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Uninitiated Dinker's diners can peruse the entirety of the eatery's menu if they wish, but it's widely accepted that the star of sustenance at Dinker's is its Haystack Burger ($5.95)—a sizzling quarter-pound patty topped with American cheese, honey smoked ham, and a free-range fried egg. Other burgers include the tasty trifecta that is the Ultimate Triple Decker Dinker Burger ($7.95) and the bacon-and-bleu-cheese-dressing-bedecked Bluejay Burger ($5.25). Add fries or homemade onion rings ($1.50) to keep burgers company during their long day's journey into the stomach. Other meaty meals include a smothered grilled chicken sandwich ($6.50) and a 6-ounce sirloin steak ($8.25), served with garlic cheese bread, a side salad, and french fries, while the breaded pork fritter sandwich ($5.75) warms the cockles of the face. Wash down chow with your choice from Dinker's drinkers' menu, including beer, wine, and martinis.

2368 S 29th St