Junk Removal in Glenview

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Established: 2007

Staff Size: 11?25

Reservations/Appointments: Required

Pro Tip: We remove your junk from wherever it is located in your home or business! You don't lift a finger!

Q&A with Joe Weidman, Owner/president

What makes your business stand out?

We are a local, professional, full service junk removal company. We are as professional, organized, and efficient as the national brands, with the lower prices you would expect from a local business.

What inspired you or the owner (if that?s not you) to start or run this business?

I found that we can bring professionalism to the junk removal industry without having to charge the inflated prices of the bigger franchises. When I started this business in 2007 there seemed to be a large gap between the uninsured, unlicensed "movers" typically found in online classified ads and the high priced national brands.

What is the best reaction you?ve ever gotten from a customer?

The most rewarding reactions I receive are when we work with families in hoarding situations. It is obviously a very overwhelming and emotional time for them. When I see the relief on their faces as I explain to them how quickly, carefully, and discreetly we are able to perform the clean-out, I always feel great satisfaction. A close second is when, in just a few days time, we have finished the job and have helped a family close this chapter in their lives.

What?s your favorite part about your job?

When I first started this business I thought nothing could be more satisfying than removing tons of junk from someone?s home and seeing their happiness when we were finished. As I have grown along with my business, I realize I now have the opportunity to feel the same level of satisfaction by providing a good paying job and a positive work environment for my employees. Now they are the ones who get the satisfaction of seeing customers react with joy as the last item is loaded into the truck.

867 N Hermitage, Ste 2