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Second Nature Health Coaching

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Skilled health coach helps clients achieve weight loss goals, reduce food cravings, and make nutrition plans

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Denver West

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Complete fitness center houses kettlebells, free weights, and cardio machines in a clean environment

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Fitness on the Rocks Colorado

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

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On July 19, Red Rocks turns into a workout haven, summoning up to 4,000 participants in yoga, running, and other fitness events

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Group fitness classes provide full-body workouts through a combination of calisthenics, strength training, yoga, and cardio

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Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

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Boot Camp Challenge Denver Metro helps trainees to realize their fitness goals with motivating instructors and encouragement from peers. Classes meet indoors during the morning and evening hours three days a week for six weeks, with participants burning up to 500 to 800 calories per session. Exercises conform to all fitness levels and abilities, and each program includes personalized nutritional guidance that details how to successfully plan meals and mercilessly harpoon wild heads of lettuce.

1470 10th Street

The toned tutors of Genesee Mountain Fitness embrace an inclusive approach to wellness, welcoming cyclists, weight lifters, Zumba mavens, and senior citizens alike to their plentiful group classes. The gym's fully stocked weight room and towering edifice of cardio equipment is available 24 hours a day, so shadowboxers may gear up to face the perils of sunshine. Students strengthen and flex cores in Pilates and yoga classes, and seniors pursue gentle yoga stretch classes and range-of-motion exercises through SilverSneakers sessions. For an additional fee, the credential-laden instructors present Pilates reformer classes (three introductory sessions $175 for members) and one-on-one personal training ($70 for a single session) for an extra hand in cracking the fabled health-nut.

25938 Genesee Trail Rd

Certified personal trainer Julie Tubbesing is a one-woman gym. She transports weights, kettlebells, resistance bands, and even music to her clients' homes, planning customized and private workouts in the comfort of their yard or living area. These sessions rely on a mix of fast-paced cardio intervals and functional strength exercises. However, Julie adjusts the program depending on each person's goals, and has coached her pupils toward toned muscles as well as dramatic fat loss—some of her past clients have shed more than 50 pounds. For those who would prefer a different setting, she also hosts appointments in a fully equipped studio.

30805 Hilltop Drive

Dancers can start as early as pre-school at Virtuosity Dance Centre, and regardless of their age or level of experience, they're in good hands with instructor Amanda Hill. HIll's background includes ranges from teaching toddlers to working with at-risk children. This studio's classes include ballet, jazz, and modern dance lessons. Students take more than choreography from these sessions, since the dance centre emphasizes holistic wellness. HIll, who has training in nutritional therapy, can also offer guidance in nutritional planning and developing a positive body image.

109 Rubey Drive

Members at Curves, a fitness center designed exclusively for women, rotate around a circuit of hydraulic resistance machines designed to work with female bodies and promote weight loss, protect against osteoporosis, and deal with arthritis. An experienced trainer is always nearby to help to manage participants’ machine maneuvering and muscle making. Instead of fiddling with weight stacks and losing momentum, the hydraulic machines use participants' own body weight, fitness level, and aerodynamic water bottles to create resistance that matches abilities, decreasing the risk of soreness or injury. Because traditional lift-and-lower motions create bulky muscles, each machine uses push-and-pull motions to create toned, lean muscles perfect for crushing a grapefruit without looking like you can. Between each weight station lies a recovery board where ladies cool down while walking, jogging, or running in place to keep up momentum. With each workout warrior at a different station, the only competition that exists is with one's own burgeoning muscles.

1921 Youngfield St

Anytime Fitness, as the name suggests, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year with nonstop security. Novice calorie burners and ripped Michelangelo models alike can take advantage of a one-month membership, which equips bodies with enough treadmills, cycles, elliptical machines, and weights to train them to run a marathon inside of a swimming pool filled with mud. Highlight the results of fat-frying and muscle-mass-magnifying sessions with one month of unlimited tanning in high-powered beds that paint ripply physiques a brilliant shade of bronze.

393 Washington Ave