich Cocoa Fudge, marshmallow topping and crushed graham cracker.It's one of the owner's personal favorites.

In your own words, how would you describe your menu?
Dairy Queen of Glen Ellyn is a classic ice cream shop with the full menu of Blizzards, cones and cups with the curl on top, sundaes, shakes/malts and Royal Treats like the Banana Split and Brownie Earthquake. We also carry the Orange Julius line of Premium Fruit Smoothies and Original Julius Fruit Drinks, and a compliment of hot Iron Grilled sandwiches and hot dogs.

850 N Main St
Glen Ellyn,

SkinnySweet Frozen Yogurt's owners set out to create an inviting place where people could get their sweet-tooth fix with healthy desserts. Unlike many frozen desserts, SkinnySweet's real liquid frozen yogurt contains calcium, potassium, probiotics, and live and active cultures, which promote digestive health and lower cholesterol. With the exception of one flavor, CookiesNCream, SkinnySweet's yogurt contains no high-fructose corn syrup. Complementing its healthy ingredients, the yogurt comes in 14 rotating flavors offered daily in nonfat, low-fat, tart, greek, no-sugar-added, and nondairy-sorbet varieties. Once customers have created their own frozen-yogurt base, they can finish off their creations with more than 60 toppings such as fresh strawberries, granola, brownie chunks, and caramel sauce.

545A Roosevelt Rd.
Glen Ellyn,

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