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The community of journalists and experimental filmmakers behind UnionDocs isn't content to just record something and assume it's the truth. Rather, as The Brooklyn Rail suggests, it tackles the larger questions of "what it means to tell true stories, and how to document them." Every year, UnionDocs hosts more than 100 nonfiction events, ranging from film screenings to oral histories, all focused on under-represented subjects such as incarcerated musicians in Louisiana. Following presentations at the "intimate" space—so dubbed by Time Out New York—the creators behind that night's work stick around for a discussion with the audience.

Besides showcasing the works of others, the crew at UnionDocs tirelessly produces nonfiction of their own. The organization's website constantly updates with critical writing, interviews, and videos, while its workshops—such as a free filmmaking course for LGBT youth—cater to budding artists. Production meetings, seminars, and screenings spark inspiration every week, as do frequent master classes, critiques, and how-I-take-my-coffee seminars with visiting artists.

322 Union Ave