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  • Nura McCauley, Licensed Acupuncturist
    Nura McCauley uses her skills as a licensed acupuncturist, massage therapist, and Chinese medicine expert to help patients overcome pain and stress and improve their overall well-being. Acupuncture's primary goal is to help re-balance the body's qi or energy force. By stimulating specific energy points via the insertion of super-fine needles, Nura can help remove blockages that disrupt this energy flow throughout the body, while also releasing hormones and endorphins that help the body to naturally regulate itself. Aside from treating acute pain and injuries, acupuncture may also have a profound effect on disorders such as anxiety, allergies, irritable bowl syndrome, and even certain neurological disorders. In addition to acupuncture Nura also prescribes Chinese herbal formulas, as well as drawing from more than 17 years of massage therapy experience to bring relief from stress and pain through the manipulation of soft tissues. Deep-tissue, trigger point therapy, and tui na massage are all within her repertoire, and may be employed to help stimulate circulation and speed healing.
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    915 Irving St.
    San Francisco, CA US
  • Relax Feet Massage & Health Feet Spa
    With the fun and whimsical names given to many of the services at Relax Feet Massage, it's no surprise that services here come with a little extra personality. The Beer Drinker and Hell Raisers massage, for one, gives clients a fresh new start by targeting pressure points on the head and feet that help relieve stressors in the liver and lungs. Then there's the White Collar Special massage, which soothes areas that bear the burden of desk jobs?the neck, shoulders, waist, and hands. Every massage comes with a foot soak infused with herbs like lavender and jasmine, which may help ease ailments such as insomnia or bolster immune systems. And at the Sutter and Post Street locations, the team offers clients a hot pad that they drape over the neck and shoulders to further ease tension and encourage relaxation. The team also takes pride in keeping each location impeccable, which includes sending their towels away to be thoroughly cleaned and raised in a boarding school.
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    1117 Irving St
    San Francisco, CA US
  • Hands of Duane
    Massage therapist Duane started studying therapeutic bodywork after a career in IT impressed upon him the stresses and muscle pains that plague people every day. During each massage session, Duane tailors his techniques to soothe fussy muscles like a warm bottle of milk soothes a fussy police officer. The long, calming stokes of Swedish massage interweave with the firm pressure of deep-tissue massage and the knot-busting trigger-point technique to relieve pain and keep clients relaxed.
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    4077A 24th St
    San Francisco, CA US

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