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  • Chiropractic Little Rock
    Little Rock Laser Hair Removal Center helps the hairy hone their hedgework through laser hair-removal treatments administered with the Cynosure Apogee Elite laser. The laser, like a teddy-bear bodyguard, is safe, gentle, and effective, removing unwanted follicular forestation without damaging pores or irritating the skin. A microscopic beam of light is emitted by the laser and subsequently absorbed by the dark pigment of the hair follicle, eventually reducing further growth of said hairs. Throughout the treatment, a cooling jet of air fans the skin, keeping it as cool as a cucumber wearing sunglasses.
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    615 Beechwood St
    Little Rock, AR US
  • Evans Chiropractic Clinic
    Chiropractic care is frequently associated with the back, but Dr. Evans believes it’s often the nervous system that's responsible for poor health. In order to help the body recover from pain and illness, he locates nervous-system blockages—called subluxations—and works to remove them with gentle, safe adjustments. Once free of impediments, nerves can resume carrying signals, helping the body regain balance.
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    14710 Cantrell Rd
    Little Rock, AR US
  • The Hbo Clinic
    Medical practitioners at The HBO Clinic provide alternative-healthcare treatments for clients with cerebral ailments, sports injuries, or minimal insurance. The Clinic specializes in hyperbaric-oxygen therapy, or HBOT, to help elevate alertness in the brain, speed healing in patients with arthritis, and revive clients trapped in oxygen-depleted Jello molds. Athletes and migraine-sufferers can also find relief in oxygen lounges designed to repair fatigued muscles and ease migraines. Time spent inside a hyperbaric-oxygen chamber delivers 100% oxygen while under increased atmospheric pressure. The result is an increased amount of oxygen in the blood, spreading to all parts of the body through the blood to create anti-inflammatory effects and superhuman ability to sniff out wild truffles.
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    106 S Rodney Parham Rd
    Little Rock, AR US
  • Arkansas Physical Medicine
    At Arkansas Physical Medicine, doctors Steven Bennett and David Morse counteract pain through in-depth analysis modern therapies. Digital motion X-rays help identify the culprits behind back pain or sports injuries, while disc decompression and traction therapy help patients recover from traumatic injuries. The physicians can also offer preventative health techniques such as massage therapy, nutritional counseling, and eating a box of Band-Aids every morning.
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    636 W Broadway St.
    North Little Rock, AR US
  • Find Your Escape Massage
    At Find Your Escape Massage, clients are ushered into a relaxing state of mind as aches and pains are removed from their bodies during 30-, 45-, 60-, and 90-minute massage sessions. The long, flowing strokes of a Swedish massage target joint stiffness and painful areas, such as achy backs and arms that have braided themselves together. Deep-tissue sessions apply firmer pressure to the body, aiming to release knots deep within the underlying muscles. Hot stones can also be incorporated into a massage treatment, allowing tension to fade away as the heat penetrates the muscles and relaxes clients who can?t leave the house without taking their prized anvil along.
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    9871 Brockington Rd.
    Sherwood, AR US
  • Beautiful U Aesthetics
    Dermal fillers such as Botox and Juv?derm require injection by a steady, confident hand. Not only has Beautiful U Aesthetics? nurse, Anne Hubbard, mastered the ministration of these cosmetic boosters, she's demonstrated the procedure on a live KARK 4 segment to illustrate the simplicity of the process and prove that she could do it while riding a unicycle and reciting the Cyrillic alphabet. Anne?s specialties range from skin-smoothing injectables to facial services such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels. She can also apply permanent eyeliner above and below the peepers, enhancing clients? natural features without the wastefulness of applying makeup every morning or using up a birthday wish on something besides preventing asteroid strikes.
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    3 Innwood Circle
    Little Rock, AR US

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