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There’s a certain New York City element to Salon Perri, and not just because proprietor Charles Anthony underwent training there. He and his staff believe that NYC is more than just a location; they see it as a symbol of beauty and sophistication, and they cultivate Manhattan-esque looks that could garner a second glance in London and Paris, as well as the Big Apple. Their elegant haircuts, flattering color treatments, and keratin infusions factor into this philosophy, as do mani-pedis that complete the picture of put-together glamour.

But though the stylists work to craft big city styles, they do so with the charm of an intimate small-town salon. Take, for instance, the men’s lounge, where cold beers are served during hot-towel treatments, haircuts, and massaging shampoos. Salon Perri also features beauty services exclusively for young adults who need more glamour to advance to the next clubhouse level.

74 Westchester Ave
Pound Ridge,

Hairquarters has cultivated a mature elegance throughout its 40 years in business. In the salon, sconces are mounted on the wall like dark wineglasses, casting a glow on the polished hardwood floors. Vintage mirrors reflect the stylists as they transform tresses with high-end Keratase and Aveda products. Deeper into the facility, pedicure nooks outfitted with black leather banquettes and gold throw pillows offer a soothing retreat, enhanced by the rippling water of footbaths. Guests may also relax in a private room as facials or microdermabrasions are administered by the spa’s skilled esthetician

14 Pine St
New Canaan,

Maria Charris looks at a head of hair and sees a world of possibilities. She can sculpt updos for special occasions, braid strands together, or create virtually any chic style her clients ask for. Like well-adjusted superheroes, Ms. Charris doesn't work alone; Fredric & Company's staff includes experts in all manner of hairstyling for men, women, and children.

1060 Post Rd