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In Focus: Cafe Javasti

  • Locations: Maple Leaf and Wedgwood
  • How often they bake their pastries: every day
  • Where they bake their pastries: onsite
  • Most popular dishes: sweet and savory crepes, including one with homemade olive tapenade
  • Cookie flavor most likely to remind you of summer camp: s’more
  • How to trick kids into eating veggies: Order a chocolate-zucchini cake.
  • What to drink: espresso, chai tea, or italian soda

8617 35th Ave NE

8210 35th Ave NE

Grateful Bread: A User’s Guide

Independent Bakery | Hormone-Free and Sustainable Ingredients | Eco-Friendly Mission | Organic Coffee | Open Mic Nights

Sample Items

  • Bread: sourdough rye
  • Bagel: cinnamon raisin
  • Pastry: banana bread
  • Lunch entree: corned beef reuben

Meet the Owner: Rod Neldam is a third-generation baker. His grandfather ran a bakery in Oakland called Neldam’s Danish Bakery for many years, beginning in 1929.

While You’re Waiting: Take a look around. The walls sport the work of local artists, and management swaps in a new batch of pictures, paintings, and photographs at the beginning of every month.

When to Go: Grateful Bread hosts open mic nights every second Tuesday of the month from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Inside Tip: If you’re in the market for something specific, make sure to time your visit correctly. Challah is only made on Thursdays and Fridays, and wild rice and onion breads only emerge from the ovens on Saturdays.

While You’re in the Neighborhood: Take a stroll through the four acres of native plants, orchards, and nurseries at the Magnuson Community Garden (7400 Sand Point Way NE).

If You Can’t Make It, Try This: Grateful Bread hits the farmers’ market circuit Wednesday through Sunday, making stops at Wallingford, Queen Anne, and Shoreline Farmers’ Markets. Check the website for a current schedule.

7001 35th Avenue Northeast

2258 NE 65th St

In Focus: Cafe Kopi

  • Kopi translated: Indonesian for “coffee”
  • Coffee: from True North Coffee Roasters
  • Coffee accompaniments: blueberry scones and cinnamon rolls
  • Drink sweeteners: vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, all-natural Sweetbird syrups
  • Complete breakfast: a Black Forest mocha—espresso, cherry, dark chocolate, and whipped cream—with a custom bagel sandwich
  • Complete lunch: a turkey-pesto panini with a Backyard Garden juice consisting of apple, spinach, lemon, carrot, and parsley
  • Where to sit: on an overstuffed green sofa or the sidewalk patio

8056 Lake City Way Northeast

Rooster's Espresso

  • Locations: The original is in Seattle at the Lake City entrance to I-5, and the second location is in Lake Forest Park.
  • Service: drive-thru coffee shop
  • Why the service is fast: If there's a long line of cars, a barista will walk out to your vehicle and take your order so it's ready by the time you pull up to pay.
  • What to do while you wait: The baristas post comic strips and horoscopes at the window, so you can see if it's in the stars for you to add a caramel shot to your latte.
  • Most unique concoction: Red Bull italian sodas, which mixes the energy drink with fruit-flavored italian sodas

7809 Lake City Way NE