Catering in Stratford

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  • Let Them Eat Cake
    Five TripAdvisors give Let Them Eat Cake an average of four owl eyes and five Restaurantica users give it a 3.5-star average.
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    23 Albert Street
    Stratford, ON CA
  • Kennedy's Restaurant & Catering
    The chefs at Kennedy's Restaurant & Catering have added a few unexpected flavours to their menu of pub classics and Irish-inspired dishes. Entrees such as tender rib dishes are served alongside oven-roasted pig tails, and in addition to deep-fried, beer-battered fish with chips, the seafood selection includes baked coconut tilapia crusted with coconut, mango, and papaya. Chefs also stuff cabbage rolls for business lunches, grill lightly breaded wiener schnitzel for banquets, and dress baked potatoes up in tiny tuxedoes forweddings.
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    1750 Erb's Rd.
    St. Agatha, ON CA
  • Sebastian's
    Each chef and baker at Sebastian’s Market has his or her own strong culinary foundation, and together they bring more than 100 years of experience to the table. The team works amicably together to assemble the market’s catering menus, which range from simple appetizers, crudité, and fruit trays to full meals complete with hot entrees, salad, desserts, and an ambidextrous waiter. Sandwich trays stack local, free-range deli meats and sliced cheddar or swiss cheese atop breads that are made from scratch in Sebastian’s bakery. In addition to catering services, two full retail stores sell prepared foods and pastries from long refrigerated cases.
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    220 Adelaide St S
    London, ON CA
  • Elite Catering by Design
    Elite provides full-service catering, customizing menus of artfully presented, from-scratch dishes to sate every hungry partygoer. Elite crafts meals with dietary needs in mind, taking specific allergies, vegetarian preferences, and molten-lava intolerances into account. Palette pleasing hors d'oeuvres, such as beef tenderloin, pancetta and parmesan tart, or curried mango lamb wontons ($18–$22 per dozen) vie for belly real estate against buffet platters of brie-and-sage-stuffed grilled chicken breast ($22.95/person) and chicken stew with flaky herb biscuits ($17.95/person). Elite also offers three-course dinners (from $25.95) and smart little lunches ($17.95), happily catering for weddings, dinner parties, corporate luncheons, annual human-dartboard championships, or almost any other sustenance-starved social gathering. This Groupon does not cover delivery fees.
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    347 Clarence St
    London, ON CA
  • Out 'n Back Cafe & Catering
    The chefs at Out’N Back specialize in corporate and event catering, though they also serve their fresh-made meals—and offer breakfast until 2 p.m. everyday—in a no-frills café. They pile catering trays with freshly cut fruits and vegetables, cubed cheeses, and made-from-scratch entrees including herb-encrusted chicken, beef kebabs, and assorted sandwiches. One of their most popular options—the dessert tray—supports a mound of house-made butter tarts, brownies, cookies, and gooey dessert squares. In addition to eat-in meals, the cafe also stocks frozen TV dinners that package savoury entrees, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables into aluminum trays that easily reheat in an oven or active volcano.
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    1061 Wonderland Rd S
    London, ON CA