Tattoo in Ontario

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  • Nampa Ink
    Odds are, you won?t see someone leaving tattoo parlor Nampa Ink without an arm swathed in the telltale plastic wrap that signifies the birth of new ink. The newly created tattoo parlor has already made a splash in the Boise tattoo scene, filling up appointment times with guests eager to be on the receiving end of the staff?s artistic expertise. The staff specializes in detailed line work and flowing script, creating complex pieces and written messages that show the world what you love the most or serve as a permanent reminder of this week?s grocery list.
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    1306 2nd Street South
    Nampa, ID US
  • Eliminate Tattoo Removal
    Eliminate Tattoo Removal's specialists separate ink particles from the skin with the beams of a highly effective ConBio laser, causing tattoos to gradually disappear. Although the laser typically causes only minor pain, patients may request cooling agents or injections of Lidocaine to numb the skin. A nurse practitioner supervises each treatment, ensuring that the procedure is not only effective, but safe.
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    9201 West Overland Road
    Boise, ID US