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  • The Music Class
    Informed by an ever-growing body of developmental research, classes at The Music Class introduce tots to tunes and concepts that boost creativity and listening skills. In Music Pups (a $72 value) courses, children under 4 years of age gleefully sing, dance, and bang away on rudimentary instruments such as the drums or theremin. Four and 5-year-olds learn concepts of tone and rhythm in the Music Cats course (a $77 value), which lets kids experiment with keyboards before defending their dissertations on the narrative redundancies of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm." Each 45-minute course meets four times in one month-long segment, and includes CDs for parents to play at home to follow up on in-class tutelage. This Groupon may also be used toward The Music Class' ten-week music courses.
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    301 Johnson Ferry Road Northwest
    Atlanta, GA US
  • Sweet Science Fitness
    Sweet Science Fitness was founded by a competitive boxer, but the gym is equally welcoming to students who just want the fitness benefits without the contact in the ring. Trainers say their boxing boot-camp classes are designed to burn up to 1,000 calories per session. Along with forging stronger bodies and faster metabolisms, Sweet Science?s workouts help boost fast-twitch-muscle development and improve hand-eye coordination, which comes in handy when defending yourself from the shadow that?s always following you.
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    1100 Hammond Drive Suite 400B Publix Shopping Center
    Atlanta, GA US
  • Imagine That! And Future Tech
    Imagine That! and Future Tech founder Kelly Williams has always loved science and art—up until her children were toddlers, she had spent her life building a career as an environmental engineer working for the EPA. But when she began volunteering as a leader of art and science programs at her local church and school, she unexpectedly discovered that she loved teaching children even more. Since 1995, Imagine That! and Future Tech learning centers have fostered a passion for science and technology in students aged 3 through 14. Alongside hands-on, age-appropriate instruction in the basics of physics, chemistry, and simple machines, the kids learn to work futuristic wonders such as building and programming robots to navigate obstacle courses and follow instructions. Science camps and workshops at locations all over the Atlanta metropolitan area give children a firm foundation in the sciences and prepare them for tomorrow’s world of ever-more-advanced computers and automatic doors.
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    6650B Roswell Rd.
    Sandy Springs, GA US
  • Urban Currents
    Headquartered amid a 6-mile stretch of the Chattahoochee River, Urban Currents equips its guests with 46-inch inner tubes designed for leisurely drifts down the softly flowing stream, though that's not to say they have no sense of adventure. Throughout the week, Urban Currents offers SUP board river trips, rafting trips, and sit-on-top kayaking trips.
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    4922 Columns Drive Southeast
    Marietta, GA US
  • Phidippides Sandy Springs
    The year was 1972—a time when the running boom was reaching a head in the United States, and Jeff Galloway was living his dream. The young runner held the American record for the 10 mile, participated in the Munich Olympics, and finally convinced his parents he wasn't being chased by invisible wolves. But he realized that there was something missing from the running scene—a specialty running store. So he opened one himself, Phidippides, and it quickly grew into 35 franchise stores. Even with such success, Galloway is committed to personally helping runners and continues to oversee both locations in his hometown of Atlanta. Named after the Greek messenger who ran the first marathon, Phidippides running stores help athletes achieve their own goals through great shoes. The staff first assesses a client's level of activity and physical needs, and takes into account important factors such as any previous injuries and performance goals. Next, customers slip on a pair of diagnostic shoes so the professionals can analyze their natural run or walk and make the appropriate shoe recommendations. Finally, the client selects the shoe based on function, personal comfort, and how well it coordinates with their running partner's eyes. After they take their shoes home, clients can meet up with Phidippides again during running events.
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    220 Sandy Springs Circle
    Atlanta, GA US
  • Kai Medical Spa
    Stop hiding under wide-brimmed hats and curtains of hair with today's Groupon to Kai the Medical Spa. For $40, you can indulge in a 60-minute facial that will have you pouting and posing for the next available camera, mirror, or hunter-gatherer. Face The Music (Season 01, Ep. 02): When John Woo High holds a battle of the bands, could it mean Agent Sean Archer’s big break? Not if Castor Troy can use his dad’s credit card to hire professional studio musicians! American Idol’s Adam Lambert guest stars.
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    227 Sandy Springs Pl
    Atlanta, GA US

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