Massage in and near Boise, ID

Get stressed just looking for a place to get a massage? Boise residents and visitors, look no further. We know how difficult it can be to find just the right therapist, so we’ve curated this list of great places for massage in Boise.

Northside Chiropractic | North Boise

At Northside Chiropractic, Doctors of Chiropractic, Rook Torres, Mick Tiegs, and Kevin Davis not only tackle chronic pain and problems, but help clients maintain a high quality of life and wellness with regular chiropractic care. To support this care, they recognize the importance of massage to treat pain and restore range of motion.


What People Are Saying

“I saw Dr. Meig and will drive from the Tri cities to see him. The adjustment was intense and painless. The massage was incredible and I have already booked another one.” – Julia K.


“The massage therapist was really good at what she does!” – Renee D.

“The massage therapist was fantastic. Great pressure, intuitive, focused on addressing problem areas and fixing things.” – Tom P.

Lotus Touch Therapeutic Massage | West Valley

Massage isn’t designed just to relieve tension, but also to heal. With this in mind, the massage therapists here use a range of modalities, from the overall soothing Swedish massage to a super-targeted trigger-point session that keeps clients coming back for more.


See What People Are Saying

“Wonderful massage- wow! Just the right pressure and worked out some really tight muscles. Highly knowledgeable massage therapist, I would definitely recommend.” – Erin W.


“Heather gave me the best massage I have ever had. I feel so much better!” – Sandra W.

“Heather got into places I didn't know needed help. Best massage ever and I have had quite a few. She also takes the time to educate on stretches/specific water volume, etc after the massage. I shall definitely return.” – Mary A.


The 11 Types of Massage: a Complete Guide


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Barefoot Bodywork | South Boise Village

Co-owners and licensed massage therapists Amber and Kaci operate Barefoot Bodywork with one goal: to promote healing and wellness through massage in a peaceful environment. To this end, each client receives a course of treatment tailored to their needs, whether they need pain relief with deep-tissue massage or just a relaxing bodywork session.


See What People Are Saying

“Great massage. Worked the areas I’ve had tension and has helped tremendously in pain management.” – Jim H.


“The best massage I’ve had in years. If you want deep tissue work this is the place to go.” – Rebecca D.

“Great conversation, great massage, will be back!” – Bekki W.

What to Expect at a Couples Massage

If you’ve never had a couples massage, you probably have questions. We, fortunately, have the answers.


What is a couples massage, exactly?

Put simply, two people—for example, a romantic couple, best friends, or siblings—go in for a massage session in the same room, side-by-side, each with their own therapist.


Does anything else happen?

Some spas include access to other amenities, such as the sauna, pool, or lounge. Other couples massage packages include champagne, for example. It’s always good to get there early, just so you don’t feel rushed.


Do we have to get the exact same massage?

Nope. Feel free to ask your therapist to focus on your most tender spots. If you want a soothing Swedish and your partner wants a more-intense deep-tissue, that’s perfectly fine.


Can we talk during the massage?

If you really want to, but it’s easier to relax when you’re not trying to chat with each other.

Massage Addiction | Nampa

While most relaxation massages release tension with light to medium pressure, Massage Addiction’s therapists amp them up with acupressure, hot stones, moist heat, and other add-ons. Similarly, a deep-tissue massage integrates several modalities—including neuromuscular therapy and shiatsu pressure—into one session, while athletes find relief during sports massages. Suffice it to say, these therapists have the skills to confront just about any type of muscle pain.


See What People Are Saying

“Brittany was great! Amazing technique very professional. I felt so much better. I will definitely be going back.” – Rhea L.


“Paula was amazing! 10/10 would see her again.” – Alexandria

“I loved the essential oils, hot stones, and thorough technique. This was probably the best, most comfortable massage I've had. I highly recommend it!” – Julie C.

What’s the Difference Between Swedish and Deep-Tissue Massage?


For those of you who want to make massage a regular part of your self-care routine, it would help to know what the difference is between all those massage modalities. Here we take a look at the two most popular so you can determine which is right for you.


Swedish Massage

The goal of this type of massage is simple: relaxation.


The strokes: Mostly gentle and geared toward easing shallow muscle tension

The benefits: Relief from superficial muscle tension and relaxation

Best for: Those new to massage, those who want to relax, those who don’t like pain


Deep Tissue Massage

This modality targets deep-seated pain and tension.


The strokes: Intense kneading that can cause “good” pain

The benefits: Release of chronic tension deep within muscles

Best for: Those with chronic, nagging pain; those who want better range of motion