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  • Right Now Heating & Air Conditioning
    Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning’s technicians and installers arrive at homes to right heating and cooling wrongs in their unmistakable pink trucks and dressed in crisp white shirts adorned with the company logo. Each member of the team is licensed and bonded and shoulders at least three years of HVAC experience. To make sure domiciles are keeping temperate efficiently, the crew enlists the help of a host of cutting-edge tools, including a high-resolution infrared camera that scans furnaces and water heaters to accurately diagnose problems and flush out any camera-shy gremlins. The company’s comfort advisers first consult with clients to figure out how to reduce their energy costs; then they draw on their engineering-analysis training to determine how many thermal units of energy per hour systems run through to cool or heat homes. The team attends to heating and cooling emergencies 24 hours a day and earns client trust with a fixed-level price guide, no hourly charges, and a one-year service guarantee read aloud by Morgan Freeman. Besides installing new HVAC systems, the techs also can outfit homes with new insulation, siding, and home-security systems.
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    Redeem from Home
    Caldwell, ID US
  • Aaa Medical Solutions
    Aaa Medical Solutions offers among the best treatment in the medical profession in Middleton. When you're not feeling well, Aaa Medical Solutions is here to assist you with your medical needs with treatments such as physicals. Aaa Medical Solutions is here for you on days when you wake up not feeling well.
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    412 S King Ave
    Middleton, ID US
  • Royal Pet Care
    Full-service pet sitting for dogs ($16 for a 30-minute visit), cats ($14 for a 20-minute visit), and small animals ($12) includes a visit with pet playtime and feeding, a walk, litter and bedding change, brushing, medication, and email updates (the nature of visits vary based on the kind of pet). Royal Pet Care will also conduct basic home maintenance, including watering plants, bringing in packages, taking out the trash, and more. Customers can apply the value of their Groupon and pay the difference to upgrade to pet taxi and home services. Service is currently available in Boise, Eagle, Star, North End, Meridian, Nampa, Middleton, and Garden City. If you aren't certain whether you fall within the service area, call Royal Pet Care to check.
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    372 South Eagle Road
    Eagle, ID US
  • Green Team Management
    Certified arborist Ted Smith is steeped in knowledge of the local environment. For more than three decades, he has monitored the interplay between climate fluctuations and pest populations, becoming an expert in integrated pest management. As the owner of Green Team Management, he preserves adult trees by eliminating pests that can cause infection and corrects abnormal growth patterns in juvenile trees that have sprouted mustaches rather than branches. In addition to being fully equipped to stamp out weeds and streamline limbs, Ted is licensed to depopulate indoor pests, such as spiders and termites.
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    2280 Cherry Lane
    Emmett, ID US
  • Import Outlet
    The brand-new Import Outlet furnishes homes with luxe leather furniture, eclectic works by local artists, large bronzed mirrors, and consignment memorabilia from rural Idaho. Import Outlet groups together corresponding accessories throughout the store and highlights them with professionally arranged floral displays ($5?$150) and mini ticker-tape parades. Chocolate walls set off local artist Keith Couch's photography and the store's popular large wooden signs by Americana Comfort, such as the cheeky "Girls Just Want to Have Wine" sign ($35.99). Myriad decorative knickknacks?including 3"x6" scented candles ($7.40), 20-inch wrought-iron candlesticks ($12), and hen-in-a-basket sculptures ($18.78)?sprawl out across the store's various tabletops and bookshelves. Ongoing in-store specials and an extensively stocked half-off display make browsing never boring, unlike reading editor?s letters in National Geographic back issues.
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    1353 North Galleria Drive
    Nampa, ID US
  • Barrier Pest Control
    Barrier Lawn & Pest, Inc. Barrier Lawn & Pest, Inc., stands behind a robust customer-service promise, aiming to make lawn care as stress-free as possible. Instead of showing up unannounced, attentive staffers arrive on time to every appointment, keeping the lines of communication as clear as a crystal goblet filled with 7-Up by answering every phone call they receive. The licensed and insured technicians fertilize greenery and treat weeds, drawing upon extensive training to identify and obliterate invasive plants such as dandelions and thistles. The company only uses chemicals approved by state and national safety agencies, and its fertilizer and weed treatments require only 15 minutes to take root before homeowners can walk, crawl, or play duck-duck-goose on them.
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    301 S Kings Rd
    Nampa, ID US

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