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Cherryvale Mall

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Professional photographers capture families, babies, and individuals with custom backgrounds, props, and variety of poses

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Professional photographer captures up to six hours of wedding festivities or a family portrait, with digital images edited onto a CD

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Madison Arboretum

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Seasoned photographers capture individuals and families during on-location shoots

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Pro photographer Justyna Nielsen teaches small groups how to adjust settings, shoot in manual mode, and capture the perfect family photo

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Multiple Locations

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Photographers capture candid shots of up to five people and develop prints or provide credit

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Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

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Expert shutterbugs get to know photographees before snapping in front of colorful backdrops, with chosen portraits ready in about an hour

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Photographer Robyn Stoffel-Nichols crafts memorable images during in-studio or on-location shoot

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Experienced photographer coaches even the shiest subjects into seductive boudoir images

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Photographer Ali Acker preserves her clients' important life events through unique photo packages and custom-made memorabilia. Her "Watch Me Grow" photo sessions chart the growth of a child from pregnancy through his or her first birthday, culminating in a coffee table book with images taken throughout the year. Acker also snaps shots of families, friends, and graduating seniors, emblazoning photos on coffee mugs, calendars, and the moons of Jupiter.


Kelsey Therese Addy believes in the power of communication. She confesses to a dislike of silence, and surrounds herself instead with music and conversation. In part, it’s because of this passion for making connections with people that her photographs are so stunning. She has an ease with clients that makes it possible for her to find the moments they're after, and her proficiency and experience in photography is what enables her to capture them. The individual character of her clients informs each of her images, which range from in-studio shoots of newborns and outdoor shoots of families to candid shots of romantic, snow-studded weddings and balmy, magma-studded weddings.

**On Location**

There's something different about Bethany LeAnne's photography. Fascinated with the surreal and fantastical, she uses photography as a medium for telling imaginative stories. In her photos, moons circle children, teapots pour themselves, and supernovae envelop beds. At 17, Bethany has already developed a style all her own, and the results can look more like painted canvases than standard photographs. She customizes each shoot to suit her clients' needs using manual shooting techniques and digital editing software.

Machesney Park,

Doctors Vincent Facchiano and Jillian Phelps ogle oculars and inspect irises with thorough examinations and cutting-edge technology. During the eye exam, an optometrist will check the internal and external health of your peepers before administering a series of visual acuity tests to assess your visual coordination and focus ability. The comprehensive exam also includes a glaucoma test and a digital retinal photograph, which provides a high-resolution retina head shot, perfect for aspiring ocular stars and optical comedians. The eyeball-focused photograph checks for macular degeneration, retinal detachments, and optic-nerve disease. If contact lenses are recommended, patients will receive a complimentary contact-lens fitting, after which they can outfit their orbs with a pair of pupil-huggers chosen from the expansive eye emporium, which features more than 1,000 lenses of varying brands.

7200 Harrison Ave

Creative, elegant photography and video in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin area. Professionals with over 20 years of experience and a traditional/contemporary blend of images.

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Portrait Creations will travel to a single location - either in Chicago, or within an hour's drive north or west of the city - to document you in your natural habitat. It could be your home, favorite park, or somewhere that features the Chicago skyline. Maybe you've put off getting family studio portraits because getting all the kids to behave during a studio trip sounds like pulling teeth out of dried concrete; have Portrait Creations come to you. If you're proud of your beautiful home, feature your wonderful foyer or fireplace prominently as your pictures' backdrop. If you live in filth, hide that filth behind Portrait Creations' professional studio backdrops.

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Poplar Grove,