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Mr. Wok Asian Bistro Handpicked mangos; ramen imported from Japan; high-grade nishiki rice; 32 original sauces, all made from scratch. These are a few of the unique, high-quality ingredients that chefs at Mr. Wok Asian Bistro have at their disposal. So they never use trans-fats to create flavor—there’s no need. The fresh ingredients make for tasty, healthy Asian dishes all on their own, allowing guests to enjoy classic dishes like Peking duck and potstickers without fear. Of course, the real ingenuity lies in the restaurant's modern signature dishes, which surprise palates with their creative twists. For instance, a crispy wonton bowl bears the creamy mango shrimp, while Ton Chung soup combines the rich flavors of wok-fried pork, mushrooms, and scallions into a single bowl. And, in lieu of veggies, bananas and chocolate fill a crunchy spring roll shell, a swap that, like forgetting to thaw cocktail weenies before a party, turns a classic appetizer into a dessert.
2600 14th St