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When Dr. Hilary Rodrigues and his wife Marie-France founded Rodrigues Winery in 1993, it was one of the first in Newfoundland. Working inside a former hospital building they'd renovated themselves, they produced a mere 300 cases of blueberry wine in their first season, filtering, bottling, and corking everything by hand. Today, the picturesque estate offers year-round tours and produces a full lineup of certified kosher wines, of which it distributes roughly 24,000 cases each year. Additionally, production of spirits from the distillery includes varietals such as black-currant liqueur and plum brandy.

1 Bond Rd

After they’ve arrived in theatres and before they’re available on DVD, hit movies roam the open road on Movies In Motion’s portable, inflatable screen. The screen lights up on a beach, at a park, or in an out-of-town neighbour’s backyard, and moviegoers bask in the summery nostalgia of taking in a film below the stars or the roof of their car. The company can also arrange private screenings at just about any venue of sufficient size.

65 Lakeview Dr.

Axtion's indoor attractions help kids and parents fill their daily quotas for fun and exercise regardless of weather conditions. Standing 24 feet high, a rock-climbing wall beckons visitors to grip its colourful handholds, and ropes and ladders let climbers scale direct routes to the ceiling. An auto-belay system accompanies each of these activities, safely carrying climbers down to earth like the parachutes stowed inside every bird's beak. Alternatively, visitors can take off their harnesses and tackle the Spider Mountain Climb. This towering cylinder challenges kids to climb, wiggle, and weave through seven levels of stretchy bands. Aside from these climbing activities, the indoor play haven lets kids soar down inflated slides and reenact famous traffic jams at a pint-sized car track.

507 Main Road
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