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The guides at Vertically Inclined maintain an intimate knowledge of the steep slopes, craggy rocks, burbling steams, and scenic wooded overlooks at each of their chosen hiking locations. They tailor their day hikes, overnight treks, and fall-foliage winery expeditions to fit the ability levels of their fellow hikers. Depending on their chosen route, treks may wind along trails through the Bear Mountain region and the Hudson Highlands, or to rugged landscapes including Fort Montgomery. During their many journeys, they keep their cameras handy to snap photos and document their hikers' victories over the terrain and in arm-wrestling matches with bald eagles. Though adventures technically begin at the trailhead, guides know that getting there is half the battle and provide round-trip transportation from the Bronx.

1916 Benedict avenue
New York

A veritable mountain greets climbers inside The Rock Club, challenging them to scale its 40' high face without speaking a single word. After pulling their eyes away from the main wall, guests discover the gym's other rocky offerings, including 80 climbing stations, more than 200 individual routes, and muscle-testing bouldering cliffs. Experienced staff members with a passion for climbing roam the gym, eager to help veteran climbers reach new heights, introduce new climbers to the sport during beginners' classes, or describe the scent found at the top of the Himalayan Mountains. The Rock Club also offers lead climbing, slacklining, and movement classes as well as a kids program with a competitive climbing team, junior programs, and camps.

130 Rhodes St
New Rochelle,

Reservations/Appointments: Optional

Established: 2014

Staff Size: 2?10 people

Average Duration of Services: 2 hours

Parking: Free street parking

Handicap Accessible: Yes

Brands Used: None

Recommended Age Group: Kids

Pro Tip: Please bring socks

Most Popular Attractions/Offerings: Inflatables, toddler area, play gym, and arcades

Q&A with the Manager

When and how did you first develop a passion for your work?

Bounce 'N Play is our newest facility. However, we have been doing children's parties and open play for 15 years. We love to offer what the community needs. Children need a safe, clean, and climate-controlled place to play. It is essential for them to socialize and have fun.

What?s your favorite part of your job?

We love interacting with the kids. Every child is different and we recognize that. The nice thing about Bounce 'N Play is that we have a variety of things to offer for children from ages 1?13. Kids can run, jump, bounce, and let themselves go.

Have you ever been a patron of your own business? If so, what was the most enjoyable part?

The hosts that run the parties and that take care of open play truly enjoy interacting with and focusing on the kids. Many of them have been with us for years, and they truly enjoy what they do. Our customers also appreciate the excitement they have for their work.

Is there anything else you want to add that we didn't cover?

This is our newest location. It accommodates children off all ages. We have inflatables, a toddler area, a three-level soft-play gym, giant slides, obstacle courses, bouncy houses, a carousel, and arcades. Please look at our website for the open-play times. It's not offered every day, so it is important to check before your visit.

20-21 Steinway Street

Why build a business based purely on surprising people? “Because life moves fast and we don’t play nearly as much as we should,” say Surprise Industries founders and sisters Kat Dudina and Tania Luna on their website. By setting up surprises for big groups and individual clients alike, the duo, along with their imaginative staff, encourages the giddiness of play that often gets lost in the shuffle of adult responsibilities. With only a location and a time to arrive, participants are swept into an unpredictable adventure that may involve anything from attending an ice-sculpting workshop to being elected chairman of the Federal Reserve.

32-12 Astoria Blvd.
New York

LIFE The Place to Be is like a chameleon in the form of a giant 25,000-square-foot building. The space can serve many different purposes: a venue for weddings, the site of Sweet 16 parties, and a fun center with activities for all ages. Aside from the event space?which incorporates amenities such as projection screens and a sound system?the facility houses a rock-climbing wall, four mini AMF bowling alleys, and 3,000 square feet of arcade games.

2 Lawrence St

It would be natural to think that the only wall climbing available to a Manhattanite is of the illegal, daredevil variety. Steep Rock Bouldering proves that assumption wrong with its indoor rock-climbing gym, where enthusiasts who usually find themselves teasingly surrounded by high rises, scaffolding, and New York Knicks centers can enjoy the strength-building sport. The one-story wall has plenty of routes available for the creative climber.

1506 Lexington Avenue
New York,