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Alpha Groom and Board’s dog caretakers pamper pooches of all sizes and breeds by bathing, clipping, and styling their canine coifs in addition to housing hounds with day-boarding services, an active day of canine carousing. Head groomer and co-owner Lindsey Fulton coddles wayward fur with a host of grooming services that cater to small ($30–$50), medium ($50–$65), large ($65–$80), and extra-large dogs ($80–$100) as well as undercover horses. As digitally displayed in her online photo gallery, Lindsey shapes each cut to the profile and breed of her four-legged clients and includes in each grooming package ear cleaning, nail care, and a chance to strut out with a complimentary bow, bandana, or wispy toupee. For busy dogs swarmed with kitchen renovation plans in the doghouse, the bath-and-brush groom package polishes and spiffs pelts back to their puppy heydays ($25–$40). Day boarding ($15/day) treats man's best friend to a day with his or her friends as Alpha Groom and Board hosts morning and afternoon soirees that invite dogs to actively socialize with their brethren.

1732 West Franklin Street