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  • Terivik Hands Massage and Colon Hydrotherapy
    Terivik Hands' experienced colon hydrotherapist, Sharon Ruffin, aims to gently cleanse digestive tracts via colon-hydrotherapy sessions. During each 40-minute session, patients relax as a therapist safely infuses purified and filtered water into the body through a sterile nozzle. The device sends a gentle stream of temperature-controlled water to saturate impacted matter, which passes through the colon and digestive system to stimulate the body's natural release of toxins, impurities, wastes, and kidnapped inner children. A thorough cleansing of the colon can also lessen the stress on the lymphatic system and increase nutrient absorption.
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    600 Pennsylvania Ave
    Oak Ridge, TN US
  • M & M Medical Weight Loss Clinic
    We are a medically supervised weight loss clinic that will help you reach your goal of losing weight and lifestyle change.
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    513 North Kentucky Street
    Kingston, TN US
  • Koko FitClub Knoxville
    Koko FitClub?s automated personal-training system rockets both men and women toward fitness goals with a 30-minute custom workout that incorporate cardio and strength training. A fitness assessment determines your fitness level and baseline measurements, which Koko?s uses to design a tailored workout plan that precisely measures the weight, pace, and rest time appropriate for each exerciser. The patented Smartraining machines guide exercisers through each workout and adapt as the user?s fitness needs change, to constantly challenge the body. Exercisers can track their results and body composition measurements online and even compare individual fitness levels to others in the Koko FitClub community.
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    153 Brooklawn St
    Farragut, TN US
  • Woolfson Eye Institute
    Woolfson Eye Institute’s founder and medical director Dr. Jonathan Woolfson is a board-certified ophthalmic surgeon who has performed more than 70,000 laser vision-correction procedures. Such clinical experience has helped him earn the trust of other medical professionals; he has performed more than 300 surgeries on his fellow eye doctors and trained and certified more than 100 North American LASIK surgeons. He has also fine-tuned the eyesight of professional athletes, including Ovie Mughelli, Curtis Lofton, and Kroy Biermann of the Atlanta Falcons. Dr. Woolfson draws upon this extensive experience each time he customizes a laser procedure to his patients’ needs. He and his staff of doctors begin every treatment with in-depth consultations, where they determine the lasers, instruments, and novelty sound effects needed to successfully enhance eyesight. Once they’ve completed their procedures, they also offer eligible patients a Lifetime Assurance Plan, granting them free lifetime access to any fine-tuning surgeries.
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    10240 Kingston Pike
    Knoxville, TN US
  • Elite Lab Testing
    Elite Lab Testing's network of accredited medical reference labs and service centers helps patients take charge of their health and wellness with tests performed at more than 1,700 LabCorp locations across the country. These lab tests—which don't require referrals or doctor visits—cover a lot of ground. For example, with a single blood draw, medical professionals can check for the IgE antibodies that may be causing allergic reactions to insect stings, foods, pollen, mold, and younger siblings. They might spend the rest of the day screening blood-sugar levels, scanning hormone levels and thyroid health, checking for heart attack risks, and lifting the hood on the liver and kidneys. Customers can even order the same tests their health care provider does for routine physicals. Elite Lab Testing also performs drug screens, and offers affordable pricing packages and wellness programs that equip the health-conscious community with useful tools for constructing a healthy lifestyle.
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    1932 Alcoa Hwy.
    Knox, TN US
  • Contemporary Women's Health
    As a mother, Dr. Kimberly Roberts knows that women need more than just medical attention—they need emotional attention, too. In her words, “I will always give patients the time and attention necessary to address all of their concerns.” Dr. Roberts and Dr. Ceeccy Yang, also a kind and empathetic mother, oversee the all-female team of medical professionals at Contemporary Women's Health, where they help women achieve healthier lives through gynecology services and obstetrics care. While the center’s medical professionals attend to matters of the body, aestheticians and massage therapists work to rejuvenate spirits and boost beauty. Spa services yield smoother, healthier skin, and include facials, laser hair removal, and waxing. Massage therapy, on the other hand, relieves muscular tension and relaxes firmly clenched tendon fists.
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    9314 Park West Blvd Ste 400
    Knoxville, TN US