Aquarium in Pflugerville

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Though the Austin Aquarium spans a mere 22,000 square feet, its exhibits encompass marine habitats from around the world, housing more than 3,000 species from Oregon to Indonesia in its tanks, aquariums, and aviaries. Among the activities, visitors can feel the skin of rays, hear the barks of fur seals from Uruguay, or tempt birds or younger siblings with handfuls of seed. One of the biggest enclosures houses several Asian small-clawed otters, who tumble, play, and swim with their peers in one of the largest colonies in captivity in the world. The aquarium also hosts behind-the-scenes tours and sleepovers in which kids can get a glimpse into the ocean at night, when even the mightiest sharks cower in fear from plankton's elongated shadows.

13530 North Highway 183