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      89% Off Chiropractic Package at ChiroXchange


      On Location

      Chiropractors evaluate spines and consult with patients before applying strategic pressure to align spines and disks

      $265 $29

      Up to 87% Off Chiropractic Care and Massage


      Multiple Locations

      Network of chiropractic doctors alleviate aches and inspire overall wellness with adjustments and massage

      $79 $29

      Up to 84% Off Chiropractic Packages

      Magnolia Wellness Center

      Russian Hill

      Chiropractic exams help identify the root cause of back pain and screenings examine posture before adjustments alleviate aches

      $365 $59

      Up to 90% Off a Chiropractic Package

      Body Focus Health Center

      Financial District

      Chiropractor consults with patients to learn their concerns, then performs x-rays and a spinal adjustment, along with an optional massage

      $350 $49

      Up to 86% Off at Shapero Chiropractic

      Shapero Chiropractic

      San Francisco

      Chiropractic treatments combine spinal decompression and spinal adjustments to restore health and wellness to bodies

      $234 $37

      Up to 61% Off Chiropractic Care

      California Chiropractic Center

      South Beach

      Chiropractors examine spines and make gentle adjustments to reduce pain and increase range of movement

      $70 $29

      50% Off Chiropractic Care

      Healthquest West

      Corte Madera

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $200 $100

      89% Off Chiropractic Package

      Alliance Chiropractic


      Spinal decompression helps pull herniated discs back into place and boost blood flow after an exam with x-rays identifies trouble spots

      $362 $39

      76% Off at Oakbay Chiropractic

      Oakbay Chiropractic

      Pill Hill

      Chiropractor susses out causes for pain, and then eases tension and aches during a one-hour massage

      $200 $49

      79% Off Chiropractic Services with Massage or Acupuncture

      Source For Wellness Health Center


      The specialists at this whole-body healing center help get to the root of pain and discomfort with detailed exams and treatment plans

      $235 $49

      Up to 93% Off Massages at Smith Chiropractic

      Smith Chiropractic

      El Cerrito

      Chiropractor evaluates spinal health with x-rays and a thermal scan before promoting relaxation and proper alignment with massage

      $410 $29

      Up to 69% Off Chiropractic Packages

      Laurie Wonnell, D.C.

      Piedmont Avenue

      Consultation and exam identify troublesome spots while adjustments aim to realign vertebrae and alleviate pressure

      $125 $39

      89% Off at Montecito Chiropractic

      Montecito Chiropractic

      San Rafael

      Chiropractor assess potential issues, discussing results with patients in order to determine their best course of action

      $355 $39

      54% Off at Ramone Yaciuk Rolfing

      Ramone Yaciuk Rolfing

      Multiple Locations

      Certified rolfer reworks connective tissues to align the body, decrease and prevent pain, and improve neurological function

      $150 $69

      95% Off Chiropractic and Homeopathic Services

      Triad of Health Family Healing Center

      San Rafael

      Licensed chiropractor and certified Professional Applied Kinesiologist revamps wellness with holistic treatments

      $410 $20

      Up to 69% Off Chiropractic Package at Owens Chiropractic

      Owens Chiropractic

      Walnut Creek

      Chiropractor with more than 18 years of experience pinpoints sources of pain and uses noninvasive techniques to correct them

      $150 $49

      Up to 93% Off at Mid-Peninsula Chiropractic

      Mid-Peninsula Chiropractic

      Downtown Menlo Park

      Chiropractor determines causes of pain and then prescribes and performs most appropriate treatment, such as adjustment or cold-laser therapy

      $175 $29

      78% Off Chiropractic Exam and Treatments

      MDI Wellness Center

      Walnut Creek

      The chiropractor uses an exam to find the root causes of body aches and then relieves them with chiropractic treatments

      $180 $39

      Up to 94% Off Massage with Chiropractic Exam

      Newman Chiropractic Offices

      San Ramon

      Massage therapy tames tension while boosting circulation, and chiropractic exam pinpoints the root of aches and pains

      $510 $29

      Up to 54% Off Holistic Stress Release Alignment

      Alphabiotics Center Bay Area

      Multiple Locations

      Alphabiotic alignment involves a quick movement of the head, resulting in a release of previously misdirected energy to balance the body

      $40 $19

      55% Off Chiropractic Care

      Jette Chiropractic


      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $89 $40

      Up to 56% Off Chiropractic Adjustments and Laser Therapy

      Helen Bae Chiropractic

      North Los Altos

      An experienced chiropractor realigns spines with gentle adjustments and promotes natural healing with chiro-laser therapy

      $225 $99

      94% Off at Widenbaum Chiropractic

      Widenbaum Chiropractic


      The chiropractor performs an exam and x-rays to check spinal health; massages loosen taut muscles and adjustments relieve spinal discomfort

      $438 $27

      Up to 95% Off Herniated Disc Treatments

      Silicon Valley Spine & Disc Center

      Mountain View

      A staff with a combined 45 years of experience uses high-res x-rays to identify herniated discs and other spinal issues

      $540 $29

      Up to 88% Off a Chiropractic Package 

      Non-Surgical Pain Relief Center


      Doctor of Chiropractic Ron Vernon adjusts or decompresses spines; treatments include an evaluation and aqua massage

      $325 $39

      Up to 94% Off Chiropractic Exam Packages

      Homestead Chiropractic and Smith Family Chiropractic

      Multiple Locations

      Chiropractor investigates chronic and acute pain and treats it with safe, noninvasive adjustments

      $452 $27

      86% Off Chiropractic Care

      Silicon Valley Wellness Center


      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $491 $69

      Up to 80% Off Chiropractic Services

      Cupertino Chiropractic Center

      San Jose / Cupertino

      Doctor of Chiropractic May Cheung checks structural health using comprehensive exam or x-rays

      $335 $68

      Up to 92% Off Chiropractic Package

      HealthStart Wellness Centers

      Anderson West

      Noninvasive treatments can help with pain in a natural way

      $350 $29

      Up to 88% Off Massage or Chiropractic Exam

      Valley Wellness Health Group

      San Jose

      Chiropractor and massage therapist work together to clear bodies of chronic and acute aches

      $42.50 $20

      87% at Advanced Health Chiropractic

      Advanced Health Chiropractic


      Chiropractic techniques are combined to treat conditions such as chronic pain, asthma, fibromyalgia, and headaches

      $389 $49

      84% Off at Neighborhood Chiropractic

      Neighborhood Chiropractic

      Rose Garden

      Alleviate pain with adjustments and massage

      $245 $39

      Up to 87% Off Spinal Decompression and Cold-Laser Therapy

      Butchart Health Center


      A chiropractic doctor helps relieve pain through spinal decompression and cold-laser therapy

      $330 $45

      65% Off Chiropractic Care

      Spine Care Center

      San Jose

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $112 $39

      92% Off at Antioch Family Chiropractic

      Antioch Family Chiropractic


      The doctor uses a holistic approach through spinal adjustments to stop pain as well as find the cause of it to prevent recurrences

      $389 $32

      Up to 81% Off Chiropractic Exam or Massages

      Chirowithin Reach


      Chiropractor examines spine before quelling pain with adjustment or 60-minute massage; massages are customized to each client's needs

      $210 $39

      Up to 93% Off Chiropractice Exams

      Chiropractic Wellness Center


      Exams include a consultation, x-ray, digital nerve exam, and adjustments

      $623 $45

      55% Off Chiropractic / Osteopathy

      Livermore Chiropractic & Wellness Center


      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $280 $126

      Up to 76% Off at 100% Chiropractic

      100% Chiropractic


      Skilled chiropractor and licensed massage therapists tackle chronic tension with relaxing massage services and gentle spinal adjustments

      $165 $39

      Up to 89% Off at Alexander Chiropractic

      Alexander Chiropracitc


      Chiropractors realign spines to help the body heal without drugs or surgery; optional one-hour massage further eases tension

      $335 $37

      Up to 91% Off at Alexander Chiropractic

      Alexander Chiropractic


      Chiropractic doctors examine the spine, take x-rays, and perform an adjustment; packages include one soothing 60-minute massage

      $280 $29

      Up to 58% Off Massages

      Vision Quest Spine & Sport Clinic

      Los Gatos

      60-minute massage soothes aches deep inside muscles to prepare them for strenuous activity and sports, and encourage overall healing

      $125 $59

      Up to 85% Off Chiropractic Alignments & Massage

      Chiropractic First


      Doctors employ a variety of alignment techniques—each intended to improve spinal biomechanics—as well as a massage to soothe soft tissue

      $335 $39

      Up to 90% Off Chiropractic Packages

      Dr. Ben Spencer at Wellness Chiropractic

      Santa Rosa

      Chiropractor investigates the source of pain during an exam and performs one or two adjustments; cleanse replaces meals & snacks for 10 days

      $225 $29

      Up to 86% Off at Jardin Family Chiropractic

      Jardin Family Chiropractic


      Chiropractic exam yields cause of pain; massage and spinal adjustments work to alleviate discomfort

      $275 $39

      90% Off Chiropractic Packages

      Aloha Chiropractic

      Rancho Santa Teresa

      Chiropractor with more than 11 years of experience aims to heal pain with noninvasive, drug-free techniques

      $380 $39

      Up to 79% Off Exam and Chiropractic Adjustments

      LionHeart Chiropractic

      Central Santa Cruz

      Dr. Graham comes at her practice from multiple perspectives: as a doctor, a dancer, and a patient who herself found relief with adjustments

      $210 $45

      Up to 88% Off Laser Pain Treatments

      Atlas Chiropractic

      Multiple Locations

      Doctor of Chiropractic Darrin Ferguson and his team address aches, injuries, and arthritis pain with low-level laser therapies

      $400 $49

      Nearby Merchants with Special Offers

      17th Street Chiropractic

      San Francisco (2560.3 mi)
      Rodrigo Oliveira uses his chiropractic skills to not only treat his patients’ aches and pains but also to prevent future problems. He realigns crooked spines and finds relief for headaches and neck pain through a series of adjustments, corrective exercises, and massage therapy. He also help clients live a healthier life with nutritional counseling about proper diets and which color Skittles have the most fiber.
      New Patient Promotion

      Nayfeld Galina DC

      Western Addition (2560 mi)
      GAEL Modern Health has aimed to help patients improve their health through state-of-the-art therapies for more than 20 years. The facility's health professionals emphasize a personal approach in their work, focusing on each patient's specific concerns while performing LipoLaser contouring treatments, colon hydrotherapy, and nutritional consultations within large, comfortable private rooms. The pleasant office accommodates English and Russian speakers, and boasts a no-wait policy.
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      Life Chiropractic

      San Francisco (2559.8 mi)
      In addition to performing his signature non-invasive chiropractic adjustments in the offices at Life Chiropractic, Dr. Austin Davis also treats patients across the globe. His genuine passion for helping others compels him to take regular trips to other countries, where he plies his healing trade to orphans, people with disabilities, monks, and government officials.
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      Irving Street Cafe

      San Francisco (2562.1 mi)
      Naturally, two dishes in particular feature prominently at Naan N Curry. Eight types of naan, stuffed with everything from potatoes to cheese, emerge from the kitchen along with seafood, chicken, lamb, and vegetarian curries. There are plenty of tandoori dishes as well, including chicken tikka kebabs and marinated lamb chops. To extend their meal, diners can order chai tea and rice pudding for dessert or simply figure out a way to smuggle a sleeping bag into the pantry.
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      Bay Chiropractic

      Inner Sunset (2562.2 mi)
      In its role as Bay Chiropractic’s dedicated massage center, Bay Bodywork possesses one thing other massage centers don’t: proximity to a full chiropractic team. Whether they’re consulting with the doctor to bolster an existing treatment regimen or working with a client to heal a new issue, the center’s massage therapists are uniquely qualified to mend both deep-seated issues and general aches and pains. As a result of their medical surroundings, the therapists specialize in the results-oriented techniques of therapeutic, deep-tissue, and sports massage, which can not only relieve tension but also shorten injury recovery time.
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      Dance With Life Chiropractic

      San Francisco (2562.2 mi)
      Not everyone could draw parallels between the mysteries of the human body and the ornately patterned ceiling of a hotel in Tunisia. But chiropractor Kirsten Hill sees the resemblance; for her, the sacred geometry of the nervous system and the designs found in art and architecture are not so different—they both reflect an innate balance and carefully constructed harmony. Dr. Hill's unique perspective is reflected both in her work, which revolves around restoring balance and harmony, and in her office space at Dance With Life Chiropractic. In the Healing Rooms—a wood-floored area with natural light, colorful artwork, and soothing music—Dr. Hill and her team of skilled massage therapists promote healing with adjustments and a variety of massage modalities. Students attending health workshops and dance or meditation classes walk through a round-topped door that resembles both the entryway to a Moroccan palace and the imprint left by a helmet-wearing Kool-Aid Man. Dr. Hill extends her passion for healing by serving the Bay Area community; she volunteers her adjusting services and health expertise at various events in San Francisco and is a regular wellness speaker at Business Networking International.
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      Sheehan Chiropractic

      San Francisco (2562.2 mi)
      Dr. Sheehan practices Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic, which is an Upper Neck Specialty that analyzes and corrects problems associated with the C1 vertebrae, called the Atlas with precision. Low back pain, mid back pain, shoulder pain, arm and leg pain or numbness can all be favorably addressed with chiropractic.
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      Dryad Bodywork & Massage

      San Francisco (2561.5 mi)
      Certified therapists Hernan Goldstein and Siannan Gall named their joint practice Dryad after the mythological spirits of oak trees, which are also symbols of healing and longevity in many cultures. Hernan graduated from the National Holistic Institute, where he studied Swedish, deep-tissue, sports, and shiatsu massage. He also pursued advanced training in pregnancy and prenatal bodywork and myofascial therapy. Before joining forces with Siannan, he worked in spas and with chiropractors and cared for his own clients. In keeping with his American Massage Therapy Association membership, Hernan aims to foster both physical healing and self-awareness. Raised by a family of dancers, massage therapists, and medical professionals, Siannan was primed early on for a healing career path. She graduated from the Institute of Conscious BodyWork, where she studied deep-tissue, sports, and prenatal massage and myofascial release. Despite being finished with school, she continues to study the human body through anatomy and physiology courses while adding new massage techniques to her repertoire. Siannan also never relinquished her love of dancing, which she fuels by performing, competing, and doing jigs on street corners whenever someone says the word "pancake."
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      Live Fit Gym

      San Francisco (2559.9 mi)
      Live Fit Gym is much more than an athletic club—it's a wellness club where workouts are just the tip of the iceberg of health. The one-stop oasis features amenities that combine the best of the spa and fitness worlds, with its three locations offering healing treatments such as acupuncture, massage therapy, facials, and chiropractic services. And, more than earning the "gym" in its name, the spot boasts cardio equipment and free weights along with a variety of group classes. Core training and yoga sessions focus on creating toned, flexible forms, while unique offerings including samba workouts combine boot-camp cardio with boot-stomping tunes.
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      Dr. Marcus Coplin NP

      Noe Valley (2560.2 mi)
      Most Popular Service: Vitamin B12 and folate injections Brands Used: Thorne, Vital Nutrients, Pure Encapsulations, Priority One Reservations/Appointments: Required Established: 2013 Staff Size: 1 person Parking: Free street parking Handicap Accessible: Yes Pro Tip: Drink plenty of water, and wear loose clothing.
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      Under My Hands by Jerry

      Civic Center (2559.5 mi)
      Whether his clients are athletes aching from strenuous exercise or mothers seeking some time for themselves, certified massage therapist Jerry Cuffey strives to understand their bodies and improve their quality of life. Jerry is a strong believer in the power of touch and its ability to unlock natural healing through gentle contact. Trained in a wide variety of massage modalities that range from Swedish and deep tissue to shiatsu and reflexology, Jerry works to first understand the underlying causes of his clients’ ailments, thereby identifying individual aches and removing any planets that have accidentally perched on their shoulders.
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      Universal Chiropractic

      San Francisco (2559.4 mi)
      Dr. Terrance Stackwood D.C. brings more than 25 years of spine-aligning know-how to Universal Chiropractic, where holistic philosophies pair with practical treatments to usher patients down the road to wellness. On arrival, warm greetings prelude a light smattering of paperwork, which allows clients to communicate their unique needs and medical history without reading scenes from their Grey’s Anatomy spec script. Next, patients meet with Dr. Stackwood for a 10- to 30-minute wellness exam that combines a consultation and examination with four cervical, thoracic, and lumbar x-rays if necessary or if the the clients requests. If desired, Dr. Stackwood can also perform posture, orthopedic, and neurological tests to bring to assess persisting symptoms and why sleeping in a chimney is bad. Post-exam, sore muscles melt beneath the healing hands of a licensed massage therapist, who can oscillate between Swedish, sports, and deep-tissue modalities as well as acupressure techniques and trauma-release therapy in the comfort of a private massage room.
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      John Anthony Pirritano

      San Francisco (2559.3 mi)
      The doctors at Bay Spine Centers draw upon decades of combined experience as they treat a number of painful conditions with an innovative technique known as nonsurgical spinal decompression (NSSD). They use a computerized traction device that targets the damaged area before gently stretching the spine and increasing the space between the vertebrae. The negative pressure can promote healing and relieve pain emanating from the nerve area, which can become crowded by disk material or codependent chair cushions. Designed to provide a noninvasive alternative to surgery, the process typically addresses discomfort that cannot be resolved with traditional chiropractic care or physical therapies.
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      Green Chiropractic Clinic

      San Francisco (2560.1 mi)
      Under the guidance of Doctor of Chiropractic Jacob Sahourieh, Green Chiropractic Clinic’s therapists alleviate pains and heal injuries with wellness programs that target the whole body rather than its isolated parts. Personalized programs may include services that range from spinal adjustments to relaxing massages that untie muscular knots with long, gliding strokes. Therapists practice their craft within the soothing confines of the clinic’s private treatment rooms, where the soft glow of dimmed lights joins with the comforting sounds of waves crashing against mashed potatoes to create a cross-sensory experience of relaxation. Green Chiropractic Clinic’s whole-person approach is never more apparent than during treatments with Dr. Sahourieh, whose experience tending to backs and Bay Bridges with bad posture gives him insight into the underlying causes of discomfort. His holistic approach to health also informs the clinic’s eco-friendly practices, which include paperless operations and conserving resources when possible.
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      Atlas Chiropractic

      San Francisco (2559.2 mi)
      Seven therapists unite a collectively huge history of training in myriad modalities of massage therapy and intuitive bodywork, which allows them to tailor their services to each client's needs. Therapists sooth away stress with gentle Swedish techniques or promote healing by applying pressure to muscles, tendons, and fascia during deep-tissue massages. The team can augment these services with add-ons such as hot basalt stones, exfoliating body scrubs, aromatherapy, or dulcet renditions of ?the knee bones? connected to the thigh bone.?
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      Body Mechanix

      San Francisco (2558.8 mi)
      Body Mechanix’s talented personal trainers, including a nationally ranked strongman and a Harvard grad, didn’t get buff all by their lonesome. Believing that encouragement and camaraderie make as much difference as weight and reps, they cook up ever-changing routines through collaboration with their fellow fitness gurus, a practice that allows them to share ideas and show off their ability to bench-press other bodybuilders. Individual lessons send clients sprinting across indoor stretches of turf or hiking heart rates with cardio and weight machines, whereas group classes help them sweat off inches with fast-paced boot-camp exercises or teach them how to jab out aggression with circuit boxing.
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      Pain & Injury Treatment Center

      Downtown (2558.6 mi)
      Pain & Injury Treatment Center's Doctor of Chiropractic evaluates and explains problem areas then treats achy muscles and joints with a noninvasive deep tissue laser. This tehnology sends soothing, concentrated heat and healing photons deep into the body and softens stiff scar tissue. The doctor then uses his healing hands to massage scar tissue and stiff muscles to help clients to move better again.
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      The Body Doctors

      Downtown (2558.6 mi)
      The Body Doctors' professional staff steamrolls cellulite with the aid of the latest skin-smoothing technology. Each 35- to 40-minute Endermologie treatment commences as clients slink into a provided nylon body suit, snuggle up in the private treatment room's plush bed, and listen to the doctor read a favorite bedtime story. A trained skin smoother employs the dual action massager and vacuum effect of the CelluM6 Keymodule, which Zambonis across the bodyscape, loosening the skin's connective tissues to help reduce cellulite, extra inches, and love handles. The treatment's tugging motion works to break down cellulite pockets harbored beneath the dermis and increase blood circulation and collagen production to help garner a skin suit that's as smooth as a seal at a singles mixer. Though results can last up to one year, up to seven sessions may be necessary for optimum results; appointment availability can be viewed here.
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      World Gym Showplace Square

      San Francisco (2558.8 mi)
      Voted Best Gym in the Bay Area 2011 by the San Francisco Bay Guardian, World Gym San Francisco is home to plentiful cardio and weight machines, group fitness classes, and chiropractic care facilities. After receiving a towel in the sea foam-green lobby, guests set foot in one of the gym's spacious exercise rooms to stretch on mats while waiting for exercise balls to hatch into personal trainers. Inside cardio rooms equipped with flat screen TVs, guests can catch up on news while their hearts catch up on skipped beats. Steam rooms and dry saunas relax bodies tuckered from group classes such as boxing, spin, and yoga. A cafe vends fresh smoothies approved by the gym's nutrition programs, and a tanning bed bronzes newly toned physiques.
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      San Francisco (2558.8 mi)
      SoulWorks utilizes Network Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, and Meditation as practices to build wellness.
      Special Offer

      California Shellfish Co.

      San Francisco (2558.7 mi)
      When it comes to educating people about natural health, Doctor of Chiropractic John Erdmann isn’t content to just share his knowledge across Natural Health Family Center’s two locations. Rather, he brings his expertise to the masses with seminars on diet, exercise, and emotional freedom, as well as by packing his website with useful information. But trips to the office are necessary for his gentle adjustments and holistic specialty—applied kinesiology—a method that combines manual muscle testing with diagnostic tests to help increase the body’s potential.
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      World of Health

      San Francisco (2558.5 mi)
      Over the course of his NBA career, Steve Nash developed a fitness vision—one where a place could promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle for all. Within its 18 locations across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club strives to fulfill that vision by maximizing each member's experience in a fun and friendly environment. Featuring a variety of amenities for all those wanting to achieve their fitness goals, each facility boasts state-of-the-art training equipment for clients' cardio and weight-lifting needs. For those who work better in packs, a wide range of fun group fitness classes are offered, including Zumba, yoga, pound, and LaBlast. Experienced certified personal trainers impart their wealth of fitness knowledge and effective exercise programs, but also inform on the latest in health and fitness, in-club events, and several other exciting member services.
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      New Beginnings Chiropractic Offices

      San Francisco (2558.7 mi)
      In 85 offices across the country, chiropractors combine their skills and decades of experience to alleviate soreness and stiffness caused by spinal conditions. In all New Beginnings Chiropractic Offices, chiropractors receive coaching, the most up-to-date training, and daily reports on the condition of the earth’s enormous spinal column.
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      Meakim and Stern Spinal Care

      San Francisco (2558.6 mi)
      The doctors at San Francisco Family Spinal Care don't take just one approach to client wellness. Instead, they take a holistic look at the whole body with their range of alternative therapies. They specialize in the NUCCA method of chiropractic spinal treatment, which focuses solely on correcting the first vertebrae. This vertebrae connects this central nervous system and brain stem to the rest of the body via the spine. By realigning this integral vertebrae, they can send healing effects down the entire spine and through bodily systems. They complement this method of treatment with other natural-based therapies, from allergy testing to nutrition therapy and the use of cold lasers. These all call upon the body's natural healing power instead of medicine, helping to improve health without expensive prescriptions or surgery.
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      Sc Sports Therapy

      San Francisco (2558.3 mi)
      Dr. Steven Adams brings to bear more than 25 years of experience working on preventive and chiropractic care to pamper bodies in SC Sports Therapy. With an emphasis on the importance of improving holistic health to prevent illnesses and injuries from occurring in the future, the center offers a variety of therapeutic services. Striving to discover underlying causes of various health issues, Dr. Adams and his team work to uncover patients’ conditions, past injuries, and favorite Battleship hiding places. Contented sighs drift through the air after adjustments and chiropractic massages, which help alleviate stiffness and improve range of motion.
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      Bin Zhi Acupuncture Clinic

      San Francisco (2558.5 mi)
      BinZhi is the Chinese word for "welcome guests" and inside BinZhi Acupuncture Clinic, licensed acupuncturist and certified massage therapist Nancy Li welcomes all who seek wellness and relief from pain. Nancy brings more than 30 years of traditional Chinese medical expertise to her practice, and her skilled hands aim to recalibrate the body's energy (chi) with acupuncture needles and soothe muscles with a variety of massage modalities. Other drug-free, nonsurgical treatments offered include herbs, cupping, and infrared therapies that can ease ailments ranging from neck pain to insomnia to ice-cream overdoses.
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      The Postureworks

      San Francisco (2558.2 mi)
      Bad posture can cause jaw pains, headaches, back pains, headaches, jaw pains, back pains, and more, including back pains, jaw pains, and even headaches. Today's Groupon gets you a digital postural analysis (normally $60), physical exam (normally $120), and first adjustment (on average $212) at PostureWorks, the chiropractic experts known for spinal rejuvenation that addresses the biomechanical causes of back pain.
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      Robertshaw Richard DC

      Downtown (2558.2 mi)
      Today’s Groupon gets you $120 worth of acupuncture healing for $50 with Andreas Schwerte, O.M.D, L.Ac. Schwerte is an Oriental medical doctor whose treatments blend conventional Western medicine with Eastern traditional and natural medicine to unstick your qi and alleviate pain.Independently wealthy, Raines accepted only kindness and handwritten letters of thanks in exchange for his services. Riding alone on his motorcycle, Diana, Raines stopped in his rambles just long enough to thwart local corruption, do some acupuncture, and capture the heart of any woman foolish enough to fall for him. A movie featuring Reno Raines, rogue acupuncturist, is set to be released soon, tentatively titled The Acupuncturist Who Travels Around and Gets Into Adventures.
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      Shapero Chiropractic

      San Francisco (2558.2 mi)
      As the official chiropractor to the University of San Francisco athletic department, Doctor of Chiropractic Dan Shapero and his team specialize in treating athletes and office workers alike, tending to their musculoskeletal needs with an array of adjustment methods. The diversified technique relies on a hands-on analysis of the joints along with manual thrusts to correct misalignments. Low-force adjustments involve a lighter touch to achieve balance in the body, whereas the clinic's spinal-decompression table slowly and gently stretches and releases the spine through mechanized traction.
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      Moksha Life Center

      San Francisco (2558.1 mi)
      Practicing yoga as a way of improving life, health and reduce stress is a favored activity at Moksha Life Center, where the ancient art can help bolster health in a variety of ways, including some that are unexpected. During Vinyasa flow or Iyengar classes, instructors lead students through a variety of poses to help balance and center the mind and body while elongating and increasing flexibility. Clients can also receive a complimentary Network Spinal Analysis consultation, a chiropractic technique that can reduce mental and physical stress.
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