Coffee Shops in North Tustin

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  • Santa Ana
    The flavors you'll find most prominently at Go Fresh are those of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins marinated in Mediterranean spices. Flavorful juices and healthy smoothies take center-stage, with staff blending together yogurt with options such as the Jade made with kale, spinach, four citrus fruits, and mint. And though the juices are healthy on their own, staff can boost protein and nutrient levels with add-ins such as whey protein or chia seeds. On the other side of the menu, chefs focus on Mediterranean dishes blended with flashes of Indian flavors. This results in fusion dishes such as protein bowls filled with chicken in a mango curry sauce, served with a choice of rice or naan. They use a range of healthy ingredients, from wild salmon stacked onto kabobs to crispy falafel balls filled with hearty chickpeas and spices.
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    1945 E 17th St Ste 104
    Santa Ana, CA US
  • Lemon Drop Juices
    All you have to do to find Lemon Drop Juices is listen to the whirl of the blenders mixing up juice and smoothies. The appliances brim with fresh fruits and veggies mostly culled from local, organic farms, rather than a child's Play-Doh set. Customers visiting Lemon Drop can also browse the bins of fresh produce or grab a mason jar packed with the makings for a nutrient-rich salad.
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    440 South Anaheim Boulevard
    Anaheim, CA US
  • Kaye's on Brookhurst
    "Friendship" is painted above the picture windows at Kaye's on Brookhurst, so that it's the last thing customers see when they walk out the door. The staff aims to make the eatery a welcoming place, where diners enjoy breakfast so much that they return for lunch. In the morning, both traditional and specialty breakfasts tempt palates, such as the house favorite pancakes with a citrus glaze. At lunch, hearty sandwiches and housemade chili fill bellies so customers don't have to inhale as much air. Sunny yellow walls and dark wood chairs complement the bright paintings hanging on the wall, all creating a warm atmosphere.
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    12444 Brookhurst Street
    Garden Grove, CA US
  • Drinkbar. Juicery
    After their personal experience with juicing revolutionized their lives, the husband and wife behind Drinkbar. Juicery decided to share their story with the public. The self-described “flexetarians” respect all food choices but choose to imbue their cleanses with raw juices, local coffees, and smoothies that help flush the body of toxins while flooding it with nutrients. Crafted from all-natural ingredients such as fresh carrots, apples, lemons, and kale, the juices can help customers shed pounds, evict harsh chemicals and toxins from the body, and even gain more restful sleep.
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    1107 S. Placentia
    Fullerton, CA US
  • Waffleholic
    When it comes to waffles, the enthusiasts at Waffleholic think way beyond the cylindrical box of the blazing-hot iron. Once the fluffy spheres are removed, they don't just get the butter-and-syrup treatment. Instead, they are folded to provide a pocket for fillings. Divided into sweet and savory, those fillings range from bacon and eggs to fresh fruit and drizzles of chocolate sauce. Daily offerings of soups are also available?and topped with mini, savory waffles?in varieties such as split pea and Hungarian beef stew.
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    1661 Superior Avenue
    Costa Mesa, CA US
  • Tiki Monster H2O
    Upon first glance, Tiki Monster H2O looks like your average snack shop—there's shelves packed with colorful candies and bags of chips, coolers filled with frosty soda bottles, and a counter lined with flavored syrups for snow-cones. Examine the inventory more closely, however, and you'll encounter retro, novelty, and unusual treats interspersed with familiar selections of Coca-Cola cans and packets of Cheetos. There are more than 100 different types of gourmet sodas, many in inventive flavors such as chocolate-covered maple-smoked bacon, green-apple jalapeno, and key lime pie. Shelves are also lined with vintage candies and international sweets, ranging from kitschy candy cigarettes to Asian red-bean ice-cream bars. As guests marvel at the colorful labels of cartoon-character energy drinks and peruse racks of sunglasses, staffers keep busy behind the counter. They blend up simmering specialty Marley coffee beverages and shaved-ice drinks in flavors such as orange cream, chai tea, and salted-caramel cream. They frequently screen old westerns on the shop's TV, transporting viewers back to a time when cowboys still rode horses and regularly dined on tree bark.
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    7731 Katella Avenue
    Stanton, CA US