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Ryan Martin likes to play with his food, not because he's bored with it, but because he's passionate about it. As the chef at 180? @ the DRB, he employs everything from blowtorches to liquid nitrogen, all in the name of gastronomy. Soon, he?ll be introducing a small-plates menu that utilizes molecular gastronomy in each dish. For now, try the chef's casual menu, which features some of his favorite ingredients and techniques. The Anti-Griddle Instead of searing food, the Anti-Griddle flash-freezes it instantly. The restaurant uses this tool for a mixed-green salad topped with candied peanut and frozen rice wine vinaigrette, which melts slowly atop the greens. Liquid Nitrogen Every day, the chef and his staff craft ice cream to order using liquid nitrogen, which freezes bases instantly without using binders or additives. Dehydration ?It?s one of the oldest techniques,? Ryan said. He even uses it to make garlic and onion powders for the eatery, evidence that he takes the term ?from scratch? very seriously. Candied Bacon Marrying two culinary favorites, candied bacon pops up in several dishes at 180? @ the DRB, including its grilled-cheese sandwiches and tuna tataki. The sweet and savory treat can even be ordered by the slice.
255 NE 14th St