Mountain Biking in Newport East

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Featured in the Taunton Daily Gazette last October, Spark Bike Run Sports culls high-end sporting equipment from around the world to outfit running, biking, and sports enthusiasts of all types with the latest gear and accessories. Peruse Spark's selection of quality goods from such name brands as Dakine, Asics, Jamis Bicycles, La Sportiva, Serfas, and Specialized, or enlist the guidance of a sports-loving staffer to navigate thoroughfares lined with men's and women's apparel, swim caps, bicycle helmets, and more.

225 Cape Hwy
East Taunton,

The nimble-fingered neighborhood cycle nurturers at Dash Bicycle Shop repair and restore two-wheelers to tip-top shape before storage season. Roll in your lifeless stallion to a knowledgeable attendant for a thorough basic tune-up. Both wobbly wheels will be removed to undergo cleaning, a hub adjustment, and a truing process to increase pedal-pumping efficiency and ease momentum retention. Surgical adjustments are made to the bottom bracket, headset, and the tension of the brakes, ensuring riders can stop on a dime, pick it up, and buy a Chiclet without ever dismounting. Derailleurs are inspected, adjusted, and lightly cleaned to transform sticky gears into smooth shifters. A lube-up of the chain, cables, and key pivot points on the brakes and derailleurs combats creaky rides, and torque is checked on all bolts to maximize not falling off. After a gussy-up of the frame with a light cleaning, a tire inflation gives the bike cushy pillows on which to dream fondly of next year's smoothed-over potholes.

267 Broadway