Career Certifications in New Bedford

Select Local Merchants

  • The Silverbrook Farm
    Horses trot merrily at Silverbrook Farm, towing carts and bushels of fresh, crisp vegetables behind them. Here, agriculturalists eschew tractors and machinery whenever possible, forcing the steeds to whinny their best impressions of diesel engines instead. While refraining from fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides on their crops, the farmers also use all-natural processes when tending to their livestock, resulting in a bounty of free-range eggs and beef from cows fed with grass rather than the typical Funyuns. Along with fresh food, philanthropy also thrives at the farm. After baking up pillowy loaves onsite, The Pereira Bread Co. sets aside a portion of its proceeds to donate to Citizen Schools of Massachusetts, and Silverbrook hosts regular events such as the Great Pumpkin Festival in October, appearances from Santa in December, and family movie nights under the stars' outdated, black-and-white constellations.
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    934 Main St.
    Acushnet, MA US
  • Boston Bartenders School of America
    Rhode Island Bartending School prepares its students for real-world employment by giving them the practical skills they will need on both sides of the bar. During the 28-hour training courses, the instructors combine short lectures with plenty of hands-on practice during classes with no more than 20 students. Attendees learn to create 50 popular cocktails using the fully stocked practice bar's assortment of simulated spirits and imaginary ice cubes. Additionally, these courses cover day-to-day skills, such as bar management, inventory control, customer-service techniques, and a thorough understanding of different types of beer, liquors, and wines.
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    497 State Rd
    North Dartmouth, MA US
  • SoapTastic Lush Soap Company
    Jojoba oil, shea butter, clay, and champagne are just some of the luxurious ingredients SoapTastic Lush Soap Company turns to when crafting its small batches of organic soap. Soapmistress Gabbiee also fashions bath bombs, bath-salt sundaes in stemmed glasses, and other natural sudsy products. Up to three times each week, she teaches others the art of handcrafting soap in small group classes.
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    88 Thomas Street
    Fall River, MA US
  • Great Place To Learn
    At any of Great Place to Learn's five locations, students can attend private or group sessions that focus on test preparation, adult literacy, or special education, among other topics. Students study with teachers who boast extensive educational backgrounds and glowing reviews.
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    566 Wilbur Ave
    Swansea, MA US
  • Plymouth Guild
    First established in 1913, the Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra proudly embraces a storied history that saw the group blossom from a 30-piece ensemble to a professional symphony orchestra of 75 musicians. Steven Karidoyanes has marshaled this acoustical army as its music director since 1994, leading them in performances at venues across the state.
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    11 North St
    Plymouth, MA US
  • The Jenney Museum
    On the quaint corner of Spring Lane and Summer Street, The Jenney Museum sits as a historic bastion of tradition and treasures. Built in 1749, the house invites guests to wander through its two exhibit rooms and gift shop. Today, The Jenney Museum remains dedicated to preserving Plymouth's Pilgrim history and integrating it into the present day. Its location near the picturesque Town Brook beckons spring-time visitors to watch thousands of river herring migrate up the waters–a must-see stop before venturing on The Jenney Museum's historic walking tour led by historian and guide, Leo Martin. During each trek, Martin cants tales including the relationship between the Pilgrims and natives, recalling their struggles, survivals, and faith that laid the foundation of our country and created future memories of Thanksgiving dinners.
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    48 Summer St.
    Plymouth, MA US